It is crucial that we need make our style clean and better. An essential piece of clothing that a man might put on is the Ascot. The Ascot is considered an informal piece of neckwear and we realize that men regularly get some trouble putting on this piece. That claimed, we have made the leading ascot instruction to teach men how to put on an ascot. 

In this guide, you might research and study the history of the ascot tie, how to put on the ascot tie, and the ideal ascot ties at this moment. Due to how beneficial this instruction is, there will be a bit of reading. 

On top of it, be certain to test out all around the leading selections for ascot ties. We have ensured to choose only the ideal pieces of neckwear for the cool climate and casual attires you have selected one day. 

Overview of an Ascot Tie

In this section, you will have a deeper outlook on the meaning and origin of an Ascot tie. Basically created by the silk, ascot ties are often folded, and also fastened by a pin. Next, an ascot tie can be particularly put on by formal clothing, and it is popular to see the open collar during putting on the ascot. That claimed, ascots are often worn in the area of a tie with a suit.  

A man should learn how to tie an ascot nicely. 
Figure 1. A man should learn how to tie an ascot nicely.

History of Ascot Tie

The Ascot Tie’s history is derived from the latter half of the 19th century in England. The name originated from the well-known horse race, “Royal Ascot”. Around this special event, most men were asked to put on the ascot tie with the tailcoat. 

Next, the ascot was used for morning dress; and the ascot is a popular attribute for weddings. Thus, ascots were popularly witnessed by the morning coats and trousers. 

At this moment, ascots can not be as formal as they were. Ascots are currently a normal item that is put on such as the scarf or tucked below the open-button shirt. When they are not as common as typical neckties, you can realize them at the wedding ceremony, or on other big occasions. 

Tips for wearing an Ascot tie

Ascot ties might be put on either below the shirt, or over the shirt. The popular normal look is to keep the ascot position under the shirt. The leading solution is to get the ascot to place such as a typical necktie. 

However, ascot ties are suitable for casual wear, we highly suggest heading with the unbuttoned look in which the ascot lies near the skin. As for the aesthetics, it is quite crucial that the ascot suits the blazer. 

For example, a middle-colored ascot fits effectively with a middle-colored suit. However, there is room for versatility. In addition to that, the man can boast a checkered, or red ascot during putting on the middle-colored formal clothing. 

Ascots can bring bolder styles and even colors. You just need to maintain it with an affordable range. If you get a strong colored coat, it’s certainly worth attempting the styled ascot to boost up the volume of the attire. 

Basic steps to tie an ascot 

There is a wide range of various techniques you might tie an ascot. However, we will be presenting the fundamental ascot knot that individuals across the globe take, and then we can glance at the easy ascot knot which is a simpler and often, more convenient choice for ascot amateurs. 

1. Tie a traditional ascot knot

In this part, we will show you how to tie an ascot like the basic technique:

– First of all, you need to lay the ascot around your neck with the ascot’s stitching side occurring the skin. Next, get the suitable side approximately 4 inches longer than the left side. Then, you can wrap the long end near the other, or wrap once more time. 

– Get the longer end, and pull it through the gap from the neck to the ascot. 

– Customize accordingly to make the longer end of the ascot lie through the shorter end. You might take a pin to make the knot guarantee in place. 

An example of a traditional ascot knot
Figure 2. An example of a traditional ascot knot

2. Tie a simple ascot knot

The easy ascot knot is quite simpler since it is a single knot as opposed to the old two. Here is how to tie an ascot knot simply.

– You should lay out both ends. 

– Next, cross one ascot’s end through the other to set a “X” formation. 

– Thread one ascot’s end through the opening from the ascot to the neck. 

– Lastly, you have to fasten the knot and tuck it inside the shirt.

When standardize to the old ascot knot, the simple ascot knot is hard. In the other words, the knot might not fasten and should be customized again. 

A simple ascot knot
Figure 3. A simple ascot knot

The ideal way to prepare a tie for morning dress

At the moment, there will come the period in which you might need to tie the ascot for the morning dress. That can be before a wedding or brunch. In this circumstance, you might grab a formal ascot, and we will show you how to tie the formal ascot. 

– Initially, get the ascot’s stitching facing your neck with the right side mildly beneath your waist rather than the left side.

– Next, you should focus on the right side through another side and pull it into a hole made by the intersection. In the other words, leave the right side hung right over your shoulder with the ascot’s left side hanging down through your tummy.     

– At this time, make the left side and drive it ahead of your right. Currently, get the right side (the ascot’s part hanging over the right shoulder), and fold it through the left side to make it generate the “T” shape.

– Make the ascot’s right side that is currently hanging over the tummy, and put it via the loop made by the ascot’s left side.

– When the ascot’s right side is via the loop, you will pull gently on the ends of the ascot to make a knot. 

– Thanks to the double ascot’s sides, get the ascot’s right side to point to the left and bring the ascot’s left side to the right to set the “X” shape.

– Finally, you customize and tuck below your jacket.     


1. How to tie an ascot?

First of all, you begin with the right end expandable six-inch under the left end. Next, you can cross the right end “over” the left end. Keep going and pass the right end via the front left end next time. 

Then, pass the right end via the loop and bring the right end down. Finally, customize the bib to cover the knot.

2. What is an ascot tie?

An ascot tie is a neckband with huge pointed wings, particularly produced by grey and silk. In the other words, that huge tie is often fastened with the tie clip.

3. How to tie an ascot cravat?

Initially, you need to wrap the ascot tie near the neck by the left end hanging mildly longer. Next, you have to cross the longer end through the short right end so that the double ascot tie ends might embrace well. 

Pull the ascot tie longer right-hand end beneath and over. Last but not least, customize the width and even thickness to get a great look.

4. How to tie an ascot scarf?

Make the scarf inside the big band, and put the scarf near the neck. Next, hold the long side through the shorter side, take it from beneath and tie the knot. Enlarge the scarf and tuck in the ends below the shirt.

5. How to tie an ascot with a bandana?

You need to lay it out flat on the surface. Next, you might fold double corners ahead of one another so that the ends can be touched in the center. Then, you fold these ends into one another one more time. 

Until this step, try to keep it till you get the long and better strand. Afterward, you wrap it near the neck to make the ends are in the front. Lastly, tie it in the dual knot. As usual, users might tie it, or wrap it near double times for a lot of choker patterns.

6. When to wear an ascot? 

In reality, you can wear an ascot for a formal day or any type of special event. In the other words, using an ascot is a great and polite way to attend big occasions.

7. Can you wear an ascot without a jacket?

An ascot can be worn with or without a jacket and is the only type of accessory which is put on onto the shirt when you want to have a typical necktie.      

Wrapping It Up

The ascot tie is a fabulous piece of neckwear if you are looking to spice up more items. At the moment, you have studied how to tie an ascot; it’s the period to move out and specifically, do great things. Although it is not the most common type of neckwear at this time, you should be careful about rocking the appearance. 

Ascot ties seem fine during pulled off precisely and via our instruction, we have brought you what to put on with the ascot tie during even answering a wide range of queries you could face. So if you are even anxious to rock the debut, do not be. You are well-prepared for the ascot tie.

Chelsea Glover