Lyrics Valentines – Chief Keef

She loves me, she loves me not
Let me check my watch..
Shawty say she like me
Wanna be my wifey
On me like a hypebeast
On me lika a Nike
She know that I was a dope boy
So white like rice B
He knows his b**ch like me
That’s why he don’t like meSay she want to eat me
Told her just don’t bite me
And they know I got a Glock
Say he gon’ on sight me
I don’t care I’m Icy
Police send a dispatch
Is that him It might be
Kick his ass like Bruce Lee
Kick him with some Spike Lee
Ridin’ round with my bloods
But we ain’t from right street
And bro’nem ain’t gon’ light sweet
Thinking back, I might weep
He say he don’t like me
But looking at my ‘Type Beats’
She love me, she love me not
All the VV’s on my watch
I love you too baby, I love you too baby
Love me
Well I’m thinking maybe
Wanna be my Beyonce
Baby I ain’t Jay-Z
Gun up on my waistline
Ay, that’s where my waist be
Better get the safety
Take this b**ch off safety.350 like may ski
Boy you like my auntie
P**sy boy ain’t safe with me
Rub my eyes, it can’t be
Wanna be my baby
B**ch you got to amaze me
Ain’t too much you can make me
Can’t trust you, you may lace me
She hate me, she hate me not
Ride round with the Jay-Z knight
You like my chain, huh
He like you too baby
He like you too baby
Let me check my watch
What time is it
Quarter past f**k you n**ga
➤ Written by Chief Keef
Produced by Chief Keef
Chief Keef | 2020