We have listened to how crucial it is to condition your hair effectively, but how many times are we interested in doing it? And what precisely can the conditioner do anyway? The answer is not as easy as you could suppose and is up to various elements. Initially, let’s begin with the great information below. 

Main reasons why you condition your hair

Conditioner is the moisturizing agent created by oil, emollients, and various detergents. It is built for supplying the hair’s smoothness, and moisture which you lose after shampooing.

But how many times do you want to condition your hair? That’s a query we are required regularly. 

On top of it, specialists highlight that repeated conditioning might last until 90% of the lipids from the hair. In the other words, conditioning the hair avoids destruction by coating every follicle in the glaze and supplying more lipids. 

If you want to condition the hair excessively, it might put the hair seem greasy and dirtier than before. If you condition it, we will ensure that your hair is dry and crunchy.

Looking for a suitable balance for hair time is quite important. Keep browsing to study how many times you might condition the hair. 

Kinds of hair conditioner

Taking advantage of conditioner is super vital to maintaining good and pretty hair. The initial step to identifying how many times you can condition your hair is discovering what kind of conditioner you might be utilizing. 

Besides, various conditioners are greater for a wide range of hair types, and structures. We will analyze and summarize what every kind is and when to use each one. 

Best Hair Conditioners
Figure 1. Best Hair Conditioners

1. Leave-in conditioner

It’s the type that you leave in the hair after you have taken the shower. It proved to make the hair better and detangled till your following wash. This kind of fabulous works for dry hair, and various hair kinds which require a lot of additional moisture over the week. 

Next, you need to apply this type of conditioner directly after cleaning and conditioning the hair in the shower and implement it again throughout the week as possible. If you are wanting to travel, or swim in droopy weather, we will highly suggest that you need to use the leave-in conditioner before you expect to maintain your good hair. 

2. Deep conditioner

Deep conditioners might be left for your hair quite longer than various conditioners so that they might get time to percolate thoroughly into the hair follicles. You specifically wait for it within 5 minutes while you are having a bath, and it takes a deeper conditioned feeling to the hair. 

If you possess damaged hair, we will suggest that you need to use the deep conditioner once a week can help fix it quicker. It might hydrate the hair, and assist to return to health. If the hair is mildly dry, but not particularly damaged; it’s smart to take the deep conditioner each month. 

Since people take a lot of time for the ocean; we often take a deep conditioner each week, or different weeks to make the hair get dried out from the water. There is no specific rule on how regularly any individual might take the conditioner. 

How often you need to take the conditioner will be up to your conditions and the various environmental stresses on the hair. 

3. Conditioning masks

Conditioning masks move farther with fixing the hair strands than the deep conditioner. Those masks might keep above the hair for an hour. They operate to moisturize the follicles with ease. After half of the year, we attempt to take a deep conditioning mask to recover the hair and make it more crisp and healthy. 

On top of it, individuals with oily might not grab the conditioning mask because it can weigh down effectively. There is a wide range of various kinds of conditioning masks, you might create a lot of them around your lovely home. 

For instance, we moisturize the hair with coconut oil each month, make it dip in the hour before shampooing, and also condition the soft hair. That daily habit is a suitable hair solution to use the conditioning mask and lock saturation inside the hair. 

A woman is applying a hair conditioner.
Figure 2. A woman is applying a hair conditioner.

4. Frequent rinse-out conditioner

This type of conditioner is the particular conditioner you want to take after shampooing whether for curly hair. You particularly need to wait for it within a minute and clean it out. You might be taking the rinse-out conditioner every time you clean the hair. 

The individual cleanses their hair many times per week. Research has represented that there is not a considerable distinction between various kinds of rinse-out conditioners. Even though other brands might operate greater for you than others, understand the distinction between conditioner for hair against uncolored hair. 

Conditioner with curly hair towards straight hair is quite complicated. The double frequently takes similar elements and markets them distinctively for various hair types. Although other conditioner brands are the same, the unique conditioners targeted with particular hair issues are available. 

Apart from it, those consist of products such as Chlorine conditioners. In the other words, the conditioners include a leading formula to strip the hair of chlorine and support the pure oils. 

5. Cleansing conditioner

A cleansing conditioner is a kind of conditioner made to clean and moisturize the hair at the same time. Those are driven for being rinsed out after daily use, so you want to take a single product in the shower. 

As they get to wash and condition the hair, they are often lighter and might not condition as greatly as making most of the conditioner by itself can. Those conditioners might not weigh down the hair, which is outstanding, and they operate better if you own oily hair. 

