The dress shirt combined with the sweater might make a pattern powerhouse. Whether you are seeking out the normal, or ultimate appearance; the thing you should do is to target “fashion-do” and prevent a host of “fashion-don’t”. To begin, pick out the ideal dress shirt, identify the sweater pattern, and finish the attire with joy accessories. Make a most of those hints to generate a total attire regarding the big event. 

Impressive places to choose the ideal sweater


At this time, we have browsed around the zones to look for the fundamental wear, and immerse into where you might seek the unique sweaters. There are a lot of kinds of sweaters as we discussed before and if you get a hobby, or you are certain to seek that hobby from one among those shops. 

Just how we made it with the dress shirts, bring a shop which makes their prices affordable, and one shop for people who need something leading quality. Initially, you can begin with a cheap option. 

1. Banana republic 

Banana republic comes with a leading option of sweaters and makes it simple to navigate their site. If you are hunting for a particular kind of sweater, you get the choice to select from patterns such as crew necks, half zip, and v-necks. 

They even divide them by materials such as wool, and even cotton. It is the next shawl collar cardigan produced from total chunky cotton yarn. That is a unique choice suited with a dress shirt from Nimble or various shop’s dress shirts you enjoy. 

On top of the leading filtering system of the site, we enjoy the diversity of their version. 


– Leading quality clothing

– Be simple to use the site. 

– Has a lot of great models.

– Be compatible with various shops which are quite cheap.


– Quite expensive

– The ties are not affordable or might seek them somewhere else. 

2. H&M

Almost all viewers have perhaps known that shop and for some great options. In the other words, they bring you huge choices such as Uniqlo and are interacted by the European fashion gallery. Next, you could look for clothes with body kinds and some kinds of crucial events. 

On top of it, the color of that shawl collar cardigan is pretty cool and suitable for work. In reality, we love that shop since you might seek clothes fitting with a business formal costume to standard weekend clothes. If you possess a perfect lifestyle which is a combination of the double; or you need a good deal on the following sweater; it is certainly the shop to hang out.

The woman is trying on clothes at H&M retail branch
Figure 1. The woman is trying on clothes at H&M retail branch


– Huge option

– Be fabulous for all sizes

– Be cheap

– Be handy, and has a wide range of zones.


– Not used for a long time if not provided by the appropriate care. 

Fundamental ways of wearing the sweater over a dress shirt

– Picking out the sweater pattern

1. Keep an ultimate look with a delicate crew neck sweater

That timeless tradition might help you effectively in the symposium room, or the hall – lending you the right pattern without affecting the wallet. Combine that look with the pencil skirt for a pattern that shows off “ultimate young”. 

Next, you will make the dress shirt collar tucked into the sweater if the sweater collar is super near your neck. In the other words, attempt the grey crew neck sweater with the bright blue dress shirt below with a mild look. 

2. Put on the V-neck sweater to let the tie appear

It is a traditional ultimate look. Because of the triangular collar’s shape, they could frame the tie quite neatly than the crew neck can. However, to deal with it, you have to ensure that it might suit appropriately, because the tight sweater can bunch up near your tie, and the very-loose one might seem prosy. 

The V-neck sweater might be sanitized and pressed at all. In the other words, it is a quite formal sweater and could seem perfect, or without any wrinkles. 

3. Select the cardigan sweater with a business standard look

The cardigan sweater over a dress shirt is an ultimate option for pretty get-togethers, normal work areas, parties, and occasions. The cardigan sweaters might be button-down, or open as well. In fact, you could change the appearance of the cardigan by making it entirely open, or zipping it entirely. 

It is up to what makes you convenient a lot. For instance, attempt to combine the beige cardigan sweater over a dress shirt and black slacks. The cardigan is fabulous if you are worried about you might be hot wearing the sweater, as you could simply remove it during you are warm, and return it during you are in a cool condition. 

4. Throw the sweater vest over a dress shirt for a better look

The sweater vests are the next leading choice and are super cool if used precisely. Ensure that it can be suited, as the loose-fitting sweater vest can seem mumsy.

– You could also lengthen the lifespan of a sweater vest with a wide range of styles, and colors.

– Complete your look by rolling up the dress shirtsleeves.

– Deciding to get the ultimate dress shirt

1. Put on the dress shirt which is suited to prevent bunching below your sweater

First of all, you need to ensure that your dress shirt suits you greatly along with the shoulder, and waist. If it is not very huge, you can get to handle the unflattering bunching beneath your sweater. 

Thus, you should attempt it before making your decision and ensure it’s not very puffy in these zones. If the dress shirt is very huge, you could stick with a great tailor to make it change, or target with a mildly tinier size. 

2. Pick a thin dress shirt if needed

While you layer the clothing, particularly for the dress shirts; you need to seem crisp. In the other words, you have to see if your dress shirt is produced by the broadcloth and prevent thick fabrics such as denim. 

If the dress shirt is manufactured of thick fabric, it can seem unflattering and bunch up beneath the sweater. 

3. Choose the short-sleeve button-up under the cool climate

Either the short-sleeve or sleeveless dress shirt seems fabulous beneath the sweater – it can even make you pretty cool. By decreasing a lot of layers on the arms; you might be cool outdoor or indoors. The short-sleeved or sleeveless dress shirt can even avoid more lumps, and bulkiness beneath the sweater sleeves. 

Besides, if you worry about attempting it, bear in mind that nobody might realize that you are using the short-sleeve dress shirt if you do not remove the sweater. 

