Don’t know what to do to pick your apples? Here are 12 ways to turn your apples, yes, even those that are starting to fade, into a delicious addition to any appetizer, meal or dessert.

1. Apples fried in a pan

Fried apples are a popular side dish in the South. Just toss a few apples (Granny Smith works well!) In a frying pan with butter or just water, if you’re trying to keep them low in fat,: let them stew. When they soften, remove from the heat, then sprinkle with brown sugar and cinnamon. Note: These are more breakfasts than desserts, so you can have an apple pie later.


In New Hampshire և South, these fried pies have been popular since at least the 18th century. The term dates back to about 1770: may have originated from the apple pie crab of early cakes, combined with the fact that the airy parts of the dough make the pastry look like lanterns.

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3. Apple Apple Clinics

The Pennsylvania Dutch, who are actually of German descent, get a loan for a delicious apple pancake. The composition is more like a souffle with fluff on baked apples. It’s thick for a perfect breakfast.


Dutch apple pancakeIt is reported that Abigail Adams was a big fan of the apple pandodia, which was a favorite of New England. Her husband, John Adams, even celebrated Independence Day with it. Unlike regular pie, pandodi includes cut pieces of dough. You can easily find the recipe that Adams used in the past, or try the updated version from another New England icon, Martha Stewart.


Martha Jefferson’s apple dishes contained only eggs, butter, sugar, milk, flour and salt, in addition to their typical fruit. The whole mass was spread on a frying pan, then served hot. Although Jefferson lived in Virginia, he passed the recipe on to Abigail Adams, who took it with him to New England.


Cream-based Marlborough pie was the main ingredient in early New England, which included lemongrass to make it stand out from other apple desserts. In 1893, Boston-based historian Edward Everett Hale wrote: “Until now, in every old, well-established family in New England, you will find that there is a traditional method of making Marlborough pie, which is a kind of lemon pie. “Every good housewife thinks that her grandmother left a better receipt for the Marlborough pie than the others.”


Missouri-born 33-year-old Harry Truman’s favorite, this simple dessert from Ozarkyan is made with chopped walnuts, a little flour, sugar and a handful of chopped apples. Definitely include vanilla ice cream or, if you really want to impress, whipped cream with rum.


Apple brusket on toast with a glass of yogurtMinnesota is proud of its apple experience, as the state has a major apple growing program that has been creating new varieties of fruit since the 19th century. One way to showcase the region’s favorite fruit is apple bruschetta, a recipe that is featured in the history of the Minnesota Company’s all-apple cookbook, The Amazing Apples. All you have to do is spread some soft cheese like broth or goat on small pieces of toast, put apple pieces on top, sprinkle with walnuts or a drop of honey if you want.


The Pennsylvania Dutch are also known for their apple butter, a dish that has nothing to do with solid dairy. Spicy spread is very easy to make, as it is mainly a concentrated apple sauce. On Amish Farm, apple cider vinegar takes a whole day to cook and control, but for most people, throwing apples into a slow cooker with cinnamon, cloves, and brown sugar takes much less effort.

10. Apple cake

Apfelkuchen, Kuchen, Bisquitteig, Apfel, Stuck, Kuchengabel, schwarze Schieferplatte, dunkler Holzuntergrund, Holztisch (Apfelkuchen, Kuchen, Bisquitteig, Apfel, Stuck, Kuchengabel, schwarze Schieferplatunk, DApple pie may be America’s favorite, but that does not mean that apple pie should not be loved either. A sweet, bread-and-butter cake made from apples and walnuts will make you reconsider your view of a fruit cake. A rustic version of this dish appears in Midwest Food Stories Vol. 1, a cookbook that introduces the family traditions of Omaha chefs.

11. Apple butter barbecue sauce

Applesauce can be a great option for your chicken or ribs. Just whisk in a little apple cider vinegar, mix with ketchup, Worcestershire sauce and spices to get a smoky-sweet taste. The resulting spice tastes great on any type of meat or sandwich.


The Brown Betty is an all-American dessert that looks like a shoemaker or crumb, and is usually made with apples (though it can really be any fruit). Made with wet bread crumbs and apples, it is a popular White House dish. Eisenhower served it at state dinners; it was Nancy Reagan’s famous favorite when she was First Lady.

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