No social network lends itself to powerful marketing opportunities as well as Instagram. Videos and photos form the backbone of internet content because visuals are a universal form of storytelling. They convey messages that anyone can understand no matter what language they speak. Instagram rose to prominence as a virtual warehouse of images that related compelling narratives.

At first glance, the financial industry might seem like one that would struggle in telling a visual story. After you’ve posted images of piggy banks, gold coins, stock charts, and piles of cash, where can you go?

Financial companies like Yieldstreet find innovative ways to use Instagram to relate their stories. With creative thinking and guidelines, a finance-centric business can boost its Instagram views. Here are eight tips for your financial company’s Instagram strategy. 

Imagery is the whole point of Instagram. Whether your financial company uses in-house pictures, stock photos, or follower contributions, the images it uses should be of the highest quality.

Financial companies aren’t typically regarded for their artistic eye. But it doesn’t take years of art school to know what images look the best. Good lighting, solid contrast, creative composition, arresting colors, and solid technical components are easy to recognize. If the image strikes a chord with you, there’s every reason to think it will do the same for your Instagram followers. 

Instagram thrives on the variety of its content—photographs, videos, slideshows, and live event streams are all legitimate forms of communication. The ideal Instagram business page offers a compelling mix of different media.

Give your Instagram followers the most diverse range of content types you can. As long as the content presents a compelling narrative and reinforces your brand, it’s fair game. A blend of engaging media forms will keep followers coming back to see what’s next. 

There are few things people want to know more about than their money. But many still feel a sense of mystery about the world of finance beyond their accounts. They want to know more about how financial markets work and what opportunities they may have to build wealth. Financial businesses have the excellent opportunity to educate their customers on Instagram.

A financial company that’s eager to inform its followers outside of day-to-day business earns every customer’s trust. Whether you make a brief instructional video about a financial concept or a summary on developing trends, customers appreciate learning things they didn’t know before. The brevity that Instagram supports helps you concisely convey that information. 

  • Keep Your Branding Elements

A good marketing staff dials down on the overall message that businesses want to express. What kind of image does your financial company portray? It can be traditional, mature, established, and trustworthy or contemporary, creative, lively, and affecting. You could even use a skillful combination of different approaches.

Keep your branding strategy intact when you make Instagram posts. You can and should take advantage of the variety that Instagram encourages. But no matter how unusual your content is, it should reflect your company’s branding somehow.

This guideline includes style elements. If you employ text, fonts and colors should be consistent with your style standards. Fidelity’s Instagram page adheres to the company’s visual, green-colored imagery and typeface choices. 

Instagram works best when it’s not used as a billboard. When a customer can look at the images and not feel a sales pitch coming on. Even official Instagram pages of major retailers are often devoid of prices and sales announcements. Some don’t even appear to show a product. Instead, they display scenes focusing on human interaction or attractive landscapes.

Financial businesses are positioned to take advantage of that strategy because they don’t have anything physical to sell. Instead of focusing on selling customers a new product or service, pay attention to presenting an engaging image that drives a certain narrative. This also generates a sense of trust in your financial business because you’re making a connection rather than trying to close a deal. 

If your financial company is just starting on Instagram, deciding what to post can be difficult. You might not be clear on the story you want to tell or be uncertain how to connect with visitors.

Think about what your company offers customers beyond its core service in that instance. What image conveys the comfort and security they feel when their finances are sound? Where might they go on vacation with the money you help them save?

Think about the emotional states your customers want to have through using your services. Go the extra mile and invite your customers to tell their stories on your Instagram page with hashtags campaigns. A site like Instagram that emphasizes human connection is the best way to do business.