Lyrics “Coprophobia” Caspar Lee Diss Track by  Josh Pieters

Casper, been friends for a long, long time
You really f**ked up this time, didn’t you
It’s time to stop choosing your girlfriends over your real friends
You took a s**t in my toilet
You left it there for a week
Then you go into my Insta
And posted the picture for the world to seePeople will think this is fake
They don’t know that you’re a snake
Like back in 2012 when you lied to me
When I asked you about Kate
We were supposed to be bros
And I was about to propose
Then I get down on one knee
And she tell me the truth that she slept with us both
How many girlfriends you had
You put ’em on YouTube for ads
Gabby and Emma and Maddie and Ambar
Yeah, I think that I’m losing track
This is not something that I wanna do
But now I think that it’s time for the truth
You met someone new and I’m happy for you
But everyone knows that it’s all for the views
But before I go
I need to expose
And disclose
Something Ambar did
You don’t wanna know
That night in London
It was your birthday
You don’t remember
You passed out
I had to call Joe
To come and get ya
But Ambar, she didn’t go home
We left together
But bro, it’s like Kate, you know
We share girls foreverAnd that’s all that I’m gonna say
Ain’t wanna tell you this way
If you don’t believe me
Then take a look at the DM’s
Between us that I saved
Bet she’ll tell you it ain’t true
Bet you won’t know what to do
But this is what happens when you date someone
Who’s a fan of you and of me too
Oh look surprise, surprise
It’s beat switch season, so I switch up the vibe
I’m like Randolph, Deji, and KSI
But I got no Lambo and Casper’s why
That little b**ch
He took all my money from me
Didn’t know how YouTube worked
I was young and free
I mean sure, I need him, he helped, ya see
But hmm, didn’t know there’d be a Casper fee
We’re practically related
Never hated, why’d you instigate it
Left it in my toilet, when you know that I’d be devastated
Even though you know I got a fear of s**t, you know I hate it
I can’t even stand the way it looks at me, I can’t evade it
Bro It’s called coprophobia
Look up coprophobia
I got coprophobia…
➤ Josh Pieters 2018