Adding a pet to your family can be one of the most rewarding and rewarding experiences you can have. Do you know how much it costs to have a dog, cat, horse or other animal every year? Take a look at these annual pet ratings.

Hermit crabHermit Crab | ~ $ 80 initial, plus $ 180 + annual

The most expensive pet you can have (besides pet stone), hermit crab accessories, food: toys are cheaper than a luxurious crab dinner. You plan to spend at least $ 40 on a box for up to $ 25 to buy / receive, about $ 15-20 $ per month և food և stock. Veterinary (if needed) care can cost an average of $ 50.

GerbilGerbils և Hamsters |: ~ $ 180 initially, plus $ 150 + per year

Plan to spend at least $ 160 on the initial cost of installing the fence, including accessories ալի toys. Shopping at a reputable pet store will cost you an average of $ 20-25. You will probably spend an average of $ 150 a year on garbage, bedding and food. Veterinary care (if needed) ranges from $ 70 to $ 300.

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Beta fishFish |: 160 $ ​​160 initial, plus $ 520 per year

Whether the needs are different depending on the type of fish you get, let’s take the common favorite among amateur fish owners – Betta Fish. Sink costs include aquarium, filtration equipment, heater, test kits, jewelry և lighting (which can cost $ 150 or more). Buying your best friend will usually cost you $ 5-20, depending on the type. Experts recommend a balanced diet with pellets և live / frozen foods, which can cost you up to $ 10 a week or $ 520 a year.

Spotted geckoLeopard Gecko |: ~ $ 149 + initially, plus $ 290 + per year

Your gecko plus aquarium will cost $ 149- $ 565 (including fence, accessories, heater, lights, dishes, leather, decor, etc.). Annual veterinary check-ups are likely to cost $ 50 or more, while food և supplies will cost about $ 20 a month or $ 240 a year.

Blue parquetBirds | ~ $ 295 initially, plus $ 185 + per year

Despite their relatively small size, pets are not cheap. Even for non-exotic little birds, such as parakeets, expenses such as cages ($ 70), food ($ 75), toys and entertainment ($ 25), medicines, and veterinarian bills ($ 85) increase rapidly.

Brown Tabby Kitten:Cats |: ~ $ 1200 at first, then $ 800 + per year.

$ 400 or more a year in medical expenses is just the beginning. Food: boarding school averages $ 337 a year, followed by food ($ 203), care ($ 20), toys ($ 23), and other items ($ 92).

Shelter dogDogs |: ~ $ 1,500 + initially, plus $ 1,500 + per year

On average, having a dog can cost more than $ 1,500 a year. However, the costs can vary greatly depending on your dog’s age, breed և health. Geography և Climate can mean expensive flea products. And size is possible. To some extent, the bigger the dog, the higher your costs.

Horse with warm bloodHorses |: $ 3800 +++:

Wow, Nellie! It is not easy to control the cost of these horses. Depending on whether you sit or not (full care, pasture or self-care), the total cost of keeping your horse at home, feeding, caring, training պարբեր regularly taking care of it by a veterinarian is on average about $ 4,000. per year նույն same average cost of car payment.

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