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Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova, one of the world’s hottest fashion brands, has garnered a massive following on many social media platforms. Initially launched in 2006 as a physical store, in the renowned Panorama Mall in Panorama City, Los Angeles, Fashion Nova is best known as a trendy online store for fashion lovers of all shapes and sizes. 

The brand’s online presence has attracted numerous clients and followers since 2013, among them renowned celebrities, beauty icons, reality show stars, and musicians. All these people are intrigued by Fashion Nova’s stylish and fashionable attire that suits diverse body types. These individuals understand that Fashion Nova provides the best. 

The influencer-marketing strategy is part of what has helped the fashion brand add more followers and numerous sales from the celebrities’ organic traffic. For instance, an Instagram post by Kylie Jenner made Fashion Nova over $50,000 in a few days.

Fashion Nova’s e-commerce dominance began when its CEO, Richard Saghian identified Instagram’s potential in promoting the brand. The fashion brand dived into marketing its products on IG by posting over 1,000 eye-catching items weekly. Currently, Fashion Nova has over 20 million followers on Instagram.

The variety and fresh looks have been the secret sauce for Fashion Nova. Saghian had this to say about the brand’s content consistency, “It’s important to have a lot of styles because our customers post so much online and need new clothes. We don’t want girls showing up to the club in the same outfit. We need 50 different denim jackets. Not just one.”

The top-rated fashion brand’s popularity on Instagram has skyrocketed over the years. Regular people, as well as celebrities, are more than pleased to follow the brand.

Here are some of the celebrities who follow Fashion Nova on social media:

Kanye West

Kanye West, the rapper and fashion icon, is one of the loyal follows of Fashion Nova on Instagram.

The rapper uploaded Kim Kardashian’s photo donning the Balenciaga outfit at the Met Gala. After this, his Instagram avatar went black. Interestingly, Kanye followed back IG accounts that had also blacked their profiles, including Fashion Nova.

Cardi B

Rapper and fashion expert, Cardi B, is one of Fashion Nova’s mega influencers. Apart from partnering with the fashion brand, Cardi B has been donning Fashion Nova’s outfits and tagging the brand on her Instagram.

Her posts and famous quotes have promoted Fashion Nova’s visual on Instagram. The quote “I could buy designer but that #FashionNova fit,” from her single “She Bad” shows how much she loves Nova clothes because of the cut. 

Bella Thorne

A renowned American actress, singer, and model, Bella Thorne has over 24.7 million followers on Instagram. The influencer has also been following Fashion Nova and promoting the brand’s outfits.

For instance, she posted a photo on Instagram in April 2019, while wearing an animal-print bikini and tagged Fashion Nova.

“It’s hot, help me,” she said.

Iggy Azalea

An Australian rapper and hip-hop diva, Iggy Azalea has shown her love for Fashion Nova outfits. In one of her latest Instagram posts, Azalea has donned a Fashion Nova body-hugging peach dress and tagged the brand.

“Anyway….dress,” she posted.

The Game (Jayceon Taylor)

A renowned West Coast rapper, The Game, has been posting photos on Instagram wearing Fashion Nova outfits since 2018.

The hip-hop star admits to having teamed up with the leading fashion brand to promote their stylish outfits. He was more than glad to be partnering with the brand when they launched Fashion Nova Men. 

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