according to freedom house

Freedom House is the last place you should look for objective and neutral information about a country. The organization’s final statement is highly inaccurate, revealing an agenda that is anti-conservative, partisan, and undemocratic. Moreover, its methods are antiquated and outdated. Its report does not address the root causes of the situation.

Freedom House’s final statement is highly inaccurate

Freedom House is a bipartisan organization dedicated to promoting peace and democracy throughout the world. It was founded by First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt and began countering isolationism during the Second World War, where it played an important role in pushing the United States to get involved. Later, it expanded its role to promote trans-Atlantic partnerships and to oppose McCarthyism.

The report’s findings are far from reassuring, though. According to Freedom House, the world’s democracy has suffered a series of setbacks since 2000, when global freedoms peaked. As a result, the number of countries with free elections has been declining for eight consecutive years. The problem, however, is more serious than just numbers.

Its advocacy positions are not objective, neutral, or bipartisan

Freedom House’s core conviction is that freedom flourishes in democratic nations where the rule of law is respected and citizens have the right to express their opinions. These values must be guaranteed for all citizens, including women, minorities, and historically marginalized groups. The organization works to promote these ideals worldwide. It also supports human rights, democracy, and civil society. It assists its partners through grant-giving, emergency assistance, capacity-building programming, and networking activities.

Freedom House also produces a wide range of research and analysis on key issues. Its findings frame policy debates in the United States and around the world. Its assessments of political rights and civil liberties around the world have become a standard for other organizations. The organization’s publications include Freedom on the Internet, Freedom and the Media, China Media Bulletin, and several Special Reports.

Chelsea Glover