Spending too much on a pair of earphones/headphones cannot be everyone’s preference. Some find them less durable, while others lose them and thus investing in a costly headphone is a wrong choice. And which leads to going for a good pair of budget earphones/headphones rather than spending too much and losing them later. So, we are here with this article to help you choose the best earphones under 2000 INR tailored to complete all your needs.

This article is listed with 7 pairs of headsets under Rs 2,000 to deliver you great sound and other features on budget pricing. Starting off with in-ear earphones with or without a mic, from bass boosted to acoustic lovers, the list covers all the categories of in-ear headphones you can choose from with peeping a hole in your pocket.

Best Earphones under 2000

So before we get started, you should check out the things to you must know before spending for an earphone/headphone. It could help you choose the best ones for you. Also, if budget is not an issue, you can also check out our list of best headphones available on the market.

Now as you have read the things to consider, we should now proceed to the list of the best earphones to buy under 2000.

7 Best Earphones under 2000 in India

1. Sony Premium MDR-XB55AP

The Sony Premium MDR-XB55AP are the best headphones you can buy under Rs 2,000. These pair of headphones come with boosted bass and best for EDM and Bass lovers. The MDR-XB55AP are another set of bass-oriented headphones from Sony, a well known Japanese Company. The reason to keep these on the top spot is even after producing extra bass; these headphones manage to produce well-balanced mids and highs exceptionally well.

For built-quality, the MDR-XB55AP looks stunning with anti-tangle wire and metallic finished housing. Moreover, this is not it, the best of them is it comes with its true-silicon earbuds which amazingly fits into your ears. It also comes with a carry pouch and some extra earbuds of different sizes and a crystal clear mic. However, as everything has a drawback, so does these which is this as produces extra and gets very loud at maximum volume.


Type: In-ear | Connectivity: Wired; 3.5mm jack | Weight: 15 grams | Frequency Response: 4-24,000Hz | Cable length: 1.25 meters | Drivers: Dynamic; 12mm | Impedance: 16 Ω | Advanced Features: Extra Bass

Here is the summary of review for Sony Premium MDR-XB55AP Wired Headphone:

Deep Bass – Fantastic bass and soundstage
Listening To Music – Best headphones
Comfort – Very Comfortable with perfect fit earbuds
Build Quality – Spectacular
Design Looks fantastic
Value – Incredible value for money

2. Soundmagic E10C

Soundmagic is also an exceptional company in making some great headphones, especially for EDM lovers. The E10C comes quite well tuned for some extra bass and definitely the best earphones for bass lovers under Rs 2,000 in our opinion.

The E10C is made using metal which adds up to its built quality and comes with tangle-free wires. Also, its retail box comes with plenty of earbuds, premium hard carry case, clip and couple of adapters and comes in four appealing colors.

Type: In-ear | Connectivity: Wired; 3.5mm jack | Weight: 15 grams | Frequency Response: 18-22,000Hz | Cable length: 1.2 meters | Drivers: Dynamic; 10mm | Impedance: 16 Ω | Advanced Features: Deep Bass

Here is the summary of review for Soundmagic E10C Wired Headphone:

Deep Bass – Very good bass and soundstage
Listening To Music – Best budget bass headphones
Comfort – Not so comfortable
Build Quality – The build quality is spectacular
Design Looks wonderful
Value – Incredible value for money

3. Sennheiser CX 275 S

Sennheiser is one of the most known audio component manufacturing company in the accessories market. While the CX 275 S is the entry level budget headphones from them for their budget consumers. These headphones are designed for decent sound output, a bit more disposed to treble.

The Sennheiser CX 275 S fits perfectly well in the ears but troubles when used for long duration. However has a great built quality with fantastic looks and microphone for hands-free calling and music.

Type: In-ear | Connectivity: Wired; 3.5mm jack | Weight: 15 grams | Frequency Response: 17-23,000Hz | Cable length: 1.2 meters | Drivers: Dynamic; 10mm | Impedance: 16 Ω | Advanced Features: Compact Design; Two Years Warranty

Here is the summary of review for Sennheiser CX 275 S Wired Headphone:

Deep Bass – Insufficient bass
Listening To Music – For treble lovers
Comfort – Comfortable
Build Quality – Premium
Design Looks great
Value – Value for money

4. Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD

Xiaomi is one of the company to look out for in tech industry. As Xiaomi has already surpassed tech giant, Samsung for selling most smartphones in the year 2017 to gain the top spot, it also working hard in bringing some quality accessories for smartphones. With their latest Mi Pro HD Headphones, they have made a solid impact to deliver the quality product under budget pricing. The Mi Pro HD headphones use Hybrid Drivers to deliver amazing sound quality and detail. However, with good bass and treble, it fairly manages to keep mids and lows accurate.

Talking about the built quality, these pair of headphones are made of the metal casing and high-quality rubber for cords. It also comes with nice packaging and a soft pouch making it easy to carry around. The only drawback it holds is the sound leak which lets the person sitting next to know what you are listening too. The sound isolation is not up to the mark too. However, these things hardly matter unless you are prone to privacy or wishes to get completely isolated from the world.

