The internet of things (IoT) is an easy-breezy concept of connecting all the digital services to the internet to make them ‘smart’. The IoT is taking all the industries by storm. IoT in the hospitality business has soared in popularity, over the years. IoT can prove extremely beneficial to hospitality industries in a plethora of possibilities. IoT in hospitality is known for providing greater efficiency, customization, and comfort to customers.

In smart hospitality institutions, IoT-connected devices are installed in order to optimize the guest experience and to create a streamlined hotel management system for staff and administrators. IoT hospitality provides an array of opportunities to use automation solutions to enhance smart hotel rooms. But, good quality hotel supply should not be neglected in any case. Digital services and physical services go hand in hand. 

How does IoT hospitality help hoteliers?

  • Customers enjoy a greater degree of convenience and comfort due to IoT devices leveraged in their hotel rooms. Hotel owners and operators benefit from increased efficiency, cost savings, and guest satisfaction. 
  • By optimizing their digital services, a full-fledged experience is offered to the customers. Thriving hospitality institutions never neglect physical hotel supplies such as hotel towels, linen, etc. in spite of these digital advancements.
  • Digital advancements are absolutely crucial but, customer service should never be compromised. Good customer service along with customized digital services can take your business to the top.

Some of the greatest perks of smart hotel rooms:

  • Commendable comfort and luxury: Optimizing hotel rooms with digital convenience services is necessary to provide a luxurious user experience to your customers. These services will not only encourage positive testimonials from the customers but will also help your business generate revenue. When visitors find IoT applications in their hotel rooms, their experience is enhanced. Offering customized IoT services to your customers can help retain customers and attract the right set of audiences.
  • Increased safety and security: IoT in hospitality can include automated smart door locks to ensure the safety of the customers and their belongings. A key could get lost or stolen. A room having a smart lock that is connected to the customer’s phone can enhance their experience and help create a great impression on them.
  • Improved maintenance: IoT-enabled sensors can provide live data about room occupancy, lighting and energy consumption, plumbing issues, and so on. The maintenance management staff can greatly benefit from this. Housekeeping and maintenance staff can utilize occupancy sensors to determine when the rooms are empty. They could make use of these opportunities to undertake cleaning routines and provide customers with the best possible services. Other sensors can be used to monitor electricity usage and plumbing issues. Wiring issues can also be monitored, similarly. 
  • Smart room customizations: A variety of smart customizations can be incorporated into hotel rooms such as : 
    • Lighting: Options for dimming, changing colors, changing hue, etc. 
    • Room temperature: Thermostats allow guests to regulate their room temperature. 
    • Curtains and shades: Automated window treatments for the convenience of customers.
    • Smart TVs: It is an essential amenity in any hotel room
    • Food menu: QR codes to view food menus and digitized room services provide visitors convenience and can make a good impact.

To boost your hospitality business, make use of IoT technology and see the magic for yourself.