Lyrics Ambitionz Az A Ridah – Dax

First of all, let me tell you how I got this flow
Pac saw me in a dream and tells me this s**t
I been tryna talk, nobody listens
Now I’m famous n**gas say I changed totally different
I’ve been looking up to pac since I started this mission
So they denounce me man I feel like a f**king religionDon’t you act like you know me
I can’t bear some of you n**gas like yogi
People hate but they will follow you closely
Social media’s a circus full of miss
Guided people who equate a f**king post
To a god damn trophy
Man you must be lonely
At the crib sitting by yourself
Pointing a finger at somebody with three at yourself
All these people spread s**t (sheet), this not excel
They don’t hate me son, they hate themselves
Yes, this world is full of sheep
You can count em, you don’t even have to go sleep
These people shallow swear they woke but they fake deep
Watch a n**ga drown we gon ride on our enemies
And that’s facts, it’s been a while since we talked pac
Remember hit em up that mumble rap it ain’t stopped
It’s been long two years and I ain’t popped
Maybe if I slur my f**king words imma get hot
So what’s the vibe if they sheep then we leading the blind
If ones lost should we waste time and even go find
At what cost do we give up on these human lives
Let me die or will God charge us for that crime
It’s all questions, I think it’s connected
It’s good over evil but the evil get selected
Replenishes by natural selectionThis worlds coming to an end
Spend time not money with your family and friends
Pac what direction should I head in
Mainstream star or underground legend
Rapper for the system or rapper for wretched
Swear I almost lost myself but now I’m back and I’m invested
Swear I almost caught up in the lifestyle
L.A living was L.A pimping and f**king on these L.A b**ches
But now I’m focused and I’m back on track
It’s not about the f**king fall
It’s how you bounce right back
So now what, Pac I’m two years older
That first dream wasn’t a fluke I had to build my shoulders
Almost lost my damn mind and my heart got colder
But now I’m ready for the work you can deploy this soldier
So gimme the chance again, no I will not stop
I’ll spit real till the fake have to leave their spot
Yeah, you know I was a janitor when we last talked
And now I’m cleaning up with game
With that same damn mop
Pac, do you hear me, dawg
I’m trynna make a change
But I ain’t gangsta enough
So they call me lame
F**k the money, f**k the b**ches, f**k the fame
I realized that all I have is my damn name
So from here on out the only time you’ll hear Dax
Is when it’s out his mouth
Ima make a f**king change and I have no doubt
So stay tuned and you’ll see what I’m talking about…
➤ ➤ Written by Dax
Dax Remix of “Ambitionz Az a Ridah” by 2Pac
Produced by Dax
Dax | 2019