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10 Popular Online Scam Format



Over $100 billion of private and company capitals and assets are lost to internet fraud & online scams annually. Plus, millions of complaints are piled up annually. In this article, I will be unveiling the Top 10 Most Common Scamming Format, how to avoid online scams, and what you should do if you have been scammed online.

Whether extortion, blackmail, insurance fraud or alleged inheritance from a forgotten relative, the tactics of those scammers are pretty diverse. But there is a common group used to distinguish these scandals.

Top 10 Most Common Scams And How To Avoid Them

Here are the top most common scams and ways on how to avoid them (with real-life scenarios)

  1. Dating & Romance Scams

Dating & Romance Scams is the most popular scam technique on this list. In this case, a person opens a fake social profile (usually a male posing as a female). In less than 5 minutes, you can easily create a Facebook profile and start working.

Scammers will create fake profiles on legitimate social media & dating websites. This is an example of the popular Nigerian scammer email & dating scam.

Since the site has no means of confirming the authenticity of the information the scammer filed, the whole network just goes with it. Once they send you a friend request, they become close and intimate with you, the journey begins. They would use your emotions to get your information, personal details and of course money.

How the Scammer Approach You

Victor just received a message on Facebook from a white woman saying “Hi, I fell in love with your picture, you are too sexy, I want to be with you all the days of my life”. Would this really be true love? No, it is not.

How to Avoid this Scam

This is obviously a scam. Do not reply to this message and if this “soul mate” is persistent, unfriend her or risk being trick into sending money.

  1. Advance fee fraud

This is another common scam to watch out for. It is very prominent when trading cryptocurrencies.

Here, a scammer poses as a trader of some sort of good or service and makes a deal with his victim. After bargains and the deal has been made, the requests fee upfront in return for his wares. Once you pay, that the scammer never supplies.

How the Scammer Approach You

Hannah just saw a trader selling Bitcoins almost 40% off. She has made the deal all that’s left are payments.

How to Avoid this Scam

Before you make a payment to this trader; you must know the type of trader such a person is. Let the payment be done in cash in a restaurant nearby or his office/branch close to your location or use an escrow service for the payment of that cryptocurrency coin. If these 2 options are unavailable, skip the trade to avoid losing your money to an unknown stranger who poses as a crypto trader.

Aside from that, he is a stranger that should not be trusted. Resist the pressure to make a decision straight away, calm down and think things through. If you made a mistaken bank transfer, click here to get your money back.

  1. Lottery and competition scams

This is another common scam technique that scammers have used to exploit millions of people all over the world. You simply receive a call, an email, a text message, letter or message from a company out of the blue saying you’ve won a certain amount of cash or fantastic prizes in a lottery, sweepstakes competition, prize draw or job alert that you did not register or participate in.

This scam is a ploy to trick you into paying some money upfront or giving away your personal details in order to receive the prize.

How the Scammer Approach You

Tunde receives a call stating that she just won an iPhone. We just need you to enter your personal information, credit card info and some cash for shipping & delivery.

How to Avoid this Scam

Like I say, even in Freetown, nothing is free. Free giveaways are never free, just ignore. Remember you cannot win a prize you didn’t apply for. Use an online tool like Kiwisearches to verify a phone number, Kiwisearches is a free scammer phone number lookup. With a scammer phone number lookup, you can easily avoid this type of scam.

  1. Card Skimming

Almost anyone can make a fake document and even an ATM card. Card skimming is the forgery of information from the magnetic stripe of a debit card, credit card or automatic teller machine (ATM) card. This is the latest scamming format used in duping people of their money.

Scammers clone/skim your card by putting a hidden camera/bug/discreet attachment on/around an ATM or EFTPOS machine and use this camera to capture your card details and pin.

Once your card is cloned, the scammer will create his copy, giving him access to the money in your bank account. If they can’t make an exact copy, they will try to acquire the code on & behind the card to make online purchases.

How the Scammer Approaches You

For instance, Jane’s ATM card was captured with a camera and all the money in her account has been used up. She is sure going to go broke.

How to Avoid this Scam

  • Report to the police, so they can track where it has been used. Don’t wait for all the money in your account to be used up, the moment you see an unusual purchase, report to the bank or disable your card and order for a new one.
  • Secure your bank card & PIN code.
  1. Banking & Account Scams

This is another everyday scam. A scammer would clone a message to look like it was from a financial institution, in need of your bank credentials to solve an immediate problem.

Using this technique, a scammers sends email messages or text messages that appear to be from the bank (or a financial institution or an online payment service) claiming that there is a problem with your account and request that you verify your details by sending a text of the required information or on a given link with the replica version and display of the bank’s website. This is one of the most effective scamming techniques

Phishing emails & sites are cloned replica of the landing page of an organization that you know and trust. This is another snare scammers used to lure their victims. Site & phishing Emails are similar to Banking scams.

A website phishing/spoofed site is a site set-up by a scammer to steal your account password or other confidential information. You can also enter a phishing site by mistyping a URL (web address).

While Phishing emails are email messages sent by scammers to trick you into giving them access to your account. This email will typically redirect the victim to a website where they would be asked to update personal information, password, username, pin, credit card, social security, or bank account numbers.

