Technology helps students in many ways. It gives access to a wide pool of information, helps in managing time and balancing studies with other tasks. There are plenty of useful apps and tools that can assist one in getting better grades.

After all, academic success is all about time management and reasonable planning. One can boost grades with proofreading software, a digital calendar, or with the help of a professional paper writing service EssayPro experts. Here is a list of the best tools that will help you advance your academic stance.


One of the secrets to being a successful student is never to miss a class. And sometimes it is extremely hard, especially if you studied all night or went to a party.

Alarmy is a great way to make sure you wake up when needed. It is one of the best alarm apps out there. It is highly customizable, features very loud noises to wake you up. And you can set specific missions to make sure you won’t just hit “snooze”. 

The missions can be to take a picture of a specific object, to solve math problems, scan QR code, or shake a smartphone intensively. Overall it is a great app that works for both iOS and Android and has free and premium options.


Grammarly is a perfect tool to check and proofread any piece of writing. It is very accurate and the free version helps to eliminate any grammar, spelling, or tautology mistakes. It also makes suggestions regarding complex phrases. 

It can be downloaded as a desktop app, integrated with a browser, or even with the Microsoft Office programs. There is also a paid subscription with more advanced features like style and readability. This app is a must for anyone who wants their writing to be on spot and without errors.


This software is used both by professionals and students. Overall, it is one of the most effective ways to plan out all of your projects and make sure that everything is done before the deadline. You can plan out the time, write notes, and create lists of tasks to finish. 

It is very useful to set reminders about when to start on each task. It can be synced among all of your devices for easy management. Students also have the opportunity to upload their own files and study materials and share them with others. And it is possible to make edits to the documents in the app.


This is another perfect organization app that allows keeping track of every aspect of your college experience. One can create a custom calendar with everything you need to do including social events and relax time. After all, you should not forget that college is not only about studying. 

There is also functionality to set reminders before deadlines and create to-do lists. And, of course, it is synchronized among various devices, so you can manage your time everywhere. The app works both for iOS and Android.


Another secret to studying effectively is being smart about revising. StudyBlue is exactly what you need for that. The main functionality is creating flashcards to revise important information. 

There are already tons of pre-existing materials, created by other students. There are about 400 million flashcards. So maybe you won’t even need to create your own. 

Users can access the library with various materials to help them learn more. They can also set their flashcard with reminders to revise and track their progress. And the best part is that the software is free.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a well-known software that is available for anyone for free, but many students still do not use it. 

It is the easiest way to keep all your documents and study courses in one place. It works for all operational systems and synchronizes with any device.

It also adds security as everything is stored on the cloud, which eliminates risks of losing important files because you’ve lost the phone or a laptop got broken. 


SoundNote is an excellent software that makes taking notes during a lecture a breeze. The functionality is pretty amazing – you can record audio for a lecture while taking notes in the app. And you can find any part of the recording by the note or word. 

It helps to save all essential information and revise properly. It works only for the iOS operating system, but there is software with the same functionality for Android users – AudioNote. With these applications, one can rest assured that all lectures are captured perfectly.


It is a reference manager software that is quite helpful for students. One can download it as a desktop app. It also has great functionality when it comes to PDF files as it allows for highlighting important parts. 

The software helps in creating references and citations for academic papers. It can also be integrated into Word or LibreOffice as a plugin. With a desktop app, one can directly add a source to the reference list from websites. There is also a mobile app version.

In Summary

Academic success is all about time management and being efficient in your activities. Make a calendar to make sure you never miss a deadline and set reminders for all essential tasks. 

Use smart apps to take notes, record lectures, and revise study materials with flashcards. And do not forget to proofread your writing before submitting the paper!