In this era of technology, no one wants to go to the railway station for booking ticket, while standing in long ques. You can book the train ticket from home, all you need to do is create Irctc account to get started. It’s necessary to create an account on Irctc to book your Railway ticket online. It’s very easy, and you can make your account on Irctc in 2 minutes only. Just follow the below steps to Register your account on IRCTC.

Step 1 Download Irctc Connect App
Step 2 Tap On User Registration and Fill The Form
Step 3 Verify and Activate Your Mobile No and Email Id
Step 4 Login and Book Tickets

In this technology world, if you don’t have Irctc account and you don’t know how to book a ticket on Irctc then you are lacking. Booking a ticket through Irctc is very easy. If you are a frequent traveler then it is a must for you to have Irctc account. It saves a lot of time.

So first I will tell you how to Sign Up on Irctc, then we will learn How to book a ticket on Irctc.

Note: Now you can also book Train Ticket through IRCTC Connect Mobile app. You can even book Tatkal ticket through it. You can Download Rail connect from Play store for Android. For iPhone users, it can be downloaded from App Store. You can even register on Irctc through the mobile app. It’s easier than the desktop version.

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Irctc Registration Through Mobile App on Android, iPhone

First, We will tell you How you can register on Irctc using Irctc Mobile app and if you want to do it with Irctc website, you can check below. So let’s start.

  • When You open the app it will ask you to register or login. In order to Signup, a new account on Irctc, tap on Register button.

  • Now fill all your details, then tap on Next.

  • Now it will ask for your address details. You can simply enter your colony name it will accept.
  • Now tap on Next and it will ask for your Nationality, Security Question, Occupation and Martial Status. Simply fill that and Tap on Next.
  • Now it will ask for Address details.
  • You Might get some error like Min 3 Characters & Max 225 alphabets, number, and space are allowed, to resolve this problem. Make sure you do not use any special character like -. in the address. Simply Enter your plot no. You also need to have one alphabet in Address, so you can enter your colony name also.
  • Now Tap on Next and it will show you that you are successfully registered on IRCTC.
  • Now you need to Verify your Mobile No and Email Id to activate your account. For that you first need to login with your username and password that you entered earlier.
  • Then it will ask for verification codes to verify your Mobile no and mail id.
  • Complete the mobile number verification by entering the OTP you received.
  • After Verification, you can login with your username and password.
  • Now to book ticket on Irctc connect check how to book ticket on Irctc connect app.

How To Create New Account on Irctc Website?

It’s very easy to register Irctc account, Just follow the below step to create your Irctc account.

Step 1: First Open

Step 2: You will find Register Link on the top of the Page. Click on the Irctc Sign Up Link to register on IRCTC.

Step 3: You will be redirected to Registration Form.

Step 4: You can fill any available user name in the “username” section. After that choose a password accordingly.

Step 5: Fill up your personal details after that. Use the name that is present on your valid identity card.

Step 6: After that fill all the necessary fields in the form

Step 7: Then click on the Submit Registration Form button.

Step 8: Then click on Ok to continue your registration.

Step 9: Now it will ask you to Accept it’s conditions. For this Click on the Accept Button.

Step 10: Then a thank you message will appear with some information.


Activate Irctc Account

As now you have created your account, you need to verify your mobile no and email id. So go to irctc login page and log in with your username and password.


Now click on Verify Mobile no with OTP and enter the OTP that you received on your phone. Verify your email id by clicking on the link in the mail received from IRCTC.

It might take some time to get OTP on mobile.

It’ s done you have successfully registered to IRCTC. So how simple it is, Now you can book your ticket online. For this, you can read our article on How To Book Railway Ticket online on irctc. Why pay money to other agents when you can book yourself from your home only. You don’t need to stand in long queues. If you want to book Tatkal ticket on Irctc, then you must also read my article to Book Confirm Tatkal Ticket on Irctc.

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Now you have created your account on Irctc. But that’s not enough, you must learn to book a ticket and most of the user get to hang on payment gateway. Some people fear to use the online transaction for security reasons. But don’t worry Irctc payment gateway is secure. And it is very user-friendly. Beside Debit card, credit card and net banking, there are options like Irctc ewallet or Paytm wallet etc.

If you still have any problem in creating an account on Irctc or Irctc Signup. Then just comment your query below. We will definitely reply with the solution.

Chelsea Glover