Having a fantastic Smartphone like iPhone or another iOS device gives us keen desire in our lifestyle. iPhone gives us premium touch and immense brand value, iPhone itself is a class nowadays. However, apart from its brand value and premium look, the most important concern is your iPhone’s security, I mean security of your data on your Apple Mobile devices. Yes, I am talking about Anti Virus for iPhone.

What if your all personal data like photos, documents, videos, music, etc. are not safe at all? Sounds bad right? As per current digital market is heating up for security issues, you should be much aware of security for your iPhone device to protect your essential personal data(documents, photos, videos, etc.). Thiefs are usually after your identity or money, so be aware of your security once logging in to your casino account or bank account where money is an essential part of the product. Hence, all you need is a good anti-virus for your masterpiece.

Yes, you know that; there are lots of anti-virus apps available for iPhone users on App Store. I hope, this detailed review of “Top 10 Best Anti Virus for iPhone free Download” will let you choose the best antivirus for your iPhone; as well as protect your critical personal data.

Best iPhone Antivirus Apps Free Download

So, given below is the list of the best antivirus for iPhone. Choose one to protect your iPhone for free and save your data.

1. Avast Secure-Me – Editor’s Pick

Yes! Its name explains it all. Obviously! You may be familiar with Avast, as they provide a vast collection of anti-virus app for free and pro versions for all available platform. It is open to download for your iPhone from App Store or its official website. The Avast Secure-Me Protect is known as world’s first app that protects all iOS devices while you are connected to WLAN or Wi-Fi. The reason Avast tops this list is simple; it’s efficient and fast. And most importantly its low resource consumption makes it an ideal choice for iPhone users.

This app allows you to auto search for all available Wi-Fi and notifies you whether it is safe or not. Although, Avast Secure-Me features virtual private network (VPN) which allows you to encrypt browsing data and make it secure and reliable. It also helps you to protect your emails, browser history, and personal data from thieves. Additional features from Avast antivirus app for iOS includes Avast Passwords that secures all your account related passwords under a master password.

2. McAfee Mobile Security

This antivirus is another reputed brand name in its arena. McAfee mobile Security notifies you about ongoing security bugs and protects your iPhone device. You can download this antivirus for iPhone for free from iTunes, but you can opt out to pro version by paying some bucks to enable more features.

This app protects you from the unsecured website if there are any serious issues found. One of the most useful and exciting features of this app is in case the iPhone gets lost you can easily track its physical location, and also, it will send you the photo of the person holding your device. Go to McAfee for full proof security.

3. Lookout Mobile Security

One of the best mobile protection for iPhone or other iOS devices. This antivirus is quite famous for iOS users and personally my favorite too. This allows you to backup your all of personal data. This app secures you from unsecured Wi-Fi if the network is found unsafe by the Lookout app.

It also tracks your device. Thus it’s helpful to find your lost iPhone device. Lookout is free to download for your iPhone and give your iPhone complete protection from viruses, open Wi-Fi, and cyber attackers. The latest version includes increased performance and some fixed issues.

4. Norton Mobile Security

Norton is also most known security brand. The software is quite popular among PC users because of its minimal user interface and secure virus database. Their mobile security app detects unsafe app on your installed iPhone device and protects you from cyber attacks.

Unlike other security apps, Norton Mobile Security also protects you from unsafe website browsing with its Safe Browsing feature alert you from the harmful website including phishing or malicious links. It’s an all packed mobile security free to download for iPhone users.

5. Trend Micro Mobile Security

Though it is placed in the last of our list, still; Trend Micro Mobile Security is an active anti-virus, like all the anti-virus mentioned above applications. This app is so much capable of protecting your iOS devices in a better way. It also supports cloud storage scan with your OneDrive account.

For saving you from spam calls and messages, it has a high spam filter to block the unwanted call and messages. Apart from that, its password manager is excellent to keep your accounts passwords safe and secured with an encrypted PIN to it. All in all the app is packed with features but comes with a price to pay. However, the app has excellent ratings on the Apple App Store, and this is an excellent choice of anti-virus for your phone.

6. Log Dog Mobile Security

This antivirus app is worth mentioning in the list as it uses top security protocols to keeps you safe from online fraud activity. It works by continually monitoring the users’ activity and keeping the log.

In case any suspicion arises the app instantly reports the virus and keeps your device safe from getting bugged. Both the local and online account are kept safe by Log Dog Mobile security. The app continually updates its security measures in order to provide maximum account safety to the user.

7. F-Security SAFE

Yes, most of the time we love spending our time using the internet on our devices. F-Security features safe browsing that allows you protect your iPhone while your web stream or online activities, hence; keep your all personal data and information safe from thieves.

Other useful features are blocked unwanted calls, detect and clean harmful apps, free recovery to find out and erase device data on your lost iPhone device.

8. Avira Mobile Security

Yes, this antivirus is capable of protecting your personal information or data like your iPhone’s contacts, Media files, Emails and even your credit card numbers. Avira Mobile Security app is helpful to find your lost iPhone; the app can track your iPhone’s pinpoint geo-location through its phone locator.

Commonly, Avira Mobile Security protects your iPhone device from malicious threats, also blocks unwanted calls, prevents banking Trojans and much more. The elegant user interface and robust security tools make it stand among the top 5 antiviruses for iOS.



This is all for “Best Anti Virus for iPhone” overview; hope you have got all information of above antivirus apps and this may let you choose suitable antivirus for iPhone for free.

Remember that, all these listed apps are free to download for iPhone from App Store, but here I recommend you to opt out to premium version which will include extra features and full security to your iPhone device.