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Although there may seem to be a lot available, not all are good enough and safe.

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Many famous movies and series are available on123movies and watched by people, one most famous series we describe there!


In 2001, Warner Bros. Pictures started out releasing the Harry Potter movies, variations of the Harry Potter books. These movies have been confirmed to be very famous. In much less than a decade, the Harry Potter movie collection has become the highest-grossing motion picture series in history, surpassing the world-well-known James Bond franchise. Harry Potter is a movie series primarily based totally on the eponymous novels by J. K. Rowling. The collection is distributed by Warner Bros. and includes eight fantasy movies, starting with Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (2001) 


It’s a fantasy novel written by British author J.K.Rowling; it follows a young wizard who discovered his magical heritage on his eleventh birthday when he received a letter of admission to Hogwart school of Witchcraft and Wizardy. Harry makes their close friend and a few enemies during his first year at the school. With the help of his friend, he was attempted by the dark wizard Lord Voldemort, who has killed harry’s parents.


Here we discussed only one most famous series that streams online on 123movies, although there is a huge list of famous movies and TV series in different languages. 123movies is very popular among people because it is user-friendly; this site is compatible with your device, you can watch movies and series on your phone, laptop, tablet, and pc.

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