Type: In-ear | Connectivity: Wired; 3.5mm jack | Weight: 17 grams | Frequency Response: 20-40,000Hz | Cable length: 1.25 meters | Drivers: Dynamic + Balanced Armature; N/A | Impedance: 32 Ω | Advanced Features: Deep Bass, Amazing Sound Clarity

Here is the summary of review for Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro HD Wired Headphone:

Deep Bass – Good bass with decent low and mids
Listening To Music – Best for Acoustics
Comfort – Very Comfortable
Build Quality – The build quality is fantastic
Design Looks fabulous
Value – Incredible value for money

5. Skullcandy Smoking Buds 2 (S2PGFY-003)

Skullcandy is itself a name in the headphone world especially for making funky and durable headphones, aimed for sports enthusiasts. Skullycandy may not deliver the best sound quality but are designed aggresively and looks appealing with lots of features making it popular among teens and new generation kids. About these earphones, with Smokin’ Buds 2, Skullcandy sure has made lots of improvements but still disappoints to deliver great sound. However, the Smokin’ Buds 2 has some good bass to deliver with adequate sound clarity and quality.

Moreover, you can also get these earphones in dual-tone colors as it is widely available in 22 different varients and come with cloath-coated wire making it the most durable pair of headphones under 2000. The box also includes a carrying pouch and extra pair of earbuds for you to get the right size. These headphones are good to wear and is definately recommended for music lovers as a solid option.

Type: In-ear | Connectivity: Wired; 3.5mm jack | Weight: 18 grams | Frequency Response: 18-20,000Hz | Cable length: 1.2 meters | Drivers: Dynamic; 9mm | Impedance: 16 Ω | Advanced Features: Deep Bass, funky colors, braided cable

Here is the summary of review for Skullcandy S2PGFY-003 Wired Headphone:

Deep Bass – Good Bass
Listening To Music – For bass lovers
Comfort – Fairly comfortable
Build Quality – The build quality is outstanding
Design Looks fantastic
Value – Incredible value for money

6. Brainwavz Delta

Brainwavz is a company known for making earphones with good sound at a very affordable price. We loved the Brainwavz Omega which costs under Rs 1,000 and sounds great which made us try a little costly Brainwavz Delta. These are headphones you wish to upgrade to over your smartphone’s bundled headphones. About the sound quality, the headphone carries a good amount of bass, highly sensitive highs and muddy lows due to which you tend to hear more of bass and bass than treble. However, it delivers good quality sound but not upto we expected but delivers exceptional instrument separation.

Talking about the build quality, the earphones come in Y-shaped cable with a slider to avoid tangling and uses metal casing to give it a premium feel. The box comes with a shirt clip, 3 pairs of earbuds and a hard case to store them while traveling. These are also very comfortable to wear even when you use it long duration and is recommended if you can deal with some extra bass and decent mids and highs.

Type: In-ear | Connectivity: Wired; 3.5mm jack | Weight: 10 grams | Frequency Response: 20-20,000Hz | Cable length: 1.3 meters | Drivers: Dynamic; 8mm | Impedance: 16 Ω | Advanced Features: Deep Bass

Here is the summary of review for Brainwavz Delta-A Wired Headphone:

Deep Bass – Very good bass and soundstage
Listening To Music – For music with high bass and highs
Comfort – Comfortable to wear for longer time
Build Quality – The build quality is adequate
Design Looks fine
Value – value for money

7. Sony MDR-EX250AP

The Sony MDR-EX250AP is a decent pair of headphones with great sound quality. Since it holds wide range of frequency responses, it delivers balanced sound output. If you can do little adjustments to the eualiser of your device, you will hear the real power of these pair of headphones.

The built quality of MDR-EX250AP is fantastic, as it comes with semi-braided cables and metal casing, the headphone look premium. Talking about the fit, it comes with multiple red-silicon earbuds to fit perfeclty and comfortably in your ears.

Type: In-ear | Connectivity: Wired; 3.5mm jack | Weight: 18 grams | Frequency Response: 5-25,000Hz | Cable length: 1.2 meters | Drivers: Dynamic; 12mm | Impedance: 16 Ω | Advanced Features: Wide Frequency, Classy Design, Amazing Sound Clarity

Here is the summary of review for Sony MDR-EX250AP Wired Headphone:

Deep Bass – Good bass
Listening To Music – Best for Acoustic
Comfort – Highly Comfortable
Build Quality – Top Class Built Quality
Design Looks excellent
Value – Not much value for money

Final Verdict

We are sure with the above listing and buying guide will help you choose the best earphones under 2000 and get the best out of it. We know, we haven’t listed any bluetooth connectivity headphone because we don’t think any bluetooth heaphone under this price range can outperform the listed wired headphones. However, if you consider any bluetooth heaphones to be as good as these, do tell us in the comments below.