Lyrics “Hot Box” – AlieNation & T-Wayne

I got goose in my cup now
Out in Hollywood getting bucks now
And you know I’m point up now
NFL catching plays when I touchdown
I just pulled up with a foreign in Atlanta
Black and white phantom look just like a panda
Drippin sauce on these n.., no manners
Money stacks like Tony MontanaJukin and finessin on the block again, wooh
Hot boxin the whip, I need some oxygen, wooh
She told me come on over cause she got a friend, wooh
So I hopped off in the benz and told her drop a pin
I just put a m.. in my soda
I’m about to black out like my rover
Homie got some l.. in a cold cup
We just do the most, we give no f*cks
Yo, girl said she love me
Well I love me too
We pull up on the lot
In a Bentley coupe
I’m sippin on some
With some orange juice
We just do the most
We give no f*cksUhh.. u..
Yah.. straight up…
➤ AlieNation & T-Wayne 2018