Lyrics Closure – Kodak Black

While you chillin’ that’s after they play with you probably the most
However they don’t know you in point of fact ten instances worst
Stay yo n**gasoline out they feeling’s after they’re jokes
You’ll be able to’t have yo n**ga in jail feeling harm..②
Put the pen to paper for you each and every time like a verse
Outta everyone you name, you realize I’m pulling up first
Hittin’ licks outta the town simply to triple up the value
I at all times stood my floor and put it down at the turf
Lengthy nights at the block promoting rocks I rehearsed
Were given a cutlass dropped the highest simply so I will be able to have a vert
Annually round this time we’d be all at the curb
Chilly as f**ok outdoor lengthy john below our shirtBreak bread with the circle of relatives
You felt you needed to be first
Everyone satisfied you wish to have to be happier
what’s coming subsequent
Spent your block in a hearse
Been installed entrance of the X
Like that fireplace I immerse
Simply despatched footage to Flippa
That’s my n**ga we will’t omit him
No person test for cool
However I nonetheless inform him that we leave out him
I’m nonetheless chasing the dream
That we had after we have been youngsters
Lil n**ga serving fiends
Were given the studio within the kitchen
I used to be simply in basic my momma get started b**chin’
‘Motive everyone advised her I used to be heading to prison
I’m outdoor with weapons, actual younger within the membership round medication
Coming house smelling like I used to be simply fishing
All my large cousins used to at all times come and get me
I used to be taking a look as much as them and so they those who wanna be with me
You moved to the hood and fell in love with the trenches
Noticed the affection that I had and ever because you wanna scouse borrow it
The entirety that we did, you used to be at all times in pageant
However I integrated you in each and every transfer, used to be by no means stingy
With my performs, at all times made some way so that you can be in place
First probability you had you were given a bag, you grew to become yo again and dissed me
While you chillin’ that’s after they play with you probably the most
However they don’t know you in point of fact ten instances worst
Stay yo n**gasoline out they feeling’s after they’re jokes
You’ll be able to’t have yo n**ga in jail feeling harm..②I love you however my center telling me to hate you
You sought after me to be in prison tryna chase you
It ain’t bout’ what you do, its how you probably did it
You’ll be able to’t have you ever dawg in jail in his emotions
Switching numbers on me such as you don’t need me with it
And we mentioned the whole thing however the industry
I ain’t get a sentence from you since my sentence
However at the streets, everyone considering you the realest
‘Motive you screaming loose me and SG on ya pendant
Although I don’t want it
You need to’ve despatched ya dawg a penny
Were given bro nem sending footage
Of you prefer n**ga why you ain’t ship it
In fact that s**t spectacular
However presently it don’t provoke me
Yeah, that s**t glance cool
But it surely’s some s**t we ain’t addressing
you owe me cash
I don’t need no footage of you flexing
When it used to be my time to trip
I held it down, you ain’t gotta query it
I advised you if I’m yo’ n**ga
Why the hell you were given me in right here guessing
On best of that I’m stressing
Police leaping on me
You intended to ship phrases
Of encouragement to yo’ homie
if it weren’t for me n**ga
Yo lil’ b**chass would’ve been homeless
You made certain you paid them cracka’s
I suppose it’s other while you owe me
F**ok the test its bout’ recognize
Its bout’ the primary, the loyalty
It ain’t by no means bout’ no cash
I threw 100 within the ocean
I ain’t even gotta pass on
And say the whole thing I did ’purpose you used to be there
Each and every, you realize what I’m sayin, you used to be there
You used to be there as in the whole thing I did for you
You have in mind
You need to, it’s worthwhile to really feel like
You and any individual cliqued tight however
alongside the best way everyone develop up and
Have children of they’re personal and undergo other s**t
issues trade, other people trade, emotions trade
You may well be away for a while and yo’ dawg out right here
what I’m sayin’
And via time you soar out, yo’ dawg pass in
years pass via
To the place you be like ya’ll performed
Spent all this time clear of each and every different
To the purpose yall don’t in point of fact know each and every different
You’ll be able to’t even say yall know each and every different like thatYou know what I’m sayin’
We simply know we used to be dawgs however its like you realize
Over awhile you were given to get to grasp me everywhere once more
I’m agreeing with other s**t
You agreeing with other s**t
From time to time other people’s standpoint trade
I see you ima smack the s**t out you jit
F**ok you talkin’ bout, smack yo’ b**ch ass
Yo’ mama know…
➤ Written via Kodak Black
Kodak Black | 2021

Chelsea Glover