The growing and expanding branch of e-commerce businesses have quadrupled in the past two years, especially during the pandemic. For starters, one may easily save money on a working place, staff, and have a greater grasp of the dynamics of their business, the progress they make, and how far the firm has come with this type of business. For those who are still struggling, or are thinking of launching their own e-commerce business, we summed up a useful guide of the best and most needed tools.

Effective social media management

Fortunately, the rise of social media platforms allows for a higher sales pitch and a wider customer range. The downside is, keeping up your social media presence takes a lot of time and can be especially hard if you are working with a smaller team. Therefore, platforms and services which offer social media management are highly recommended. You’ll be in touch with your followers, keep up with new trends and expand your influence automatically, without having to engage directly. It will save you time and money in the long run and is more than helpful to grow your e-commerce business.

Customer support

Another tool is offering helpful customer support. If you cover your social media presence, the next thing to effectively manage your business is offering quality customer support for all your buyers. This, fortunately, is a service offered by many different platforms at affordable prices, giving you the space to act and expand other important segments of your commerce. It includes back-office support, taking care of debt collection, keeping track of sales, and constant customer care, meaning offering solutions and taking the steam of your working team.

The main platform you use

We mentioned several different platforms, offering a wide range of services to help your commerce grow and be more effective and successful. Yet, the main platform you use for your e-commerce is especially important as it allows you to grow your sales, develop web pages without the help of professional programs and collect your buyers’ interests. One example of such an effective platform is samcart, which allows convenient and less stressful sales and an opportunity for generating a higher income. The advantage is the opportunity to operate effectively, as these platforms often come with a set of tools, so you can pick the one suiting your needs the most. Remember, this is an essential part of every e-commerce.

Collecting money

Now, for e-commerce businesses, cash payments are rare and most transactions are made with cards of virtual money, such as cryptocurrency. Therefore, another tool on the list for more effective growth of your e-commerce is a reliable and well-functioning digital payment system. These systems are a must, protecting you and your customers, offering maximum discretion, customer protection, and the ability to return the money if needed. If you make it possible to purchase things on your website in such a manner, you’ll probably make it a better experience for your potential and existing customers. Many third-party systems are already on the market operating for a longer period, effectively offering extra security with every transaction made.

Logistics and analytics

Shipping logistics for your e-commerce business is one of the most essential parts of any growing enterprise. A functioning shipping service incorporates taking care of the heavy lifting when it comes to quotations, and looking after all the orders. If you go for an effective shipping service tool, you’ll have an overview of the whole dynamic of all the sales and how far they came. This can drastically increase your sales, and you’ll make sure almost zero mistakes happen.

Analytics means generating as much data as possible and analyzing the success rate of your growing business, estimating the growth rate, and how far you came. This is purely based on your customers’ preferences and habits, and the most advanced tools offering this service will give you a better understanding of the nature of the sales made. Looking at the annual data gives you space to improve, retarget brands, and make sure to reduce all the losses made.


Social media management is one branch of the marketing mechanism of your e-commerce business. Yet, marketing incorporates several other aspects easily overlooked. The success of your business does rely on the type of customer support you offer, the platform from which you operate, how you handle the generated data and logistics, yet marketing means spreading awareness of your brand and keeping people constantly informed of all the ongoing changes.

Social media presence is important, but strategic email marketing makes sure a wider range of people, potential customers, get an overview of all the sales, products, and offers you have.

Such platforms already exist and are worth trying out. You could also try to customize your website for phones, and create discounts for loyal customers. You can also spread awareness via social gatherings, commercials, and branding.

This simple guide gives you a 101 introduction on how to effectively grow and make sure your e-commerce business is on its way to prosperity.