Digital intervention allows for art diversification as artists can venture into different fields simultaneously. Artists can consider monetizing their art through commissioning, exhibits, social platforms, and local art markets. The online exposure helps artists work professionally by managing clients’ demands, artwork, timelines, and payments through defined platforms. Artist taking up full-time jobs incorporate sites such as Paynco to deliver quality and receive payments safely. There are multiple channels where artists can create money besides the art commission services.

1. Selling your artwork online.

Digital transformation provides artists with an excellent platform to sell their art globally via a social media platform. Artists can utilize several artwork sites such as:

Etsy is a famous, reliable online market that gathers different audiences, especially in art. Artists can use the site tools and features to display and sell their artwork.

This is a perfect online marketplace to attract customers to your drawing, paints, and any piece of art. The site requires sellers to contribute a fee based on the product and location.

Shopify allows artists to promote their art by creating an ecommerce site and using other social sites. This helps reach many people globally and market your product efficiently.

2. Print-on-demand art brand

Artists can create funds by printing their art on different items. One doesn’t require printing equipment. The internet has established companies that allow artists to upload their artwork or images online. Once a client spots your products (art), the company prints the art on products such as hoodies, cups, etc. The company will charge the service once the client receives the items. This provides easy funds at the expense of small printing and shipping fees.

3. Online and offline art classes

Social media platforms such as YouTube offers simple virtual classes to millions of users. Artists can start tutorials, teaching students or the general public different artwork. This can take time, but you can make good money through YouTube once established. One can also teach art class through face-to-face classes at local colleges or home school at a reasonable fee.

4. Private and public commission 

Art commission is a popular way to monetize your talent. If a public or private collector spots your art, they will commission it at agreed terms. Ensure to provide a detailed contract or overview of your artwork to benefit. You need to set upfront pricing and completion amount. However, to maintain good terms ensure to provide quality artwork.

Incorporating other artists

The internet offers the ease to trace another artist in various art fields. The artist can create teams and create unique artwork and sell for profit. Artists can collaborate in community projects, thus getting exposure and wowing more clients. The power of collaboration helps connect to influential people. For example, can a painter working with an influencer help stream the project on different platforms? 


Artwork is not limited to talents and local markets as artists can venture into global markets online. Artists need to embrace the digital world to propel their work and achieve big.