Getting the perfect haircuts for women can be tricky because their tastes and preferences keep changing. One day they want their hair long, and in their next salon visit, they want to keep it short. The good news is, there are medium length hairstyles that will fit your style perfectly.

These haircuts are a length between short and long. You can also add curls or body if you like your hair thick. The haircut can also accommodate other styles like a ponytail, but ensure you don’t wear many accessories to pull your hair down. Check out this list if you are searching for the next medium length hairstyles to style.

  • Shoulder Length Hair With Layers

Ask your stylist to add layers to your shoulder-length hair. The layers seem to transition in different levels that fall artfully on your shoulders. This is a perfect style for people who like bouncy hair with lots of movements. You can also make the waves look messy or comb them into neat medium length hairstyles.

  • Voluminous Hair With Side Bangs

Give shape and definition to your face by adding some layers and sideswiped bangs. You can get the volume by blow-drying your hair and using hair products that add volume. However, avoid exposing your hair to blow dry heat often because it weakens the strands.

There are different types of bob. Depending on your face shape and preference, you can wear your bob long, in a lob, or straight. The straight bob creates an edgy look. The hair is kept in this shape by straightening hair products like smoothing serum and hair oil when it is wet. You can then use the smoothing iron to make the strands straight.

  • Face Framing Shoulder Length Haircut

Hairstylists will cut layers around your face to bring out your face shape and balance your features. This style maintains your initial hair length and is becoming a trendy style among the medium length hairstyles. Try this if you want a change from your regular haircut.

One of the ways to add style to your waved hair is by adding a side cut. Ask your stylist to give you a long bob haircut and part it on the side. It provides the hair with more volume, which most ladies want.

  • Messy Curls On Shoulder Length Hair

Messy curls don’t mean that your hair is unkempt, but it is a trending style. Add a side part on the mid-length hairdo to add some volume and classiness. The hairstyle also adds some unique personality to the wearer.

The hairstylists try many ways to frame the model’s face with a particular hairdo, and they can use your layers. You can ask yours to try longer layers in the front to add some volume and weight to the hair. The layers fall on the jawline and help divert attention from the forehead.

  • Blonde Hair With High Volume Layers

This trendy haircut creates movement and reduces the weight that might weigh the hair down. It suits well people with thin hair. The wearer can blow dry it using a round brush to make it bouncy by lifting the roots. You can also use a blow-dry accelerator on the damp hair and style it.

Volume Layers

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will brighten up the face and give attention to your facial features, try the money-piece hairdo. It is a fast-trending style, and you can add new and exciting colors like pink.

The hairstyle incorporates some layers at the bottom that lighten up the tresses, and the side-swept bangs help to bring out the wearer’s facial features. The style brings out a glamorous look and also balances the forehead.

When creating the V-cut medium length hairstyles, the stylist makes your hair shorter in front and back. The wearer can sweep the hair behind the shoulders to form the V-shaped layers. You will notice the shape on your back. This hairstyle is increasingly being rocked by the red-carpet regulars and you too can try it this year!