You might take a cleansing conditioner as regularly as you want to clean the hair, whether it occurs once a week. If you get dry, or coarse hair; you might move longer from shampooing the hair, but it even wants to be conditioned very regularly than that. 

If you get one among those hair kinds and take the shampoo once a week; you will not need to attempt the cleansing conditioners. You might get the frequent rinse-out conditioner which you might take for a lot of washes. 

How many times should you need to condition the hair?

At the time, you understand which type of conditioner is ideal for the hair kind, and let’s talk about how many times you might be conditioning the hair up to the hair kind.

Dry and curly hair: Dry and curly hair expects regular conditioning. If you get that kind of hair, please condition it from a day to day. Next, adding a deep conditioner and even masks into the routine might assist your hair in many washes. 

The shampoo strips the oils between the hair and might result in the dryer, with a lot of crunchy hair. In the other words, you need to reduce the amount which you clean your hair if you get dry. You want to condition so much and then clean the hair at all. If you clean your lovely hair around twice a week, we will suggest that you should do it four times.  

Items to focus on

In this section, we will propose more items to focus on involved in using the conditioner:

– First of all, to prevent the greasy scalp feeling; you have to use the conditioner only for the shaft and hair’s ends, or might not use it with the scalp. 

– At the same time, to prevent drying out the hair entirely; you need to take shampoo around the scalp and not for the hair’s ends. 

– Clean the hair out inside the shower during the conditioner is in it for the smooth, simply clean, and assist to spread the conditioner into the hair. 

– Brush out the hair with cold water as soon as conditioning to maintain the saturation locked in. 

– Take into consideration applying the deep conditioner and sleeping with it at night to permit your hair to reach the highest amount. 

– Begin with using the conditioner to the hair’s tips and operate it above the scalp as the ends are specifically the most crunchy.    

Those hints might support you to standardize the hair conditioning time. 

Choosing the right shampoo is quite crucial for shampooing and conditioning your hair
Figure 3. Choosing the right shampoo is quite crucial for shampooing and conditioning your hair


1. How often should you condition your hair?

This might be the part of your hair that is led to dried out. So if the hair is short, conditioning approximately three times a week might do better. If your hair is long, we will highly suggest that conditioning the hair daily is a great option.   

2. How often should you deep condition your hair?

In general, other individuals are cool to deep conditioning up to four times per month. If your hair is highly damaged, you might be in deep condition at least once a week. 

3. How often should you shampoo and condition your hair?

In fact, the thumb rule we highly recommend is to only for conditioning and shampoo the hair when you need it. In the other words, nobody understands your hair and you will do so far. As for a great hair day, it is your ideal buddy. 

4. How often should you condition the permed hair?

The answer is definitely at least twice a week. Perming takes a lot of chemicals that might strip the hair of its nutrients and pure moisture. Next, condition the hair a minimum of double times a week to help you build the hair again. 

5. How often should you condition your hair male?

Conditioning your hair up to three times a week is the ultimate choice at this moment. We ensure that you will get the best result when you follow our guide. 

6. How often should you wash and condition your hair?

Individuals with oily hair or those who often make most of the hair produts in life can take into consideration washing their hair at least once a day. Next, those with dry hair might wash their hair less regularly. 

7. How often should you deep condition your natural hair?   

In this case, we want to propose that you need deep condition your natural hair every two weeks. If you get any type of dry or are transitioning; you can target deep conditioning at least once a week. The deep conditioner might be left for your hair for a minimum of 25 minutes. 

8. How often should you condition your hair black female?

You might focus on washing your hair with a conditioner every five days. In the other words, it is even known as “co-washing”. In addition to that, it might assist you in moisturizing the hair, and making it cool. Finally, co-washing is particularly perfect for natural curls since it makes your hair better, and shiny. 

9. How often should you condition your hair black male?

Applying your hair conditioner to the ends with each wash. Next, you try to moisturize the hair with a hot oil process every four weeks. 

10. How often should you condition your hair curly?

If you face curly hair, you could take advantage of conditioning your hair so often. In the other words, you need to condition every day. Those hair types are likely to be above the dryer side and can enjoy some additional moisture.            

Wrapping It Up

The amount which you need to condition the hair is up to the hair. At this time, you have browsed around the post; you might get a great initiative of what conditioner you can be taking and how many times you need to utilize it. 

If you own oily hair, you will condition it right away, but if you get damaged; or curly hair; you should increase the conditioner to make the hair better.

Chelsea Glover