Lyrics “Dear Black Santa” – Dax

Hey Santa, it’s, it’s Dax again
Just checking if you got my list
Dear Mr. Santa my name is Dax and I’ve been a good kid
I made a list of the s**t that I wanted this year
Did you read it, I’m hoping you did
I put my country, my state, my street, my chimney
Just so you know where I live
Stop watching porn, gave to the homeless
So like, damn dude, don’t be a b**chYea, I want a Cadillac color matte black (Skrr)
Yea, I want a thick b**ch with a fat ass (Hm)
Yea, I want a crib to crash with a pool and a court
And a golf course all in the back
Yea, I want Gucci, Prada coupled with a million dollars
Instagram a million followers take out food from Benihana’s
I need a follow back from Lele Pons
I need a Drake feature on a song
I could probably do this s**t myself and all
But I ain’t really tryna wait that long
So Santa this is my list
And I’m confident in you that you will complete it
Me and your daughter are friends
And if I don’t get all of my s**t ima Mike Jackson beat it
Dear Mr. Dax, I took the time to go over your list
And unfortunately I’m sorry to say
You have been a bad kid
I can get some s**t but not all those God damn gifts
And as for my daughter young man
There ain’t no way your f**kin’ that b**ch
Man, f**k you Santa
I don’t even want your gifts
I don’t even want that car
I don’t even want that b**ch
I don’t even want that s**t
Now I want Mrs. Clause
Want her sayin’ ho ho ho ho
While she’s on my pole pole pole pole
Keep my wrist froze froze froze froze
When I play games with RudolphYeah yeah yeah I’m crazy Santa
Gave her the d**k, banana
Came through with the heat, the jammers
Butt cheeks through the sheets, pajamas
So what does that mean
I think it means that I win either way
I’ll leave you cookies and milk and a note on the table
And here is what that s**t’s gonna say
Make sure you clean the motherf**kin’ chimney
Make sure you turn off the lights when you done
Make sure you leave me a tip on the table
Don’t eat two cookies your fat ass gets one
Don’t forget to leave s**t in my stocking
Yeah you know where it’s at
Milk chocolate, some henny and condoms with that
Xanax, weed to sell in the trap
Don’t lie Santa, boy I know that you’re black
Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, and Vixen
Comet, Cupid, Donner, and Blitzen
Talk s**t they all go missin’
Santa n**ga it’s Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas, I got all the loot
Oh oh oh oh oh
It’s Dax…
➤ Written by Dax
Produced by DopantBeats
Dax 2018