Facebook, oh the king of social networking. It revolutionized the world of social media and networking and is still holding its strong grounds. The ease of sharing your activities, to location check-ins Facebook brought us all. Then, Facebook messenger made instant messaging a much more convenient process for the users as well. Sharing video and audio media also became easier. 

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So, do you want to look at previous photographs, videos, and memes that you shared in a Messenger chat? What about the ones you received from your friends? In either case, you’ll be able to see all of the shared media in a Messenger chat in one spot. We’ll teach you how to accomplish it if you follow our brief guide below. We have you all covered on everything you need to know right here, whether you’re using the app on your computer or your mobile phone. 

Ease of Sharing Media

Users can contribute photographs and videos to any conversation in Messenger, whether it’s a group or private conversation. As a result, anyone may use it to send memes, photos, and other media files to their friends and contacts. When someone sends a photo or video in a chat, Messenger automatically saves it to the conversation. As a result, any of the participants will be able to check them in the future.

With this in mind, you may verify all of your shared material in a chat without having to manually read back through the conversation. To see all photographs and videos sent to the chat, expand the Shared media section.

The Shared Media Section

There’s no need to manually back-read a Messenger conversation if you want to look at past photographs or memes shared in your group or one-on-one chat. Open the Shared media section of the conversation to see all of the participants’ photographs and videos.

Whether you’re on your phone or computer, you can see all of the shared media in your chat. Let’s find out how you can access the shared media section. 

Accessing Shared Media Section

Let us guide you most simply, how you can access your shared media. 

On The Mobile Phone

  • After signing in to your account and launching the app on your smartphone, go to one of your one-on-one or group chats to see all the shared media.
  • In the conversation’s top right corner, tap the information symbol.
  • In the ‘More Actions’ tab, select ‘View Photos and Videos’.
  • To open one of the shared media files in the app, tap it. By tapping “More” on the bottom left part of the media file, you can download, forward, or share the photo or video.

On The Computer

  • Sign in to your Messenger account.
  • Go to one of your discussions where you want to look at all of the photographs you’ve shared.
  • Open ‘Shared Media’ in the chat information box on the right. If no menu appears on the right side of the discussion, click the three dots icon in the upper right corner.
  • After you’ve gone through all of the shared media in the chat, you can see one of the photographs or videos on your screen by clicking on it. To save the file to your device, click the download option in the top right corner.


There’s no need to manually search through conversations to find outdated photographs and movies in a Messenger chat now that you know how to examine all the shared media. You may see them all in one location in this area.