If you provide your account details they require, the scammer will hack into your account and have full control over your profile. Skilled phishers can create incredibly accurate site copy, so be very very careful.

How Does the Scammer Approach You

For instance, Wale received an email from his bank, asking for your login name and password or else they will close his account.

OMG, it Sounds urgent, right? No, it’s another common scam called phishing.

How To Avoid This Common Scam

No reputable bank or any other online organization would ever ask for your login information & personal account detail. Instead, they would rectify the problem without alerting you. Simply delete or ignore these texts & messages, no matter how many serious the message may be.

  1. Computer Hacking

Computer hacking is another prominent scamming technique prominent all over the world. These hackers seek your personal details by encouraging you to click on a link or attachment.

When you do click, malicious software will be installed on your system and the hacker will have access to every file stored on your computer.

How Does the Scammer Approach You

For instance, David just saw an Email on this computer, with a bold banner sign “Click this link, to win $100,000“.

How to Avoid this Scam

Wow, that a lot of money to be won just by clicking a link, besides the link has been cloaked and shortened. This link will download malicious software and should be deleted immediately.

  1. Charity and medical scams

This is another common scam. Scammers also take advantage of people who want to donate to a good cause. This scam has one of the biggest income potentials of all scamming format.

Charity scams involve a scammer pretending to be sick, abused, a victim of a recent natural disaster, crisis, accident, find a solution to a health issue, contributing to orphanages, etc. This arouses your emotions and you support their claim. The scammer basically collects money by pretending to work for a charity or a cause.

Medical scams are simple scams pulled off by a scammer by offering a range of products and services that can appear to be legitimate by promoting false testimonies & results.

How Does the Scammer Approach You

Tunde saw an ad that states “The WHO needs $400,000 to feed 3 million children in Africa, we need your support“.

How to Avoid this Scam

Check into money requests, verify its tax status, emails, check its spending, check the official site and see its plans, missions and accomplishments before donating.

  1. Business & Employment Scams

The working class and investors are the major victims of this common scam. Business and Employment Scams are scams pull on a person or business seeking investment or partnership with a scammer.

An investment scam begins with an unexpected phone call or message from the scammer offering a convincing high return deal or guaranteed investment in shares. Once you make a purchase, the scammer will take your money and block you from reaching out to him.

While Employment Scam is an interesting promise of a job, high salary and benefits after you pay following initial upfront payments.

How Does the Scammer Approach You

They claim that the payment is for a business plan, training course, software, uniforms, security clearance, taxes or fees but once you pay, its deeds are done. Samuel just got a text saying “Invest in Johnson real estate at Lekki. You are advised to reply to this message to get a plot“.

How to Avoid this Scam

Do reply. The moment you do, you’re hooked.

  1. Online Shopping Scams

Online shopping scams are also common ways scammers separate you from your money. Scammers use fake websites and social media accounts to defraud their victims.

When you purchase a product from these scammers, they send faulty product/inferior quality item, or nothing at all.

Some of them sell on reputable sites and ask you to pay outside the sites secure payment facility to a more personal one. When you do this, your money will be lost and the site will not be able to help you get it back.

They may also pretend to sell a product online just to gather your credit card numbers or bank account details.

How the Scammer Approach You

You come upon an incredibly cheap Gucci handbag on This bag is worth over $120 on Amazon & Jumia but be stores sell it for $50 with free shipping & delivery. It seems reasonable right?

How to Avoid this Scam

  • Counterfeited products are a fact of life, the picture in the site and the product delivered might be different. So, Be wary of highly discounted luxury items that may seem undamaged.
  • Contact the seller to verify the item authenticity
  • Read the customer reviews and make an educated judgment.
  • Search for the average online price and use your common sense.
  1. Counterfeit Payments

Counterfeit Payment is another common scam targeting people worldwide.
When doing business that involves a lot of payment in cash, there are bound to be counterfeit notes in there. But a counterfeit check is too scary.

When you sell a product to a scammer and they pay in check, they will pay more than the agreed-upon price and instruct you to return the extra amount later. The check may look authentic, even the bank may clear the check and transfer the money to your account, but it’s counterfeit.

Once that check is found to be fake, the bank will take back the money from your account and you will have to pay all the money you wired off. It’s a no-win situation.
There should not be a story for this, 2 or 3 counterfeit note may be allowed, but falling to a scam like this shouldn’t.

Like I said internet fraud is responsible for the loss of more than $100 billion worth of private and company capital and asset. There are no foolproof methods to avoid being scammed. Anybody can fall victim to an online scam. Spam is a ticking bomb just waiting to go off.

While this may sound scary, just balance the way you leave online and be very smart about your transactions. These are 10 Common Scams and How to Avoid Them.


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10 Online Passive Income Ideas For Novice




In this article, I will be unveiling the Top 10 Best Passive Income Idea That Will Create Money For You even if you are sleeping. This post also contains the Best Passive Income Ideas and Passive Income Investments for You that is easy to Startup.

