Do you want to know about FBS South Africa? If yes, then go through this comprehensive article thoroughly. In this article, we will know much about FBS brokers from the point of view of a South African. 

The FBS Forex broker trademarks itself as the secure and dependable FX broker, but the client reviews declare otherwise. This FBS review will deliver complete information about the broker features to see if it’s legal or if you should stay away from it.  

This broker FBS South Africa was established in 2009. Now, it has more than ten years of experience, but people still doubt it. So, let’s see if people’s doubts are valid or not:

Some Special Features of FBS

Every FX broker has its different priorities and then features. That is why every broker is different from the other. In this way, some people trust a particular broker very much while others think otherwise. It is because everyone’s mentality is different from others. 

So, let’s see if FBS South Africa Broker’s mentality and special features suit you or not:

Loyalty Program:

FBS prices traders’ loyalty with presents assorting from luxury automobiles to digital products. Whenever you trade on FBS Forex, you’ll secure Status Points. Based on the number of points merited, customers will be commissioned a status and rewarded advantages. To become a constituent of the loyalty program, clients have to verify their email and identity.

Exchange rates:

You must be thinking that it is good to have exchange rates but what is new to it. The special and unique thing about exchange rates of FBS is that these exchange rates are always the same. They will never change according to the company.

So, now you can freely deposit or withdraw any amount at the same and fixed rate.     

Free VPS Server

Traders can pick up a VPS server free of cost and form EAs work for them round the clock if they aren’t online. Like others, you must be asking yourself some questions about this feature, like “What are the benefits of this free VPS server?” and many others.

If so, we are here to inform you that this free VPS server is quite helpful for you and your trading. Here are its benefits:

You can trade 24/7 by using it.
It can protect you from internet connection breakdowns or electricity interruptions.
You can install any EA by using it.
In the end, you are ready to enjoy a stable and fast connection.


FBS South Africa has now established so much as a legit forex broker especially in South Africa. That is why the company has come up this time with FBS Trader. But what is FBS Trader?

FBS Trader is an app that offers limitless opportunities. You can download it at the Apple Store or Google Play Store. It’s a significant but lightweight app that enables you to penetrate your trades round the clock from your smartphone or tablet. We hope that the FBS South Africa review is beneficial for you.