– Combining the styles with colors

1. Put on neutral shades with a better look

Those shades can be a leading solution to represent your ultimate side. When it comes to an entire look; you should stick with the neutral shades for your sweater, and also a tie. Other neutral shades are such as grey, white, and black.

For instance, you might put on a navy sweater and a white dress shirt. Sometimes, the black-tie can also be a great deal. Even though neutral shades do combine effectively, you need to stay away from putting on a similar shade with different things (for example a tan dress shirt and the ten tie) as this could seem monotone. 

2. Match the strong colors with styles to display your personality

The great patterning might make your attire quite fancy. In the other words, attempt the patterned sweater with the strong shirt, or the other way. You might even stick with the strong colorful sweater and shirt with a suitable tie. 

For example, you need to put on the normal plaid button-down and the chunky wool sweater for a rugged appearance. Last but not least, try to prevent putting on a lot of various styles in a single attire. 

That makes it tough for the eyes to track, and it poses unexpected contrasts. 

3. Stick with the tonal costume for a pretty look that draws more attention

The tonal attire is one that uses a similar color for every piece. When selecting to put on the tonal costume, you need to ensure to go with the color which supports your skin tone mostly. Navy blue and tan are fabulous color choices because they are seen as to be safe, and fancy. For instance, you can put on the navy blue dress shirt with the sweater. 

On top of it, combine styles and textures during holding the tonal attire. The sweater and dress shirt might be distinctive structures so as to increase the depth. You might even research various shirt styles in a similar color to make the tonal attire a little bit fancy. 

– Finishing your attire

1. Put on the tie with an ultimate look

In reality, ties assist you in suiting in the ultimate gatherings; and are even a perfect solution to represent your personality and pattern. In addition to that, select a bold color, or fun style to draw attention. 

However, ensure that it can be tied gently and tucked beneath your sweater so that you might seem ultimate and cool. 

If needed, you might put on a thin tie to prevent bulkiness beneath your sweater. 

2. Roll up the sleeves with a standard look

To make it happen, you need to unbutton the cuff and roll it a minimum of one many times. By doing that, your sleeve rolling might seem good, and not sloppy. Next, ensure you get some inches off your wrist showing, or it might seem like the shirtsleeves were very long. Do not roll the sleeves up past your elbows if you are not working. 

3. Add the extra layer with the coat

It is a fabulous ultimate appearance, particularly when the climate is quite joyful. You seem better when putting together if you opt for a suitable color mixture. For instance, the white dress shirt with a blue sweater and the blazer offer outstanding contrast. 

If the third layer is quite tight, you can go with the short sleeve shirt, or sweater vest beneath your blazer. 

4. Tuck the shirt

If you want to attend the interview or any special event; ensure that you can tuck the dress shirt into your pants. If you make the shirt flaps hang out beneath your sweater; it might seem quite sloughy. 

If you want to stick with a normal look, it is fine to leave the ironing shirt untucked, but bear in mind the setting you want to stick with. Next, guarantee your tucking is neat, and you might not get any lumps in the pants. If possible, you can opt for the shirt garters to make the shirt impressive all the time. Lastly, you need to avoid tucking the sweater into the pants. 


1. How to wear a sweater over a dress?

There are four tips in this case. First, you apply the front/back tuck. Next, try to use it over the belt and belt over a sweater. Last but not least, you also tuck it beneath the sweater.

2. How to wear a sweater over a dress shirt?

In this circumstance, you might need to go with the V-neck sweater. If you enjoy unfastening the top button of a lovely shirt, we will agree with that. However, you might hold it to a single button. 

A man is wearing a sweater over a blue shirt
Figure 2. A man is wearing a sweater over a blue shirt

3. How many sweaters should I own?

The appropriate number for every individual might change based on how many times you want to put on the sweaters, and the climate in which you need to stick with and reside. Besides, you might not get a lot of sweaters since the sweaters can be flexible, and might be worn. 

4. Can you combine the sweater over the dress shirt and tie?

The V-neck sweater even offers you the ideal space with the tie-in making with the triangular motif so if the formality of where you can be using claimed attire calls for one, the sweater is a great bargain. However, you need to hold the tie on the slimy side to prevent bulkiness below the sweater. 

5. Could I wear the cardigan over a dress shirt?

The simplest and most normal chic solution to layer the cardigan is to straightforwardly throw it on above the interesting T-shirt. The fabulous way for late summer and initially fall crisp air can be a good cardigan, like the cotton product to slip over the T-shirt. 

 You can combine a cardigan with a suit
Figure 3. You can combine a cardigan with a suit

6. Is the sweater over dress shirt business casual?

The great costume-like shirt is attire with a collar, the dress shirt with no collar, and even a vest over the shirt with the collar. In this case, the tie might not be vital for business casual. 

7. Can I wear a sweater without a shirt?

From our perspective, there are no laws that claim you have to put on a sweater over a shirt. However, if the sweater occurs to make you feel itchy, getting a shirt can be a good solution to deal with it. Next, it might be getting warm, and during it’s cold; you can put on various layers.                 


We believe that you discovered a lot of modern solutions to match your dress shirts and know more about the brands on the current market. Men’s fashion is not the shirt and pants; there are a lot of chances to style and mix it up. 

Whether it is for a normal day, or work; the sweater over a dress shirt can increase a great size to the wardrobe, and is fabulous for getting warm.     

Chelsea Glover