The best reason to keep your car clean. It may seem superficial, but “the better it looks, the more value you get from your car,” says Jennifer Olvera, director of creative marketing for Chemical Guys, a auto parts company based in Los Angeles. . In fact, if all things are equal between two used cars, one that is clean and well-maintained will be the best price, he says.

Here’s Olvera’s six steps to take to extend the look of your new car.

Do not use only an old shirt, towel or cloth

Old coats և ragged towels are easy to get, but they are not as soft as microfiber cloths, which make it easier to finish your car. For a finer wash, try a microfiber chenille noodle glove. To dry the car, Olvera suggests using either a plush microfiber towel or a waffle towel. Quickly use two waffle towels to finish without layers; wipe as much glass cleaner as you can with the first towel, then remove the last drops or layers with the second towel.

Use two buckets

Another way to make your car paint look flawless for a long time. Avoid smearing it repeatedly with dirt և debris when you wash it. Try the two bucket method. Fill one bucket with soapy water and the other with water only. Wet the washing glove first. Then, when you foam the car, dip the glove in the rinse bucket to clean the dirt before soaping it again. “It’s a way to make sure everything that may be on your gloves is off, reducing the risk of scratches,” says Olvera.

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Clean the floor mats with a brush: vacuum cleaner

Your vacuum can not catch all the dirt or dog hair that is stuck on your interior carpet. First, apply a stiff brush to loosen the dust և chopped mud. “Most vacuum cleaners are quite durable,” says Olvera, “but that will ensure that what is found in the fibers of your carpet comes out.”

Do not use a circular motion

“The moment you start making circles, you run the risk of presenting German scratches that are difficult to correct,” says Olvera. Instead, move your glove or towel in a straight line or Z-scale for each step of the car wash. An accidental scratch on a straight line will be easier to touch.

Clean և protect your seats

“A lot of people forget to keep their leather seats,” says Olvera. Even getting in and out of a car will eventually lead to cracks if you do not fix it regularly. Depending on how long your car spends under the sun, you will need to clean the leather seats, moisturize with leather conditioner every month or every six months. For fabric seats, apply fabric protector regularly. If a leak occurs, it will be easier to wipe as the liquid will not penetrate. “Do it with your rugs,” she says.

Wear comfortable car clothes when you wash it

Tights, belts, and bracelets can damage your paint job. Before you start, think about what you have or put on a microfiber apron (yes, they exist) to wear while doing this. Or it may seem too zealous to wear a car wash, Olvera says that even the buttons can scratch the paint.

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By Catherine Stron