You probably didn’t see this coming, but miHoYo just declared war on yet another Genshin Impact website: Honey Impact. They don’t know anthing about you but they think the name Honey Impact sounds pretty darn cute. It’s perfect for Genshin Impact fans that want to start their Genshin Impact website. But don’t have the budget or the technical know-how to make one from scratch.

MiHoYo defends its choice:

Although honey impact fans felt like they were rushed into try Honey Hunter World. It’s evident that miHoYo is doing what it feels is best for its users. In a statement provided to SoraNews24 via email. Arepresentative for miHoYo had only good things to say about Honey Hunter World. At first, glance reads an excerpt from an interview with a company spokesperson. Honey Hunter World may look similar to Genshin Impact; however, several key features help differentiate our product from theirs. The spokesperson went on to say that players have received great feedback. From beta testing and are looking forward to their game launching on October 21st.

While we haven’t been able to play Honey Hunter World ourselves just yet. You wil be sure to report back on how it measures up once they played through some of its levels. It appears as though Honey Hunter World will take over where Genshin Impact left off. But whether or not it’ll live up to expectations remains to be seen. Unfortunately, it seems as though Honey Hunter World has MiHoYo in its crosshairs. So don’t expect much positive reception anytime soon.

Why targeting Honey Impact makes sense?

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The Honey Hunter game is a Genshin Impact website. From miHoYo’s perspective, it would be wise to force all Genshin Impact players to visit their site. They play Honey Hunter World and get hook on it. It’s not like any other reality/dream game where you have to purchase in-game items to progress further. Since progression in Honey Hunter World is based on your level and how well you interact with others. In reality and dream space (and you don’t even need internet). So why wouldn’t they try anything they can to rope more people into playing? They’re a business, after all – they want as many players as possible so they can make money off those players by selling items.

Remember, Honey Hunter World is still beta! Not many people know about it yet. Even within miHoYo themselves, not everyone knows about it yet because there’s still no marketing team. Targeting Honey Impact makes sense because from there. You can find out who’s already playing at least one version of HWHW. And contact them through social media or emails to promote Honey Hunter World. This is one step closer for miHoYo to get us deeper into HWHW. Which will eventually turn us into paying customers who spend big bucks on in-game purchases. Plus getting more users means that demand for HWHW will increase.

Is targeting the best way to improve Legends?

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Genshin Impact has been around since Mobile Legends: Bang Bang was first released. It’s a well-known and popular Genshin Impact website that provides valuable guides to users. However, it seems like another prominent genshin honey doesn’t have any known bad behavior on its part. It’s call Honey Hunter World. Instead of providing guides for users as its sister site does. It focuses on providing them with information about leaked characters to help. Players catch a glimpse of characters early before making their official debut in Mobile Legends. Currently, Honey Hunter World has approximately 100K subscribers. Most (if not all) are complaining because they don’t want their favorite mobile game impacted by outside influences.

Honey Hunter group on Facebook where almost 2000 people joined after feeling helpless. When learning that Honey Hunt would be receiving sanctions from its parent company—miHoYo. This calls into question whether targeting other websites really is adequate. Or if these forms of sanctions are just tantamount to bullying from giants like miHoYo. Who don’t feel threatened by other websites yet still seek ways to force them out. Of competition? Moreover, does Miho have any solid proof about Honey Hunt engaging in the malicious activity.

A brief history of Honey Impact:

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Honey Impacts once a Genshin Impact website. It began as an image-based guide and eventually turned into a game wiki. Even though it’s a small wiki compare to other top-tier websites in Honey Hunter World (HHW). It still has a significant community following which could potentially hurt business. For example, suppose any of its members decide to leave. Or start playing elsewhere after hearing about its destruction from reputable sources. Such as MHO (which is precisely what they did). This might be intentional on MHO’s part to make sure its intellectual property. Is protect by destroying any competitors who look like they may have the potential to catch up with them.

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The rise of Honey Hunters in Mobile Legends:

Some Genshin Impact players see bang Bang as an insult to their community. After all, is it fair for miHoYo to single out one clan while all others are left untouch. It doesn’t seem that way. Many Genshin players feel it would be better if Miho Yo revoked access to Honey Hunters without making another clan their next victim. A great many of them have taken to social media and other communities across the internet in an attempt at calling out Mi-Ho Yo on their behavior.

The situation has gotten so bad that fans are now demanding refunds for items they’ve purchased in-game as part of a campaign called No Buy. To show how unhappy they are with what’s happening. There has been some backlash from non-Genshin users who enjoy playing as a member of honey hunter genshin and only want to play together with people from their group. It seems like most people aren’t bothered enough by these changes to stick around.

Even ignoring controversy, though, there are more than enough reasons why not everyone thinks forcing players into groups was such a good idea when considering how things were before. First off, there’s not enough room for everyone. Before MiHoYo tried stirring up trouble in South Korea, most people believed Mobile Legends: Bang Bang supported up to 50 players per match. But guess what – numbers weren’t even close! With less than 30 actual spots available on each team, that means only half can join any given game.

Problems with the Honey Hunter culture:

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Players focus too much on getting a female character. Most guides are based on how to get girls rather than other relevant skills needed for success. Players become stressed when they don’t have a girl yet and even more stressed when they lose in battle. Certain female characters are overrated because of players’ obsession to have them. This means that non-desirable male or female characters receive little love from fans and, therefore, little attention from miHoYo.

Fans feel it would be better if miHoYo targeted honey impact genshin impact instead since it hasn’t had its spotlight in a while. Players have lost interest in Genshin Impact since Season 1 ended. Therefore, no one is currently playing due to a lack of updates and because previous content is considered outdated compared to newer Mobile Legends websites.

What does an ordinary player feel like?

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In a perfect world, players would never have to worry about spending their hard-earned money or avoid paying anything they don’t want to. However, not every player is ready to spend hundreds of dollars on their hobby. For many new players, free games are ideal because they allow them to get a feel for what an MMORPG is like without paying anything out of pocket.

Unfortunately for these players and plays that cater towards them. There are still too many freemium games that nickel and dime. Its consumers even more after being exposed to most of what a game offers for free. Companies out there believe in quality over quantity and realize that fun doesn’t come from their customers’ wallets.

The inevitable clash between players:

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As many of you know, there are two sides to Aincrad Online. Both sides believe that they have the truth and that their enemies are just misguided fools. But with enough time passed since the last major incident and without a recent catastrophe to fuel hate, tensions have simmered down significantly. However, I’m sure many of you who play Genshin Impact understand that that doesn’t mean players from one side haven’t been plotting ways to rid themselves of their rivals. And when it comes to pranks, those from non-combat classes are often more creative than those focusing on fighting skills.

And so it was with them coming up with yet another joke; infiltrating or taking over honeyimpact. There were even discussions about temporarily suspending our maintenance schedule as if nothing had happened at all! The cackling war cry of losers. No matter how much fun such attempts might be for some individuals and no matter how frustrated people are by repeated problems, keep things in perspective: nothing is worth ruining friendships over – nothing is worth getting yourself banned over.