A low conversion rate shows that your website, product page, or checkout experience needs work. However, do not make changes to these sites blindly, first compare the performance of each page and check which has more conversions.

If you have more than one platform, compare them and see which one generates more sales. If one platform performs better than the others, study it closely to see what you can change on the other platforms to bring them to the same level.

Once all platforms have a close conversion rate, optimize them until you achieve your desired CVR. If you are stuck or just starting your e-commerce, follow these steps to boost your e-commerce store.

Product Presentation and Cost:

How you present products matters in e-commerce; it is vital to describe every product to help customers make sound purchase decisions. For example, if you are selling homemade products, provide a clear and easy-to-understand description indicating that the product is homemade.

Also, be honest about the product’s total cost, including shipping. Most people cancel their cart if they do not understand the product’s actual price, especially if they find an additional fee when they are about to checkout.

E-commerce conversion rates help show if the changes you make improve your sales or not. It also enables you to understand which category needs more optimization.

Include Video and Live Chat to Your Website:

Video is becoming a popular means of product presentation in e-commerce. It is ideal for the customer who wants to view a product from all sides, watching how they can use it. Video can help eCommerce conversion rates grow as you make the right changes to your product page to increase sales.

Adding live chat features to your website will enable you to answer any customer question. Chatting with customers also reassures them they are dealing with someone who cares and listens to them. This trust will increase sales as well as conversion rates.

Notify Customers on Urgent Offers:

One secret to boosting your conversion rates over a short time is by introducing a sense of urgency. Short-time offers like “buy 2kg of soap get a bucket” for two weeks and gifts are the best ways to build awareness.

Sending notifications on the available offers to prospective customers increases traffic during the offer period. You can also use the report to inform customers of new products and restock items out of stock.

Work With Multiple Means of Payment:

Once you are ready to start e-commerce, it would be best to research the popular payment methods for your target audience. You would not want a customer to abandon their cart because you do not offer their payment methods.

If you can offer all means of payments available in your area, meaning no customer will cancel the purchase because their preferred payment method is not available, the CVR will increase in no time. The most important is to put preventive measures to avoid fraud and ensure security.

To Sum Up:

There is no specific rule to increase your e-commerce conversion rates; once you understand the best techniques that work for you, implement them accordingly. The good news is that there is no limited space in e-commerce; keep attracting more customers as long as you can deliver the products.