The Super Bowl is one of the great sporting occasions of any year, and an event that sees a lot of people place sports bets for the first time. 

If you’re keen to put some money on the outcome of Super Bowl LVI, you need to keep updated with the latest Super Bowl odds by TwinSpires.

Furthermore, the following simple steps will guide you through how it works. 

Find Out Where to Bet Online 

With online sports betting recently becoming legal in several American states, it’s no surprise to see that some people still aren’t completely clear on where they can bet. To get this straight, you just need to take a look to see which sportsbooks are legal where you live.

You can then check to see which of these sites best suit your needs. Check for issues such as the security features they include, the banking methods they accept, and whether they have a mobile app you can download.

While online sports bets have been made legal fairly recently in states like Arizona, Colorado, and Michigan, the sportsbooks that have been licensed in these newly-regulated places are from brands with a lot of experience in the industry. 

Look for a Bonus

You need to deposit some cash before you can wager with your own money. However, if you take advantage of a good welcome bonus you can boost your first deposit with extra funds that help you to place your initial wagers with more confidence.

An interesting type of deal for newcomers is the sort of risk-free offer that sees you get back your first bet if you don’t win. This means that you get a second chance at predicting the outcome of a sports event if your Super Bowl wager doesn’t come up for you. 

Decide What You Want to Bet On

This is the point where a lot of new bettors may be indecisive about what to do. The Super Bowl LVI game is played on February 13 and it will be between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals. 

Neither of these teams was among the early season favorites to lift the championship trophy but have battled hard to get to the season’s closing game. The Rams are seen by most experts as being favorites to win, which means that you’ll win more if you correctly predict a Bengals win.

For example, at the time of writing you can get odds of -195 on the Rams. Wager $10 on this and you’ll get back $15.20 if you called it right. Put $10 on the Bengals at +160 and you can get a return of $26. 

A straight bet on which team wins isn’t your only option, though. You can also bet on the final winning margin, the number of touchdowns scored, and individual player statistics. Just look through the available bets to see what catches your eye.

One of the big advantages of online sports betting is that you can simply enter a stake in the bet slip and instantly see how much you could win. If you decide not to place that bet, just remove it and look for something else. Check out some predictions from football experts if you want a helping hand in deciding what to bet on. 

Enjoy the Action

Let’s not forget that sports bets are all about enjoying the action a little bit more. The thrill of watching a huge event like the Super Bowl is even more intense when you have put money on a certain outcome.

While some people take sports betting more seriously, for most of us it’s simply a way of adding an extra degree of interest to the game. If you want to get more pleasure out of Super Bowl LVI, you now know how to do it.