Balloon bouquets and arrangements have become an essential part of festive decor, but as the designs are rapidly changing, so so are the trends. Today we’re going to talk about major trend alerts when it comes to decorating your dwelling with balloons.

1.Number balloons

If you’re looking for a trendy solution for a birthday or an anniversary, number balloons will be the best way to decorate the dwelling instead of buying plain inflatables. As we went to cyberage, numbers are now more trendy than words, even if it sounds surreal. If you want to have a futuristic party, this will be a great way to stand out from the crowd. If you want to purchase number inflatables, this is a perfect chance: 

2. Round balloons  

Because we are used to getting pear-shaped inflatables, these are considered the norm. But if you want your dwelling to look futuristic and on-trend, try to incorporate other shapes and make modern arrangements, as well as bouquets that involve perfectly round balloons. They can either be matte or glossy, even metallic, but they are shape is the definitive subject here.

3.Different sizes

We are used to getting balloons of one size, be it average 11-inch inflatables or large 18-inch balloons. But if you want the dwelling to look modern, try to incorporate more than one size or even shape into your arrangement. You can go from huge inflatables to small, almost, sitting in your palm. This will create a cool contrast and look less mathematical.

4.Chrome and metallic mylar and foil inflatables

Because futuristic is the new norm, we are forgetting about the matte finish and start actively using metallic as well as foil balloons for birthdays and business parties. Not only do they look expensive and durable, but they are also highly reflective and instantly attract attention, making the dwelling look lively and luxurious.

5.A combination of balloons and real flowers

An arrangement made of inflatables in some greenery will instantly attract attention and add a natural look. You can incorporate fake or real plants, tree branches, as well as flowers to create unique shapes and forms. These arrangements will emphasize the originality of your composition. Moreover, it is easy to assign a certain decoration to a season, switching from green balloons and real tree branches in summer to orange inflatables together with red leaves to represent the fall season. An arrangement made of real flowers and balloons will create a cozy and festive atmosphere during a wedding or birthday party. You can decorate a holiday table, furniture, and walls with these arrangements.

6.A photo zone

A background made of balloons and flowers will be a unique and noticeable touch in your design, especially during parties. To make them, you will need fake and real flowers, as well as inflatables. The originality of these compositions makes them extremely popular in 2022. This photo zone will substitute the expensive reflective fabric and is a highly customizable, yet quick way to spruce up a venue.