Lyrics “Bonjour” – G Herbo

Can’t believe I made it
Used to wake up get faded
This Hollywood s**t was foreign to me
Like I just hopped off the slave ship
These n**gas signing two million dollars, 360 deals
Getting on some slave s**t
Popped out on the opps with the Glock in my hand
Like, f**k it,I was on some brave s**t
Me and lil’ bro hop out, blaze s**t
We ain’t need no special occasionNow I go do two shows and come home
With 80, this s**t brazy
This street s**t out here changing
N**gas signing affidavits
Want beef with me
I’m supposed to be a street n**ga
Street n**ga how I played it
I was on the block daily, ‘fore I got famous
77th to 79th, Yates to Kingston, it was all Rangers
8 AM we up, on the way to target practice, them was our ranges
Them lil’ No Limit n**gas, stay away from they ass dangerous
They don’t need no aim, they’ll kill a stranger
We ain’t shoot from no angle, put that b**ch in your brain, boy
Bang, boy, gang gang, boy
Exotic pack, new thing boy
It’s going down in Illinois
Them boys shooting like Phillinois
Ballin’ like Kobe
Herbo, what you do
Get bored, hit Saks, spend 24
Swervo, why you ain’t got no feelings
‘Cause I’m gangsta to the core
Perc’ 30 make me f**k ’til she sore
Gotta go get a Plan B from the store
‘Cause I just had a lil’ boy
Closet got more Gucci drip than yoursKeep at least a lil’ 50 ball in the drawer
Withdraw 100, deposit 4
Ain’t gotta look over my shoulder no more
We went way, way up on the score
My crib way, way up on the floor
Like 50 of them b**ches above yours
And I get right off the plane
Hop in the foreign, bonjour
Pull up in a foreign, bonjour
Who got a Bentley sprinter I’ma take that b**ch on tour
Who got a new Draco I’ma take that b**ch on tour
Just got a brand new money counter, I’ma take that b**ch for sure
They tryna ride my wave, they gon’ take that b**ch to shore
I’m living thug life like 2Pac Shakur
Swervo, you always rap about 2Pac Shakur
See you in the black Benz, I hope you got that Glock in yours
N**gas ain’t taking care of business, you on top of yours
These hoes f**king up they paper, they ain’t stopping yours
Bought a portable studio, I’ma take that b**ch on tour
All these n**gas new s**t trash, when you dropping yours
Everybody claiming they in they bag
When you gon’ hop in yours
Oh you in the Jag’ I ride G12
F**k is that, a Ford
Laughing at the rear view
High speed with the Jakes
F**k is that, a Ford
Soon as we jumped on the E-way
They ain’t even wanna chase no more
But I ain’t been to the hood
They don’t see my face no more
This s**t got way too good to be true
I wasn’t fighting the case no more
F**k would you do Chiraq ain’t safe no more
Lost Cap, I can’t holla at my ace no more
Mad zips to the face no more
Had Porsches and .. outta court, switch whips at Lakeshore
Seen what happened to that boy, I had to pour a four
Deuces wasn’t doing s**t for me no more, I had to pour a four
Sodas and juices wasn’t doing s**t for me no more, I had to pour up raw
That s**t get the best of me and I be riding snoring
Wake up, think ’bout my dawgs
Next thing I know I’m dropping some more
I was 18, riding foreigns, bonjour
F**king cougars, would’ve tried to put this d**k in some more
Still was f**king b**ches my age
Might’ve put d**k in your daughter
Some days was broke as f**k
No homo, had my d**k in the floor
Had to get s**t in order30 in the Ruger clip, I wish that b**ch had some more in there
VV’s in the Dweller, look like I hit that b**ch in some water
BD, GD, Stone, whatever
Get some money, ’cause I ain’t have a quarter
Long Live that n**ga Zack TV, heard he had a daughter
The police here ain’t solving murders, this ain’t Law & Order
➤ Produced by TM88 & Southside
Album: Swervo
G Herbo 2018