What are new moon rituals? Some people say that new moon rituals are the perfect way to manifest your desires, while others say that new moon rituals are purely superstitious nonsense. To determine whether you should include new moon rituals in your practice. Take the time to research the history of new moon rituals, discover what your new moon intentions are, and find out whether or not you’re doing any of these 11 things you should do or not do during a new moon ritual!

1) Be Thankful

At a new moon, everything is fresh, and there are new possibilities—a perfect time to be thankful for what you have. When writing your resolutions on a new moon, consider being more grateful. If you feel angry, angry at something specific? Channel that into action by brainstorming some solutions to that problem. Be thankful for how far you’ve come instead of mad about where you are now.

Don’t use negative emotion as fuel for change—it won’t help in any way, shape, or form! Instead of wishing things were different, please do something about it by coming up with ways to better your situation with positive action! Maybe you didn’t get invited to a party but can ask yourself. Instead of hating someone who wronged you, tell them you don’t appreciate their behavior and explain why. It may not solve anything overnight, but it is essential to remember your feelings so they don’t rot inside.

2) Get Clear On What You Want

Clear Intentions Are Important for New Moon Magic. If you have a chance to do a ritual during a new moon, then take it. That’s because practices done during a new moon are amplified by its energy and can significantly increase your chances of success in any endeavor. The problem is that many people don’t take advantage of a new moon—in fact, they rarely even know when one is happening. And if you haven’t set clear intentions for yourself before doing a new moon ritual 2021, then your chances of achieving them will be minuscule.

Here are some things you should keep in mind while setting new moon intentions so that your efforts aren’t wasted. After all, failure to plan is planning to fail! Know Your Goal Before doing anything else, ask yourself what exactly you want to achieve with your new moon’s intention. That doesn’t mean just saying something like I want more money—it means figuring out how much money you want, where it will come from, how you intend to use it, etc.

3) Make a Wish

One of my favorite new moon rituals is making a wish. The full moon represents our power, but we get to let go of what we don’t need on a new moon and make space for something new to enter our lives. Take some time to sit outside with your intention, meditate on it, and make a wish for your desired outcome. Then take a piece of paper and write down precisely what you wished for in detail—don’t forget anything! Put it under your pillow at night and let that intention grow inside you. Make sure to follow up with any action steps necessary to bring that goal to fruition; then come back at next month’s new moon and see how your wish manifested. This will be fun!

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4) Don’t Worry About Perfection

Even if you’re a seasoned witch, it’s still easy to feel like your rituals aren’t good enough. It doesn’t help that we live in a world where we compare ourselves to other people on social media and television — seeing how perfect everything looks, from their lives to their manicures. Take a step back from your spellcraft and ask yourself these questions: Are you enjoying yourself? Is your magic working for you? If yes, then celebrate! Be grateful for what you have, not what you don’t have. Don’t obsess over creating a specific ritual just yet. You’ve got plenty of time to get there—and chances are, once you do reach perfection. You’ll realize it’s not all it’s cracked up to be anyway.

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5) Let Go of What Doesn’t Serve You

Make a ritual of focusing on your intentions for each new moon. New moons are a great time to set preferences, but they’re also an excellent time to reflect on how you’re going about accomplishing your intentions—and whether you’re doing it healthily. Meditation is one of many ways to help us access our higher self and understand our place in others and things around us. After meditating, you’ll have more insight into your strengths and weaknesses, what needs work, and how best to accomplish your goals. In turn, you’ll be able to adjust yourself so that positive change comes naturally. As Wiccan High Priest Christian Day says, We must clear ourselves of anything that no longer serves us. On the new moon, create an altar or sacred space where you can put together objects and symbols representing your intention for now and future months.

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6) Meditate on Your Intentions

For obvious reasons, it’s essential to focus on your intentions during a new moon ritual. If you’re trying to manifest something new, such as a dream job or finding love, keep that goal in mind as you spend time alone. Meditation is a great way to clarify your thoughts and put positive energy into new moon manifestation. But, don’t just think about your goals for 60 seconds and call it a day—schedule out some time so you can focus on what you want to create. Whether it’s 10 minutes after sunset, an hour before bedtime, or however long feels suitable for you, scheduling an intentional meditation session will help move your intention forward.

7) Tap Into Nature’s Energy During New Moons

If you want to take advantage of all your new moon rituals, it’s essential to do them on time. Otherwise, there will be no magic left in your ritual since full moons occur once every month! If you miss your new moon, however, re-plan for another day. There is no need to rush through them if you haven’t missed it by too much. Just be sure to take out your calendar and set a reminder so that you won’t forget again! Once you’ve completed your ritual on time, don’t worry about doing anything else afterward.

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8) Perform Your New Moon Rituals on Time

When it comes to magic, timing is everything. With every full moon and new moon, we get a blank slate and an opportunity to set intentions for what we want to manifest in our lives over the next two weeks. If you don’t take advantage of these opportunities because you haven’t planned, all your hopes and dreams could fly out of reach! So whether you’re a witch-in-training looking for ritual ideas or just someone who wants to get in touch with their spirituality more often, here are eleven rituals that will bring good things into your life if you perform them on time. (It goes without saying that if you do any new moon spells and practices at all, it’s important not to mess around with full moons and new moons.

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9) Don’t Get Discouraged by Resistance

New moon magic can often be a trial and error experience. There are a few reasons for that: New moon rituals are based on your intuition, which may still be developing. Each new moon holds unique intentions, which will take time to figure out how to manifest. You’re trying to master a practice when it’s not precisely clear what methods exist on getting it!

Often you need to learn by doing and also fail to get it right. So don’t get discouraged if things don’t go as planned—instead, view your practice as an opportunity for learning and growth, and over time your intuition will become more robust and more apparent.

new moon ritual10) Light Candles and Draw Down the Sun God/Goddess

Before drawing down, be sure to light candles. If you are at your altar, light your fire candle first, then light every other candle in order. Start with your specific deity’s candle (if you have one), then move on to particular element candles. The goal is to create a sacred space for yourself and all of your spiritual friends joining you for your ritual tonight. After lighting each candle, say a short blessing over it—especially if it’s one you made yourself! Then proceed to draw down as usual. At some point during the ritual, remember to leave new moon offerings for Pan and any other Gods or Goddesses who may have joined you tonight.

11) Keep your New Moon Intentions Short

When performing a ritual, keep your new moon intentions short—try to keep it to just one sentence. For example, instead of saying I want to more organize at work, stick with something more straightforward, like managing at work. Even better? Use an affirmation-style statement like, Every day I am more organized at work than yesterday. This short and sweet approach helps put your attention where it needs to be; on how you can create something new in your life, rather than obsessing over how hard things are now. If you only have one sentence, then there is less room for doubt or negative thinking.