Sometimes it’s the perfect weather to ride your bicycle around. Running personal errands and enjoying riding a bike is fun. However, bicycle accidents are common. You may get hit by a car riding your bike. The statistics of bike accidents fatalities are significantly high. 

Thankfully, the Judicial system understands the losses someone may suffer in such an incident. It pays compensation for the losses one has gone through. The process is complicated, and you may need to hire an accident attorney to claim the amount. We know that no amount of money can reduce the emotional trauma of an accident. But this is the best the court can do.

Role Of The Attorney in a Bike Accident Case

The judicial system works in a specific manner. It needs all the formalities and paperwork before a deadline. 

You cannot handle all this by yourself after an accident. An attorney would do this on your behalf and charge a fee in return. 

Following are the functions of a lawyer in a bike accident case:-

  • Collect witnesses and evidence- The attorney would visit the accident place and collect all the evidence of the incident. He would talk to people and collect witnesses for the trials. 
  • Access your total injuries to evaluate the claim amount- He would ensure your treatment by a qualified doctor and get your medical records from him. These records will help him access your total damages and the claim amount you deserve. 
  • Plan the settlements and trails- The attorney would plan the settlement, negotiation, or suits to secure your compensation amount. He would find out the shortest route to claim the amount.

Things You Can Get Compensation For

You can have several injuries in an accident. Some can be chronic, while some can be acute. The compensation amount would depend on the severity of the damage or loss. 

Following are the things that the court can compensate:-

  • Medical bills and doctor’s visits- The court can cover your doctor’s visits that you may need for some time. The appointment fees and medical bills won’t be a problem for you.
  • Prescription drugs- The amount would be sufficient to cover the medicines you may need to buy to recover. 
  • Aids and assistive technology- The judicial system can also pay to buy assistive devices like wheelchairs if you need them. 
  • Property loss- This includes loss of any property due to the accident. The court would pay compensation for the repair or replacement of the asset.

Other losses like loss of life, lost income source due to disability, and anticipated future medical bills are also on the list of damages the court needs to compensate. 

The right attorney and fate would help you get the compensation amount to reduce your financial burden. It will be easy for you to recover. You may also get mental health help if required. Life will be back to normal if you have the determination and willingness to recover fast.