Lead generation will always be the backbone of any business, and senior living is not an exception. This is precisely why you should never stop looking for ways to look for better methods and hone the ones that you’re currently using. Senior Living Marketing doesn’t depart much from digital marketing when it comes to searching for fresh and more effective ways to drive quality leads.

How does Genexod offer value to senior living communities in this regard? It mostly hinges on knowing what works in the industry and keeping. Here are just a few of the most successful marketing strategies the company employs almost always to achievesuccess for many of its clients.

How Genexod Does Assisted Living Marketing Centered on Lead Generation

Genexod’s edge lies mainly in its knowledge of technology that is the most compatible with the industry. It’s well aware of the challenges that prevent businesses from driving quality leads, so it dispels them one by one through its strategies. Below, we’ve outlined how we’re able to do this for our clients.

  • Making Great Use of Automated Lead Generation

One of the most direct ways that Genexod drives quality leads is through its automated lead generation technique. Technically, it encompasses a series of steps that will make lead acquisition more viable and convenient for every senior living community.

  • It overlaps with most of our digital marketing strategies. Content marketing for senior living, in particular, lends itself to automated lead generation since it remains the most effective way to acquire leads through online searches. 
  • Automated lead generation also involves the creation of lead magnets. These allow communities to efficiently build a list of quality leads usually via email capture and offering discounts and other promos.
  • Social media marketing also enriches automated lead generation as it remains an invaluable source of word-of-mouth promotion. 
  • Capturing and Keeping Track of Every Possible Lead

Genexod provides a simple solution to the perennial problem of lost leads. Basically, its assisted living software directly helps in driving leads by capturing and tracking inquiries made by leads from various mediums. Whether they’re walk-in leads, phone calls, or referrals, the software takes the extra step and keeps an account of each one for you. 

  • It also contributes to boosting conversion (a hallmark of quality leads) by allowing you to keep track of every vital sales milestone. You can use these milestones as a reference to repeat successes you’ve enjoyed in the past.
  • Moreover, there’s an apparent focus on focused marketing. It does this by giving you an in-depth overview of your sales channel, allowing you to pinpoint key factors (particularly its strengths and weaknesses) that affect conversion. 

In the end, as long as you have a clear frame of reference and a wealth of data related to lead acquisition and subsequent conversion, there’s a higher chance for you to enjoy better-quality leads that convert into paying customers. Genexod provides you with this opportunity directly through its solutions.

  • Boosting Productivity with the Help of Other Forms of Marketing Automation

Automation has been a ubiquitous presence in recent Digital Marketing Trends for an excellent  reason. It’s able to deliver unrivaled productivity and efficiency for the sales team, which would not have been achievable through any other means available at present, after all. 

This is a Genexod staple that’s focused on boosting productivity and providing a personalized experience as much as possible for every lead. There are a number of ways that marketing automation can be used to exceptional results but this is how Genexod does most of it:

  • Plenty of time and effort can be saved by using automation tools to automatically send messages and responses via email, text, Facebook, and voicemail. 
  • Efficiency is also key. You get to eliminate plenty of repetitive and tedious steps included in your marketing efforts, allowing you to shift most of your effort and attention to creating high-quality content and engaging your target audience. 
  • Complementing Every Campaign with Workable Digital Marketing Techniques

Digital marketing will always be tied to senior living marketing, and pretty much all the techniques employed in the former apply to the latter. SEO Senior Living will always be an invaluable step to take.  Promotion through PPC, email marketing, content marketing, and other forms of internet marketing will always be essential in every campaign. 

  • Genexod pretty much offers the whole nine yards in this regard, and most if not all, their strategies can be customized according to the evolving requirements of a campaign.
  • More importantly, the company uses its wealth of knowledge about the senior living industry and the target audience (who are obviously mostly seniors) as an advantage. Valuable insights about your target clients will always make it easier for you to provide an engaging, personalized experience for them. 

We always actively provide suggestions and advice to our clients as to the best steps to take at any given moment. 

  • Using AI-Powered Chatbots

As an innovation-driven Digital Marketing Service, we are no stranger to the application of more advanced technology to help in marketing efforts. One of the outstanding ways we help our clients build more effective sales funnels is through our AI-based chatbot, LUCI. 

  • It helps bring in more quality leads by interacting with users and answering their queries. All the while, it learns and studies the user’s behavior, allowing it to craft more engaging responses.
  • The more it learns, the more it’s able to offer value to each lead, thereby, leading to increased conversion rates. In the end, it will be able to determine the leads with the highest potentials and will, thus, prioritize engaging them more. 


As a premier Digital Marketing Agency that specializes in senior living marketing, Genexod continues to do these marketing techniques to bring about successful results for hundreds of communities worldwide. We can’t assert more the importance of working with a service that has an intimate knowledge of this particular niche. We’re proud to say that it’s one of the keys to our own success.