Lyrics Homicide – Dax (Freestyle)

N**gas say I can’t rap, rap
I’m the new ear n**ga no SnapBack
I carry the game like backpacks
Old school, new school
Meshed give a n**ga straight flashbacks
No credit so n**gas ain’t getting cashback
Get it credit, can’t get cash back
I use debit my n**ga discredit you n**gas
Then leave you broke pathetic
To play with all of the Lab rats
It’s DaxYou a prototype, get it
A pro at typing, Mike tyson you’re biting
Hit songs you’re not writing
Hop on my wave but I’m not gay so no your not riding
Killing this game in my own lane no hands Tesla driving
You a Honda, you need take a break like a comma
Dax skill cud fit any genre
Leave you in Aww and Impair u like vodka
N**gas be slimey and soft just like lasagna
Rap against me you will get smoked
I’m marry to the game
So you don’t juanna, marijuana
Smoke but josheph has said no you
About to be a mama, get it
F**k rap, n**gas using abusing my name
Struggling reaching for fame
Making up multiple claims, f**k that
I am logically logic so when I rap on a topic
The complicated seems very mundane
F**king the game, I can’t abstain, can’t complain
Why, ’cause I can’t explain
My brain and how a black kid randomly
Went from basketball to most lyrical rapper in the game
I don’t remember what had happend
Woke up one day and started writing all this madness
Skipped practice skipped classes
Now I skip lines grab fake titties and multiple fat asses
You cannot move at my speed your molasses
I paid for all of this s**t, no advances
I will be here every year like your taxes
Vertical rise you can rap on axisThis rap s**t is just fun to me
It’s my money Eint nobody funding me
To see you rap ya that fun to C
I feel bad though seconds to fun to B
I started from the bottom like underneath and swam up up
Out the sea into this mainstream s**t
Where the air is super thin and I can hardly breath
See I mix real rap with vocals
I don’t need a boost why I’m mobile
When I sprint I hear crickets
We don’t connect cuz I’ve gone global
You cannot read me no Barnes and noble
I stay on point like the word focal
My fans love me because I actually respond back on all my socials
Socials socials socials, say it three times for good luck
Zeroes the amount of gives that I f**k
Dislexic I meant f**ks that I give
Up give i won’t give up u get it
Back and forth with my flows my bars are like tennis
On lock Jamaican hair their dreaded
Can’t buy my flow it’s to expensive
You cannot be the best if your flow is rented
I’m Dax ya I’m finna pop s**t s**t
I’m fly n**ga like a rocket, rocket
On go n**gas can’t stop it, stop it
Got the game on hold, won’t drop it, drop it
Finna gas n**gas I’m toxic toxic
Eminem be rapping at logic logic
Lets make a track and make it the hottest, hottest
I’m raps games adopted son you might not f**k wit me
But mom and dad said treat like I’m blood
If you throw dirt on my name it doesn’t matter
Because I got this right out of the mud
Ok bud, f**k that n**ga
Dax can’t rap, f**k that n**ga
Dax can’t rap, f**k that n**ga
If he says I can’t rap don’t trust that n**ga
No homo get off of my nut sack n**ga
I’m yo daddy I’m treating you like a rugrat, n**ga
Load a TOMMY and aim it and watch me bus back n**ga
F**k that n**gas dissing with these love taps n**ga
Then emailing me asking for a collab n**ga
N**gas need hang it up like coat rack n**ga
See me in person they asking for a Kodak n**ga
That his body he looking just like a road map n**ga
Put him to sleep sum like a snorlax
I don’t do karaoke I wrote that n**ga
Slave master on a beat I own that n**ga
I’m classic ya something like a throw back n**ga…
➤ Written by Dax
Produced by Dax
Dax | 2019