Ship insurance policies can cover you և your ship or personal watercraft from liability և damage from a boat accident, including if you injure someone or damage someone else’s property on your boat. Ship insurance can cover your motorboat, sailboat or other type of watercraft if it is stolen. Watercraft parts typically covered by a boat insurance policy include hulls, vehicles, furniture, or any equipment permanently attached to your boat or private watercraft (PWC).

At GEICO, we know that your PWC is not just a matter of time and money, but also fun. GEICO Marine Insurance Company can help you protect your investments. Accidents do happen, but with boat insurance you can be sure you are on the water ից out of the water. We share your passion for water sports and have teamed up with BoatUS. Use our experience to your advantage եք Get free online boat insurance quotes or call us at (855) 395-1412.

Is my boat covered by my car insurance policy or homeowners insurance policy?

If you do not have a separate boat insurance policy, you are probably underinsured. Car ապահով homeowners insurance policy is not intended to cover boats and PWCs. Most homeowners’ rules have size restrictions, such as horsepower and damage coverage. Coverage limits vary depending on the state, the ընկերության placement company: contract. Do not wait until it is too late to find out if your coverage is missing.

What does ship insurance cover?

Boat insurance coverage varies depending on your boat or boat. Typical boat insurance policies include the following coverage:

You համար for your boat.

  • Damage to your boat: hull, sails, equipment, furniture, engine և trailer
  • Responsibility:
  • New boat replacement for new boats
  • Agreed corpus value or actual cash value
  • Fuel leakage liability
  • Medical payments
  • Rescue cover հեռ debris removal
  • Protection of uninsured ships

For others.

  • Damage to another ship
  • Damage to other property caused by your boat
  • Injury / death of another person

Optional insurance coverage.

  • Multiple towing options: on water ից out of water
  • Disappearing deductions
  • Coverage of your personal property
  • Coverage for your fishing gear
  • Ice / Freezer Cover

How much does boat insurance cost?

There are a number of factors that can affect the cost of a ship’s insurance, including, but not limited to:

  • The size of your ship or personal watercraft
  • The type or model of boat or watercraft you want to insure
  • Coverage Size և The type you choose for your boat insurance policy
  • How will you use your boat or watercraft և how often?
  • How will your ship be maintained?

Get a free online boat insurance quote or call us at (855) 395-1412.

Ship insurance discounts

Not all coatings are created equal. A low rate or cheap boat insurance does not mean reduced coverage or loss of service promise when you are insured with GEICO. We are committed to providing you with the right policy.


  • Multi-Policy discount for current GEICO Auto policyholders
  • Passed boat safety training
  • No loss loans

Why choose GEICO Boat Insurance?

  • Customizable coverage to meet your needs
  • Licensed agents are just as passionate about boats as you are
  • Expert service, including 24/7 requirements development և traction
  • Discounts apply when you insure both your boat and your car

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Please note:

The above is intended as general information ընդհանուր as general policy descriptions to help you understand the different types of coverage. These descriptions do not apply to any specific insurance contract, do not change any definition, exclusion or any other provision expressly stated in any insurance contract. We encourage you to talk to your insurance agent և read your policy agreement to fully understand your coverage.

Some discounts, coverage, payment plans և opportunities are not available in all states or all situations. GEICO has teamed up with its subsidiary BoatUS to offer seafarers a policy developed by experts, thanks to the excellent services expected from GEICO. The contracts are signed by GEICO Marine Insurance Company. Once you start quoting, you will be taken to a BoatUS website to securely quote the ship. Any information you provide will be subject to the privacy policy posted on their website.