Here is why you should consider saving up for the mythic version!

When Blizzard developers presented their first drafts of the new Tier Sets as part of the patch 9.2 video announcement, they earned mixed feedback. And might we dare to add: many players were downright appalled:

“The fact that you can’t immediately tell what set is for what class is insane. […] They all look the same.” (Picard2331)

“Oooof I hate them. […] I want to look like the best of whatever class I am playing, not like an NPC from the newly added zone.” (LevelStudent)

“I’ll wait for the HC and Mythic version reveal. I hate to say this, but they could look better. I’m glad they are making Tier sets again but these look a bit underwhelming ingame” (Joftrox)

While the feedback was not all negative (some players liked the rather simplistic look), many voices were heard stating that “even green and blue dungeon sets were more appealing than the new style”. And as much as we’d like to pretend to be way above any superficiality, the reality is: style does matter. What’s the use of fighting your way through a raid if you’re not entirely happy with what you end up getting?

While it was great news that Sepulcher of the First One marked the return of class-specific Tier Sets, being the first raid to include them since Antorus, the Burning Throne, the style itself was a downer. A missed opportunity for an otherwise highly anticipated expansion to the glorious game. But business was business as usual, players were getting used to their heroes in bathrobes and everybody went on enjoying an otherwise gorgeous environment in Eternity’s End.

Mythic vs. Normal / Heroic Tier Sets – Is Bigger Better?

We tried to “love the one we were with”. But that unfortunately changed when the Mythic versions of the Tier Sets popped in the game and ripped us apart ONCE AGAIN, torn back and forth between admiration and anger. The new artwork made us gasp because it was just awesome! But it also made us angry because it just showed us once again that our first intuition was correct: the normal and heroic gears just can’t keep up. And we realized very quickly that we needed to send our hero back into battle because we were dying to get our hands on the mythical version.

Options for getting your hands on a class specific tier set:

  • Raids: Class specific tier sets will be obtainable through raids as well as loot from bosses. The Sepulcher of the First Ones Mythic boost can help with this.
  • PvP: You can acquire tier sets from PvP battles
  • Mythic plus dungeons: You can obtain tier sets from the Great Vault. 
  • Crafting: You can use the Cypher of the First Ones, Creation Catalyst and/or the new currency in order to craft gear.

More details, high recognition value – Blizzard did it again

Of course, the Wow developers clearly want us to be so keen on the best version of Gear. And it is obviously no coincidence that Blizzard has once again used its well-known tier set system with its fast-forward mechanism. The versions from the lower levels of difficulty are kept rather simple. With increasing difficulty and higher item level, the armor becomes more detailed and colorful. The latter is particularly interesting as the sets stand out from the otherwise prevailing dark style of the NPCs in the shadow lands.

Additional details, such as flying bullets on the shoulders or movable straps, also ensure that the Tier Sets stand out from other armor of dungeons and such. The colors and different lighting effects offer a high recognition value, which makes it easier to distinguish between the respective classes. And while this should be industry standard for armor design, it is not always the case (especially compared with the normal gear sets).

Should you go the extra mile?

While we don’t necessarily like this somewhat overt way of pushing players to get the Mythic version (or maybe get the Sepulcher carry), we can’t deny that we’re quite smitten with the look. We’ve certainly seen a lot of great armor over the past 15 years of World of Warcraft, as almost every new raid brings new class assets. Some have incredible bonuses that make the whole greater than the sum of its parts. So it’s not just the look that makes certain armor icons, but above all the plus in skills that can give the game additional drive.

To sum it up: the mythic versions won us over. The look, which represents a class-specific combination of creatures and design elements from the universe of Zereth Mortis, as well as the additional bonuses, make saving for the mythical version highly recommended.