It’s finally time to put on your best swimsuit and prepare to head. To the beach with High Rise Invasion Season 2. It’s been almost a year since the first season ended. But now you can learn all about the upcoming season in this handy guide. That includes everything from release date details to character information and more. Read on to get all of the details about the new season that you’ve been waiting for!

The Story:

High Rise Invasion is a Japanese anime set in a dystopian Tokyo. The series follows young people kidnapped and placed in an apartment. Bilding run by a secret society that controls everything inside of it. High-Rise Invasion follows a second season, which has already been confirm. There’s not yet an official release date for High-Rise Invasion season 2. But there are rumors that it could be in 2022. We’ll keep you updated as soon as we find out more information about when it will be released.

High-Rise Invasion season 1 aired in Japan between April 8, 2018, and September 20, 2018. You can watch all 13 episodes online via Crunchyroll. Also, buy High-Rise Invasion on DVD or Blu-ray from Amazon. What Is high rise invasion season 2 About? A lot happens in High Rise Siege because it’s only 13 episodes long; however, it’s essential to understand how society starts to fall apart once some particular events occur. To understand how those events occur, though, you need to know about what happened before them.

 The Characters:

Join High-Rise Invasion during its second season as we learn more about its fascinating characters. This anime is fill with unique and intriguing personalities that, when combined, make for a captivating show. At times both silly and serious, High-Rise Invasion is a complex anime that entertainingly deals with social issues. Your favorite characters from High-Rise Invasions’ first season! What can I expect from High-Rise Invasion’s Second Season?

The first half of High-Rise Invasion’s current season is over, which means that it’s nearly time for new episodes. Based on the information provided by Funimation at its Anime Expo panel (and confirmed by Crunchyroll). 12 episodes are remaining, with two to three new episodes every week. We’ll update if additional information becomes available; otherwise, check back each week for new videos!

How Did They Create the World?

high rise invasion 2

The High-Rise world was create using a mixture of CGI and hand-drawn animation. Since it’s a science fiction film. Most futuristic elements were given a cartoon-like appearance. However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any computer-generated images involve in bringing High-Rise to life. Because one of our main characters is an orangutan. Director Higuchi wanted his motions to be smooth and realistic (like Andy Serkis in Dawn of Planet of Apes). This required him to have motion capture used on him for reference.

That way, he could make sure his movements would translate into accurate CG characters later on down the line. There were over 200 key CG shots throughout High-Rise. But what we find more interesting is how many scenes from Ghibli films can see here as well. Due to its sci-fi angle, keep your eyes peeled; you might see them. If Ghibli isn’t your thing and some of these titles don’t sound familiar. Check out some of their films on iTunes or Netflix. They’re primarily foreign animated flicks.

Predictions For The Plot:

when will season 2 of high rise invasion come out

Fans are already anxious for news about High Rise Invasion season 2. The show is base on a Japanese light novel of the same name. Written by Syouji Toko and illustrated by Shino. The first volume was publish in 2014. And seven books have been released. Whether or not High Rise Invasion season 2 will make, here’s what we think will happen in season 2. Cretans may get their chance to overtake Sky Tower and overthrow Willeford finally. By then, they might also have gained enough influence that they could mount an assault against Five Lakes City.

If they succeed, it could lead to war between them and Willeford’s forces. This would bring over three hundred thousand players into open conflict. Many more than were active when War Games began at Arkship. Which would make it unlike anything is ever see before. Only time will tell if high rise invasion 2 manages to pull it off, though; as mentioned above, nothing has been confirm as of yet.

When Is It Set To Air

It was announce that High Rise Invasion would be getting a second season. In 2022, it was officially reveal that there would be 12 episodes in total. Currently, high rise invasion season 2 release date or time not confirmed yet. However, it will premiere sometime in 2022. There is also an official trailer available online on YouTube and Crunchyroll, so get watching.

There’s plenty of excellent content out there for all anime fans to watch. But if you’re looking for something new and exciting. Then High Rise Invasion is precisely what you want. Be sure to check back with us regularly for any updates regarding the High Rise Invasion. You at High-Rise Anime love writing about everything anime-related.

Fans So Excited About This Sequel:

when is high rise invasion season 2

The first season of High-Rise Invasion was a great anime from start to finish, with engaging characters and a high-stakes plot. Since then, its popularity has grown significantly among fans and critics alike. Given all that hype, it’s no surprise that fans are so excited about a sequel being release. Many think it will continue where things left off in season 1, but others wonder if it will take place before that time or explore a different part of the story altogether. Whatever it is, people can’t wait for release day to arrive.

Who’s Excited About high rise invasion ending? So excited about High-Rise Invasion’s second season. Fans love how well everything was animated during production, especially since many exciting action scenes took place throughout most of it. Additionally, there were memorable moments like most cliffhangers and hilarious comedic ones. Such as minor character personalities interacting with one another at specific points during an episode.

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Something Else Do We Know So Far

Apart from a few cast and character announcements, we don’t know much about when is high rise invasion season 2. Sentai Filmworks announced that they would be simulcasting season two of Highrise Invasion during their Anime Expo panel. That said, there is no official release date yet. According to the Japanese entertainment news website Nihon Cinema.

Highrise Invasion director Kenji Seto mentioned during a Q&A session at Anime Expo that he hopes season two will air sometime in 2022. A later tweet pointed out that his exact quote was. What I can say for sure is that I’m trying my best [to make it happen]. I think you’ll hear some exciting information next year, so, unless Sentai Filmworks has something up its sleeve—or perhaps even if it does.

Where To watch?

high rise invasion

In Japan, High-Rise Invasion simulcast on Crunchyroll. The anime is also available in English dub on FunimationNow. It’s also worth noting that Funimation will be bringing High-Rise Invasion: Infinite Chaos to theaters across America starting October 3. Tickets are on sale now, so make sure you check them out. If you live in certain parts of California, New York City, Houston, or Phoenix.

It may be worth taking a closer look at your local cinema listings. And to clarify, none of those locations include Canada, which might disappoint some fans hoping for an international release date and time for High-Rise Invasion: Infinite Chaos. But we’ll update our post accordingly if it does get a Canadian release date sometime in 2022.

Why should You watch it?

If you’ve never seen high rise invasion anime season 2, it’s a post-apocalyptic anime that pits humans against intelligent dinosaurs (who have taken over). I came to be in charge, but I can tell you that High School DxD will always be better. The story follows Yasuaki Shiono, who somehow makes it through a super-eruption alive and is task with leading a handful of survivors against near-impossible odds. In Season 1, Shiono finds himself in an impenetrable city surrounded by water called New City–and living within are intelligent T-rexes. Oh yeah, there are also those reptilian creatures known as Kaiju who live in New City. To survive, we follow Shiono and his ragtag group of survivors as they attempt to not only maintain their sanity but their lives too.

Intense scenes abound as good guys battle, bad guys, for dominance of New City; make sure you’re paying attention because if you blink during a fight scene between two Tyrannosaurus Rex, you might miss something important. This second season picks up where things left off after some intense character building (season one). And high-stakes action sequences early in season two. I strongly recommend watching high rise invasion sequel when it comes out on July 3. You’ll want to tune in before someone ruins all the surprises for you online!