Glass is one of the most charming elements for collections, room decor, interiors and many more. Glass as an  element stands on a pricey side primarily due to the high heat requirement for production and the energy utilised is 1 percent of the total industrial energy used in the manufacturing sector, as per a survey by the energy information administration.

While there’s a wide variety of glasswares available, having a custom cut glass is excellent. It allows one to choose the shape, size, type, thickness, edgework and structure. Custom glass makers and glass bottle manufacturing have been very popular since ancient times and now with the advent of technology the preferences are increasing along with the increase in production.

Approximate Cost

The prices of getting yourself a customised professional cut glass can range anywhere around $2 to as much as $25 for one square foot. It depends on the edgework, thickness, type of glass, company of production and finish. 

Coloured glass might cost around $35 for 106 per kilo of colour. It depends on the raw materials, the rarity of the minerals used, the difficulty and procedure (labour costs) of its production. 

Let us discuss a few varieties of glass and their average cost of production-


Annealed glass is used for small spaces. They don’t shatter into smaller pieces but when broken produce larger shards. Their average cost is around $20 depending on the space. 


Ceramic glass is used in laboratories, fireplaces and stoves since they can withstand high temperatures. Like Annealed glass ceramic glass also doesn’t shatter but when exposed to breakage they crack into larger shards. Their production costs around $56 on average.


Laminated glass is used in places where security purposes are served. They hold together very well even when shattered. The production cost is around $30. 



Mirror glass is what our mirrors are made from. They cost around $20.


Tempered glass is generally used as shelving, tabletops and fireplaces. They can break into small pieces in case they are dropped down.

Shower Door:

Shower door glass is similar to tempered glass. It’s often ⅜ to half and inch. It costs in the larger range of $200.

Tempered dual panel:

Tempered double pane glass is used for residential windows. They consist of two panels of tempered glasses separated by a spacer. These are used for residential windows. The cost is around $42.

Tempered laminate:

Tempered laminated glass is often used in application of overheads. It’s an integrated blend of tempered and laminated glass, held together. It offers strength and durability to withstand breakages. It costs around $100. 

The above stated price ranges are approximations for simple customisable cut glass. The costs might increase in case of altering the glass shape instead of a basic square. This range may be lower with a requirement of more than a square foot.

To cut a customized piece of glass for something like a wooden table would cost within $30 to $75.  

Commonly customizable options of cutting glass


The various varieties of hues or tints available include bronze ,dark grey, light great, transparent or clear, frosted glue chip, mislite, satin etch, solex, p-516, etc. You may choose any colour according to your room colour, space, use and preference.


Coordinates are vital in the category of glass used. The three major categories are-

Corners cut down to a 45 degree angle

Sharp edges sanded down 

Cut down to create round appearance


Edges provide a very distinct appearance to glasswares. Some common types of edges include flat polished, pencil polished, ogee polished, beveled polished and seamed. While a simple basic edgeworth cut might possess minimal impact on the cost of glass, a very slight swipe will increase its price modestly, followed by complex age grinding like custom visuals will level it up further considerably. 


Different shaped glasses serve different purposes. Commonly preferred glass shapes are circular, arched, elliptical, octagonal, parallelogram, right angled, clipped cornered, half circular, hexagonal, oval, pentagonal, right triangular, rounded cornered, square, triangular and trapezoid.

The more complex the shape of the glass the more advanced technologies are required to produce it, which also contributes to an elevated price.


Thickness is something essential to note while choosing a customised glassware because a wrong width might prove terrible. The thickness range widely available are ½”, ¼”, ⅛”, ⅜”, 3/16″, 5/32″. Thicker the glass, the higher the price.

Apart from these customizations you might also want some logo or holes drilled, or maybe cutouts. Tell your glass dealer about references beforehand.

Additional Costs of Making Glasses

Glass manufacturing includes various types of costs which are considered as additional costs. Few of them are mentioned below:

Overhead Costs

Once the glass has been cut as per preference, the edges are polished which might add to additional cost.

Also, drilling holes may bear around $20 to $30, per hole, on average.

Strengthening and Tempering Procedures

These are additional processing on the cut parts of glass which can sharply increase the price. Although higher in price this procedure shall safeguard the glass in challenging environments and exposure to extreme heat, chemicals, pressure and stress. Chemical strengthening works best for those which will encounter thermal stress and wind load. Likewise, thermal tempering is for those which shall be kept in places where extreme pressure, high temperature and explosions are prone. 

Reduce some Cost and Save your Money

Do your research well and gain some knowledge regarding the prices from glass dealers, glass bottle manufacturing companies, and custom glass makers in your locality. Check online with retailers and get to know about the price ranges they offer. Along with that, make sure to check their reputation, authenticity and quality of products they offer. Getting hands on reviews from past customers can be advantageous while creating a custom glass piece.

For smaller glass or projects, you can cut them by yourself at home. The tools often cost hardly $15.


Custom Glass offers a shape to your creative mind in the form of a significant structure. With the evolution of technology, more varieties are being made available in the market. They serve a wide range of purposes.

However, the more the customisation, the more the price-tag might bear. It is always advisable to choose your glass essentials wisely keeping the prices in mind, and enhance your spaces or get your requirements fulfilled.

For a legitimate piece of art created with great skill, brilliant focus and patience, it’s an incredible idea to spend some time in analysing the masterpiece and give something in return. The greatest part of value in any piece of visual art is what one is paying for that specific artist’s vision.