Be honest. Are your shoulders sweating just thinking about parallel parking?

You are not alone. Many drivers feel pressured when they park their car between the other two to park in parallel. But that does not mean it’s difficult, says Joe Giammona, executive director of 911 Driving Schools., where the police and the first responders teach this element as well as other basics. “It’s just a matter of learning how to do it right,” he says. So, every once in a while, consider your crash course on how to park properly.

  • Find a parking space
  • Give a signal և take the position
  • Check your surroundings
  • Start reversing և turning the wheel
  • Straighten և turn the wheel in the opposite direction
  • Correct և align
  • Admire your work

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How to make a parallel garden?

Step 1. Find the right parking space.

Do not try to park parallel to the first place you see. Giammona offers to look for something that is about one and a half times the length of your car.

As you approach space, he says, remember this convenient acronym, MSMOG. Check: M:errors, turn right S:signal, check M:mistakes again, look Oh:on your right shoulder և C:o when it is safe. Then get on the side of the car with which you are going to park in parallel, keeping a safe distance (two or three feet) from it.

Step 2. Set it in the opposite direction.

Before moving, sit in the appropriate rear position for parallel parking. For Giammona, this means sitting tall, with your shoulders bent at 90 degrees.

Then roll back slowly until half of your car is aligned with the other bumper. If another car is approaching from behind, Giammona advises to stay in position with the signal on and the car behind. “The driver approaching that way knows your intention,” he says.

Step 3. Go to the curb.

When the shore is clear, cut the steering wheel sharply toward the curb to get closer to a
45 degree angle; Continue until you see the headlights of the car behind you in the driver’s wing mirror.

For most cars, when the sidewall mirror is in line with the bumper of the car in front of you, it is your signal to turn your wheels in the opposite direction. Keep rehearsing it until you can say it with conviction and confidence.

Step 4. straighten և align.

Always focus your car between the other two cars, as this “allows both cars to get out of the area,” says Giammona. Although the appropriate distance from the sidewalk varies from state to state, your car should usually be 12 to 18 inches from the curb, he says.

If the right wheel hits the curb with you, you can sit in the car most of the time, turning the wheels all the way to the right and moving forward until the car is parallel, says Giammona. Then, for the last time, check your distance from the curb.

Happy parallel parking.

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By Daniel Blandel