Lyrics Jackboot Jump – Hozier

At Standing Rock the Jackboot Jump
You’d swear was all the rage
Whether tearing up old treaties
Or just tearing up the place
It’s always corporate infrastructure
Over the structure of your faceIn Moscow the Jackboot show
Has so much in store
For any silly student
Who doesn’t wanna learn the score
So the Moscow Jackboot Ballet
Finds some scared young dancing floor
In Hong Kong it won’t be long
’til they have to fall in line
For the long hand of Beijing
Stretches south a thousand miles
Where they rock the Jackboot Jump there
Like that s**t’s going out of styleAll around the world
You’d think that things were looking rough
But the jackboot only jumps down
On people standing up
So you know good things are happening
When the jackboot needs to jump…
➤ Written by Hozier
Produced by Hozier
Hozier | 2019