Sleep is an essential component in your life that requires much consideration. Your daily actions and activities rely on the amount of sleep you get every night. Lack of sufficient sleep has a lot of negative impacts on your health. However, many people are struggling to fall asleep daily. Also, a good number are suffering from sleep disorders such as insomnia.

In a world full of activities, you might find it hard to switch your brain into the calm mood that you need to promote sleep. In many cases, you find that your brain remains busy ruminating on various things you did during the day, which keeps you awake and creates an imbalanced sleep cycle. 

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder, you are probably on the lookout for a possible cure. Thankfully, natural sleep aids are available to help. CBD sleep products are one of the best approaches for sleep deprivation due to their lack of side effects. However, there are many more ways to ensure you improve your sleep in the shortest time possible. Read on to explore them. 

What are the causes of sleep deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is when you fail to get enough sleep as recommended. There are many causes of this condition, some of which can be easily managed, and others may require medications. Below are some common causes of sleep deprivation.

Work shift

If your job involves working in shifts, it can be hard to stick to a regular sleep pattern, which can result in insufficient sleep. Working during the day and at night sometimes is one of the causes of sleep deprivation in many people. Your brain needs to stick to one sleeping pattern consistently to have quality sleep.

Personal lifestyle

Some people prefer watching movies or their favorite TV series to wind down at the end of the day and ease into their nighttime routine. Entertaining yourself is a healthy way of living; however, forgoing sleep for  entertainment is something you should avoid. Spending time on your screen interferes significantly with your sleeping patterns and will likely result in sleep deprivation.

Stress and anxiety

There is so much pressure in contemporary life, leading to many people developing mental health problems. If you suffer from anxiety, you’ll likely not get enough sleep. Studies have shown that in the presence of stress, the hormone cortisol, an awake hormone, tends to remain high, keeping your brain and body active. The production of this hormone is influenced by light, and it should go down at night to allow the production of the sleep hormone melatonin. However, this is not the case when one is suffering from stress. Therefore, you should look for ways to manage your stress level to overcome the condition. CBD sleep spray can be a good natural way to deal with this.   


Another common cause of sleep deprivation is pain due to injury or any form of illness. Experiencing pain can cause you to not sleep well. If the pain persists for many days, you’ll become sleep-deprived. 

Substance abuse

Consuming excess psychoactive substances such as alcohol or illicit drugs is a major cause of sleep deprivation. Alcohol and many recreational drugs are known to interfere with the sleep hormones, leading to sleep disorders.

What are the things you should do to improve your sleep within 2 weeks?

Below are ten easy tips for how to improve your sleep in the shortest time possible.

Consider taking natural sleep supplements.

Various natural sleep aids in the market are known to have few to no side effects. For instance, some people take melatonin supplements to improve their sleeping patterns. CBD sleep oil is another common supplement that will help you have good quality sleep over time. 

Consider eating well.

Some sleep conditions result from eating habits. For example, eating many refined foods and sugars is known to interfere with cortisol production, which will keep you awake and interfere with your sleep. Observing a balanced diet consisting of whole foods and avoiding too many refined foods will help restore your sleep quickly.

Make time to exercise.

You need to engage your cardiovascular system with activities daily. According to Johns Hopkins Hospital, exercise increases the slow-wave sleep better known as deep sleep, a phase in which your brain is less active and both the body and brain get a chance to rejuvenate.

Maintain a consistent sleep schedule.

Maintaining a consistent sleep schedule helps your internal clock mark a similar sleeping time daily. This allows your body to expect sleep at a particular time daily. Waking up at the same time also makes the body adapt even more. Even if you didn’t go to bed on time, waking at the same time helps the body to anticipate sleep the following night.

Avoid using stimulants close to bedtime.

If you love coffee, you understand pretty well that caffeine is a strong stimulant that has the power to  keep some people awake for most of the night. Nicotine and alcohol are also stimulants and will significantly interfere with your sleep. Some prescription medications also contain stimulants, and you should avoid them for 4-6 hours before going to bed.

Create a soothing pre-sleep routine.

Doing things that interest you immediately before going to bed can help you fall asleep easily. Create a routine of reading a book, watching a favorite TV series, taking a shower, and so on to promote mental relaxation before you go to bed daily. Also, avoid anything likely to stress your mind, like working, exercising or engaging in emotionally charged conversations.

Eat light meals for dinner.

Consuming a heavy meal in the evening is a direct insomnia recipe. Ensure you have your dinner several hours before bedtime. This will help the body digest the food earlier, allowing you to relax before bed. 

Avoid taking naps during the day.

Many people are used to taking naps during the day. But, sometimes taking naps in the afternoon can cause sleepless nights. If napping is necessary, make sure to do it many hours before bedtime.

Try to stay longer in bed.

Even when you have difficulty sleeping, try to remain in bed for the recommended number of hours. Some people are easily swayed by their electronics when they struggle to sleep and may find themselves watching videos or playing games on their phone or tablet, which only worsens the situation. Instead, try  remaining in bed and meditating by emptying your mind and focusing on a single word or mantra.

Optimize your bedroom into a relaxing environment.

It is believed that the bedroom environment determines the quality of sleep you’re likely to have. It would be best to optimize the lighting, temperature, and attractively arrange the furniture. You should also ensure there is no noise in the room to give you ample time to fall asleep.

The above tips, will help you sleep significantly better within a short time. You owe it to yourself to make sure you have  better sleep consistently as part of a healthier lifestyle.