Livestock farming is one of the oldest agricultural practises. It allows farmers to earn profits by working on the land and selling goods from nature’s bounty. Animal farming has been a profitable business for centuries. Livestock farming includes cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, poultry and now mules, honey bees and fish have also been included in the business.

If you are considering opening a farm by yourself, you will need some essentials to keep the animals safe and protected. This article discusses the most essential equipment needed at an animal farm. 

The proper feed of the animals is very important for healthy and fresh meat. When you own an animal farm, you must invest in proper feeding equipment that ensures the timely availability of food and water for the livestock. The feeding equipment must include the following things.

The feed bunks should be of good quality. They are not only practical but an economical solution to feeding problems of the livestock in bulk. Make sure the length of the feed bunk meets the requirements of your livestock. 

Portable hay feeders can be placed in a field, feedlot, or housing barn. The slick design of some Portable hay feeders makes it easy to load and move feeders. Hay feeders can drastically reduce wastage as cattle do not have to withdraw their heads to stand and chew. 

When you are farming grazing animals, you need to have portable water tanks to reduce the impact of cattle in one location. 

Water is required to keep the farm animals cool and well hydrated. You need water tanks to store water and waterers to provide a drinking area for the animals. Make sure that you keep waterers clean to maintain the health of the animals.

Providing proper housing facilities to the farm animals is very important, especially in cold weather. You can build different facilities for livestock. Some animals can not survive without proper facilities, for example, pig flooring is particularly important to keep the farm pig ventilated. Some of the known shedding places that farmers usually established for the farm animals are: 

  • Hoop Barns
  • Dairy Barn
  • Open-sided Roof Shed
  • Transportation Vehicle

When you own an animal farm, you must invest in a good trailer. Trailers are required to transport animals like cattle and pigs from one place to another. You might need to take your animals to the vet, or the animal market. Hiring a vehicle can be beneficial for a one-time job. But when you need to visit frequently, buy a trailer. You can use the vehicle to transport other heavy objects like hay, equipment, etc. 

Headgates and corral systems are needed to keep the pasturing animals in one place. You should invest in a corral system that can fit your animals comfortably and safely. You can place the enclosure in pasture land, where your animals can freely graze and have access to shelter and water. A headgate is a place where animal branding takes place. It maintains the flow of the animals.

Lastly, you must have a manure spreader available at your farm. Animal dung can accumulate in no time, inviting flies and insects. These insects can spread diseases among humans and animals. Therefore, thinly layering the manure to the ground will attract fewer flies. Organic manure will also improve the fertility of the soil. You can invest in a manual tool. If your budget allows, you can buy a tractor-driven manure spreader to make your work easier and quicker.