which is the degree measure of an angle whose tangent is 373

To find the degree measure of an angle, start by finding the tangent. In the example below, the tangent of angle A is 3.73 degrees. Then divide that value by ten. You will then have the degree measure of the angle.


An angle’s degree measure is the ratio of its tangent to the height of the angle. If the height of the angle is 90 degrees, then the angle’s degree measure is 90 degrees. To find the tangent of an angle, you use the tangent notation.

If the tangent is 3.73, then its degree is 7.73. It is also called cosine, or cotangent, because it is an angle of the same tangent. A positive angle is 300 degrees, and a negative angle is 210 degrees.

1 radian

The measure of an angle is in degrees or radians. The degree is always written with a degree symbol, while the radian is written without it. Thus, an angle of three degrees and one radian is equal to three radians.

A radian is a small fraction of a circle and is equivalent to one-sixth of a degree. It is also used for negative angles. One radian equals to 3.73 degrees. You can convert a radian to a degree using a calculator.

Besides being used in daily life, radians are widely used in many calculations. For example, satellites use the radian to measure their speed and distance from the Earth’s surface. If you are measuring an angle in radians and have already figured out its degree value, the conversion is simple.

The formula for calculating the radian value is simple: take the tangent of an angle. The tangent of an angle is the angle’s tangent. If you have a tangent of 3.73 degrees, you can divide it into radians. Then, multiply the two radians together. You can also multiply the two tangents to get a degree value.

tan of angle A

If we want to know what the tangent value of an angle is, we can use a tangent value calculator. These calculators can compute the tangent of almost any angle. Tangent values are given in degrees or radians. We can use the following formula to find the tangent value of an angle.

The tangent value is the ratio of the opposite side of an acute angle to the length of the adjacent side. The longest side of an acute angle is called the hypotenuse. Therefore, the tangent value of an acute angle is 3.73. This formula is useful in trigonometry.

inverse tangent key

When you want to find the degree measure of an angle, you will often need to know its tangent. The tangent of an angle is three-sevenths of a radian. To calculate this value, you can use the inverse tangent key. It’s a handy tool that gives you the answer you’re looking for in seconds.

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