When it comes to motorcycles, doing it yourself can save you money, help keep you safe, and make you stronger. “I like to know that I’m in charge of my cars,” said Paul Olesen, a Wisconsin resident who runs DIY Moto Fix. “Every time I ride a bike, I feel confident that everything is right.” Here are Olesen’s top tips for mastering your own motorcycle service.

In practice, the requirements for each of these tasks may vary depending on your bike. Consult your owner’s manual before you start educating yourself about issues such as the location of filters և plugs և the parts you need to remove to access them. Appropriate amounts of different liquids և types with intervals to change them. և Torque characteristics: nuts և Screws in place with proper rigidity. For bicycles that do not have a center stop, use a backrest to position them vertically.

1. Change the oil

For your engine to work properly, you need to change the oil after a few thousand miles. Check the owner’s manual to find out how often. To get started, you need to ride your bike for about five minutes just to warm it up. “This reduces the viscosity of the oil, so it will spill more easily,” explains Olesen. When the engine is off or the bicycle is standing, remove the drain plug, as well as the oil filler plug, allowing oil to escape to the boiler. (You may need to remove some to reach the drain plug.) Inspect the oil filter. (Warning: This process can be confusing. Try to cover the engine և and / or the exhaust area with aluminum foil to protect it from dripping.) funnel համապատասխան appropriate amount of motorcycle oil և type as specified in owner’s manual. Change the oil filling cap. Recycle used oil at a bike shop or city center.

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2. Replace the air filter

If your motorcycle air filter, which keeps debris out of your engine, is clogged and dirty, your bike will suffer. “Changing the air filter does not have to be difficult, but it can be time consuming,” says Olesen. Sometimes an air filter is easily accessible, but you can remove the gas tank և other parts to reach it. After entering the air box, remove and replace the air filter. Then reinstall everything you removed.

3. Maintain tire pressure և tread

To check the tire pressure, place the valve stem on the inside of the wheel, remove the cap, and depress the air pressure gauge on the valve stem. Compare the pressure with the pressure it should be. This information will be written on the side wall of the tire. Use an air compressor (available at many gas stations) to fill the tire with the correct number of pounds (PSI) per square inch. Blow in some air if you are blowing too much. When done, replace the valve stem cap. To see how your gait is, check the tire wear indicator – a small rubber knob in the tire grooves. If the handle is on the same level of rubber that fits on the road, it’s time to replace the tires with a professional mechanic.

4. Change the coolant

When it’s time to change the coolant to prevent your engine from overheating, freezing, or corroding, remove any body needed to access the radiator drain screw, then place the boiler under the engine and remove the screw. To make sure everything is leaking, remove the radiator cap. When the process is complete, replace the drain screw. Use a funnel to fill the system with the appropriate amount of coolant. Replace the radiator cap and reinstall any body you have removed. Start the engine և let it warm up for a few minutes before cutting off the ignition. After the engine has cooled down, remove the radiator cap and check the coolant level. If necessary, add more coolant to achieve the amount specified in the owner’s manual.

5. Keep the chain clean

Most of today’s chains are O-ring chains, says Olesen; they require less cleaning than old-fashioned unsealed chains. Do you want to clean the chain when it gets particularly dirty or during a run suggested by your owner? When you do this, lift the wheel ձեր with your bicycle դր put the gearbox in the neutral position, which allows you to easily move around the chain. Use a fine-grained brush to remove lemon և dirt from the chain. To lubricate the chain, turn the wheel when applying a specially formulated chain grease. “The goal is to cover the chain evenly so that the grease penetrates through the O-rings into the joint,” says Olesen. Leave the chain on for five minutes, then wipe off excess grease with a paper towel.

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By Mark Yarm