Lyrics “All da Smoke” – Future & Young Thug

Stackin’ it tall, every n*gga out my city became a boss
Know she rollin’, holy moly, no days off
Pyrex, cook it up like Kyrie, trade you off
Green and white like Celtics
Don’t play with me, play with a fork
I’m superior, I’m imperial, I ain’t feelin’ ya
I been eatin’ me some hero*n, oh about a brick
I got Barry Bonds on my wrist
Blowed your college fund on my b*tchOut the slums, taking a chance, toting tommy guns
Left out of school, start selling rocks, bought me a drop
Cartier frames, Cartier rings, Cartier socks
Homicide gang, they gon’ put you on Fox
Putang ran up a whole M sittin’ in the box
My dog rock a Rollie in the feds n*gga, and still move blocks
We had the bando goin’ crazy in the SWATs
Ten-four, they runnin’ up on all the opps
We want all the smoke, yeah
We want all the smoke, yeah
We want all the smoke, yeah..
We want all the smoke, yeah..
This money turning me on, ayy
This money turning me on
I’m thinkin’ out loud
But these hundreds got a n*gga goneWoo, far gone, I’m so gone on it
Three hundred racks on a Bentley truck, yeah yeah
Take the factories off and go and lift it up, yeah yeah
Lift it up, cash all on your b*tch
She on the living room floor, yeah
Having a private party, you know how that go
Music all in my ears, instruments in my ears
I’m in the backyard feeding deers
I’m in a penthouse poppin’ seals
I got pom-poms in my rear
Chanel CoCo in my gear
I missed a couple shows for my deal
If I could take it back I will
And don’t you take that to the head
You know I got you in my will
Told big dog bring them bricks in
Got a hundred more in the crib
Make the dope do the windmill
N*gga swing through Actavis
In a corner too, I’m killed
And I was in Miami countin’ a mil, ayy
I told my b*tch, no more ass shots
She stopped all the way
Like a stop sign when it’s traffic time
My diamonds dark brown like Budweiser
Count a half a mil with my b*tch, now her feelings sloppy
Came up out the projects, ain’t have shit
I wiped a n*gga’s nose for a ticket
Hit it from the back
Make her say slime, say Slatt
How you dig that
Whip up the fish, porque I got racks, ayy
We want all the smoke, we want all the smoke
We want all the smoke, we want all the smoke
We want all the smoke, we want all the smoke..
We want all the smoke…
➤ Album: Super Slimey
Produced by Richie Souf
Future & Young Thug 2018