Organizing a party takes prior planning and preparation in order to be a success. If it is a weed party, you need to consider a few ground rules to avoid legal trouble. If you are in a state that allows the recreational usage of weed, you are good to go. Be sure that all the invitees to the party are of legal age for consuming weed. Continue reading this article to learn more about the Dos and Don’ts of smoking marijuana. 

Limit Your Guests: When you throw a kickass party, word gets around, and people tend to show up at your party, uninvited. But this is why you should monitor your guest lists. You don’t want too many people crammed into a small space, especially if it is your house. You don’t want to find out the next day that some stranger vomited in your closet after getting too high on weed. Therefore, invite-only the people know and care for. Sharing a blunt with your friends can be an intimate and magical experience (only when you invite the right people). 

Selection Of Pre-Rolls: Your weed party is only as good as your selection of marijuana. There are different types of weed available in the market. You can browse through various strains to learn more about the specific weed and its effects on the human body. You don’t even have to go to the store to purchase weed these days. One can order online and have their favorite strain delivered to their doorsteps. For example, one can shop online – to have the items delivered before the party. 

Set The Mood: Smoking weed is all about mood. You cannot get high and feel relaxed if you are under a harsh light; that is not how things work. So, you need to pay attention to the décor to create the perfect little corner where you and your friends can sit and enjoy a magical blunt together. 

  • Light some scented candles to get rid of the weed smell. 
  • Lay down a carpet and throw some comfy pillow on the floor to create a sitting area. It is way more comfortable sitting on the floor than sitting on the sofa. 
  • Play trippy music to enhance the party mood. Studies suggest that one’s auditory and visual perception is enhanced when one gets high. Therefore, people can appreciate music better when they are high. 
  • After getting high, you will experience something you’ve never experienced before if you see bright colors on screen. The colors will seem to move on their own. Be sure to try it once you are high. 

Order Finger Food: Having lots of food is necessary for any party. It is especially so if you are serving weed. Smoking pot makes people hungry, so everyone will expect food once high. Chocolate cakes, cheesy pasta, and fried chicken are typical options for a weed party. Have plenty of drinks around for everyone, but if possible, serve non-alcoholic drinks. Alcohol and weed might not work well for some.