5. Battery Backup

The battery is what which gives the juice to your machine to run. It is not every-time possible to get a seat near a power socket either in a train, bus or cafe. So if you are planning to travel, the small screen sized laptops will be ideal for you as they deliver a pretty good battery backup than a laptop with a bigger screen.

However, Ultrabooks and Hybrid Laptops offer most extended battery life in all the range of Laptops.

6. Storage Capacity

It is where you keep all your data and on which the booting speed of your Laptop depends. It is best if you have SSD as an option to increase your laptop’s booting speed. However, if you do not get a customization option, 7200 rpm HDD is also a good option.

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All of talking about the storage size, even a 2 TB HDD will not be enough for storing data as it increases with time. However, you should go for the maximum Storage Capacity available under your budget.

7. Other Features

Extra bunch of features in a laptop provide ease and convenience in its usage. We have also listed few most common features available in the market you should go for, if available under your budget pricing.

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  • Fingerprint Reader: This is a login-based feature used to access the user profile with a slight touch of your finger and signing in to your account.

Laptop Buying Guide

  • USB Type-C Port and USB 3.0: These are the latest gen connectivity ports to provide fast data transfers to any supported external storage devices.

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  • Ultra-Slim Bezel Display: End to end display to provide a broader screen on a small form factor by spreading the visual screen till edges. Laptops with these kinds of display look gorgeous.

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  • Fast-Charging Port: The most demanded feature in present-day gadgets. A handy feature charges your laptop in the least amount of time when you need.

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  • Backlit Keyboard: Another most demanded laptop feature which lets you use the laptop even in low-light conditions.

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  • Touchscreen: Touchscreens on laptops offer much ease and makes the interface simpler to interact. Available on lifestyle and business segment laptops and works as you use it on your smartphone. You can perform all functions like hold and drag to move items, pinch to zoom, swipe to scroll and more.

8. Trusted Brand

You might get the laptop with best in class specs but how well is it is after sales service. The laptop is excellent only when its brand stands behind it. With that, we meant about the service provided by your Laptop’s company. While HP and Dell are most used brand and provide exceptional technical support to its customers, there are companies like Apple, Acer, and Lenovo marking highest in customer support.

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Customer support is the central part which makes the laptop brand worth of money. Apart from that, you should also consider built quality, performance,  value for money and other criteria into consideration.

Wrapping it Up

Above listed are the most critical and crucial tips you should look out for before investing your money on a Laptop. Our dedicated Laptop buying guide will help you choose the best laptop in your limited budget pricing. Also, buying a laptop is never easy due to the availability of wide variety of laptops in the market. So if you are up to buying a laptop, do check out our listing of laptops under different budget pricing.