Regular users dream of having a compatible system, especially when doing their professional duties. Consider what it would be like if your CPU went down while you were in the middle of a game or developing a video project. Working with resistance in any situation frustrates people, as a result of which they lose interest in what they are doing. Here’s a guide to the best LGA 1155 CPUs so you can find the most suitable one for your needs. How do you choose which LGA 1155 is compatible with your desktop computer when there are different types of processors available?

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A processor’s number of cores will determine its performance; a higher number means more power. A second consideration is the amount of memory the processor gives you for storing files and data. The third thing to consider is the CPU frequency; if you want a system that offers you exemplary speed, make sure you choose a CPU with maximum speed. Also, nowadays, you need to pay attention to Integrated Graphics Units and Thermal Design. In order to find the best CPU for you, you must pay attention to the above characteristics. You will not reach the next level if you neglect any one of them.

CPUs, generally, play a key role in many factors of a system. It is accurate to say that a desktop is nothing without a CPU. You organize input and output through your computer’s processor. Here, we looked for the best CPUs with a LGA 1155 socket, considering all the factors listed above. These items are outlined below along with their pros and cons. In the following list of LGA 1155 processors, we have listed the top choices so you can choose the right processor for your needs. We have listed LGA 1155 Best CPU so you can select easily.

Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor

The Intel Core i7-3770 Quad-Core Processor is a quad-core processor made by Intel. This processor is the flagship of the Intel Core i7 series. The 3770 is the successor to the 3700 series. The 3770 features Hyper-Threading Technology. The new processor is said to offer up to 50% better performance than the previous generation.

The processor is also said to consume less power than the 3700 processor. It comes in both 4 core and 8 core variants, and it’s based on the latest Broadwell microarchitecture. The processor is manufactured on the 22nm process and features the Intel Turbo Boost technology.

The processor is clocked at 2.4GHz and comes with 6MB of L3 cache. According to the processor’s specifications, it has a base frequency of 3.5GHz and a turbo frequency of 4.0GHz. The processor supports DDR3 1333 memory and is said to support the latest Intel chipset.

All these pros are best but you know about its negative point is Graphics features could be improved.

Intel Core i7-2700K Quad-Core Processor

The new Intel processor, codenamed “Haswell”, is a four-core CPU with Hyper-Threading, which means it can process four threads of code simultaneously. The processor is also a six-core CPU, but has a higher clock speed than the four-core version. As a result, the six-core processor runs at 2.1GHz while the four-core processor runs at 3.8GHz. In comparison, the previous generation of Intel Core i7-2600K processor, codenamed “Sandy Bridge ”, runs at 4.8GHz. It comes with turbo boost technology which is an amazing feature of the Core i7 2700K. This feature makes it the best choice for everyone.

It’s only con is that it is slower from its predecessor 2600k.

Intel Xeon E3-1270 V6

The latest addition to the Xeon E-Family is the 12-core, 48-thread Xeon E3-1270 v6 processor. The new E3-1270 v6 features HyperThreading technology, meaning that each core can handle four threads simultaneously, bringing you a total of 96 threads in a single socket. This means you can run more applications or websites in parallel, which will greatly enhance performance. The E3-1270 v6 also supports DDR4 memory, and the new chip is rated at a 2.8 GHz base clock and 3.8 GHz turbo clock. You can expect it to be priced somewhere around $300 USD. It also comes with an LGA 1151 socket. It’s only negativity is lacking built-in graphics.


The processor is an important component of your PC. It affects your gaming, productivity, and even your system performance. There are many brands out there, and each of them offers its own unique features. In this article, we will be discussing the best LGA 1155 CPU- Top 3 Picks. These processors are designed to improve your gaming experience, provide the best possible performance, and give you the best overall value for your money. So, without further ado, let’s get into the list.