The best time to start a business is now. The idea of making money over and over again from a job you did a long time ago is a one that should be cherished. I’ve prepared this article to reveal 10 passive income ideas to generate residual income for life. I’ve written a great deal on passive income to make money and create wealth as you sleep.

What is Passive Income?

Like I said in the previous article, passive income is a business where you make money from doing little or no work at all, you simply get paid over and over and over again for work that you did before. It means your money keeps coming without actively working for it.

There are tons of things that you can do to generate residual income for life, you only need your time and money then everything will begin to fall in place. I believe that there are two types of passive income, passive incomes made online and passive incomes made offline.

The Idea of creating wealth as you sleep doesn’t mean that you start a business and go to sleep, it means setting up a business, establishing it, and taking it to a point where it generates money for you when you do little or no work at all.

We live in a world now that makes making money easier than ever. With the internet, globalization and other technologies, we have a different avenue to pursue wealth other than the usual mind defined. A lot of entrepreneurs have created mouth gaping wealth online that will leave you astonished. Here are


10 passive income ideas to make money online (on the internet) and generate residual income for life as you sleep.

  1. Create a Website

Nothing says easy money like Websites. There are tons of sites you can build to create a passive income. You can build a search engine, social media, forum, a dating site, an online casino, tracking site, music site and lots more. This is one of the best passive income ideas that you can use to build real wealth online.

This is one of the easiest ways to make money online. You can make looks of money from doing basically nothing. Your users, audience & automated system will do all the work for you. This passive income idea can fetch you over $200 monthly after the first 6 months you launched it. If you can’t create one, consider buying one. It is easier to create wealth as you sleep using this method.

  1. Create YouTube videos

The Youtube app on your android phone it another passive income stream you should look at. A monetized YouTube channel is another amazing passive income idea to generate residual income and create real wealth for life, Online, for free as you sleep.

You simply upload a video of you singing, reviewing a product, sharing an idea or doing something hilarious, etc and each time someone watches one of your videos, ads would appear, and you can make money.

Regular people like you and me are making lots of money on YouTube every day. Evantube, Johnny Orlando, and a lot of people are making money on YouTube not just with Google Adsense but also brand deals and marketing.

  1. E-commerce & Drop Shipping

E-commerce and drop shipping is one of the easiest ways to make money online. When a person visits your site and orders a product, your system sends the order to the specific manufacturer. This is probably the best passive income idea of 2019 that you can use to create wealth as you sleep.

The manufacturer completes the order by shipping it directly to the customer, then you get paid. With the explosion of E-commerce, dropshipping has become very popular.

This is one of the reasons I separated passive income generated online from passive income generated offline. This is one of the Best Passive Income Ideas You Can Use to Build Real Wealth

The internet is a new world entire, filled with information and endless possibilities. If you are not selling online, you are losing out on a lot of money. You are virtually connected to all your customers and the whole process is automated.

You don’t need to have a large website like Amazon, eBay, Konga or Jumia to start E-commerce, you can simply sell on any of these sites or build your E-commerce site on Shopify or sell your own products on Amazon and have them even ship the products for you.

  1. Create a Game

Creating mobile games is another amazing passive income idea that you’d love. Sanjay & Shravan Kumaran made over $30m in a year from their simple but addictive game ‘catch me cop’. This is one of the easiest passive income ideas you can start today if you have any programming skills.

If you have good gaming skills and you made your own game, you’re set to generate a residual income for life. A lot of brands and companies will be all over you for advert placement you can also monetize your games with Google Admob. Do you know that you can even make money playing video games?

  1. Social Media Marketing

Millions of people making money by simply uploading a picture of a Pepsi on their social media page. This is Social media marketing. This is also one of the easiest ways to make money online doing what you love. If you can grow any of your social accounts to a reputable page, businesses will be all over you for adverts and promotions. This passive income strategy will allow you to create wealth as you sleep.

If you have a social media account with a massive following, I bet you’ve been contacted by a brand for advertisement. This is one of the easiest passive income ideas on my list.

Almost everyone has an account on at least 3 social media, a lot of brands have used this avenue as a marketing strategy to increase sales by advertising their products on popular media handles.

  1. Lead Generation

This is another interesting way to generate passive income online. Lead generation sites exist to give referrals to businesses, brands, institutions, and companies. You get paid just for referring clients to brands, cosmetics, buildings, company, webpage, etc. This is a popular passive income stream for Bloggers.

You could also make money by having advertisers Note that you would have to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization) rules in order to make the site successful. Getting your site at the top of search engine pages would be vital to success.

  1. Create an Online Course & E-University

Khan Academy is a non-profit organization but still worth millions of dollars. Creating online courses is a wonderful passive income idea and one of the best ways to make money online.

If you are an expert in a particular field (i.e. SEO, weight loss, psychology, gymnastics, etc), you simply set up an online course to teach that subject to amateurs using videos, e-books, sites or messages with pertinent information.

It is fully automated and you get money for the price of the course that you created. If you offer real value, you will attract lots of students and generate residual income for life. You can make an online course on, Udemy, Social media and even on your blog.

  1. Create a Mobile app

With your app on Google Play Store, making money online is easy and creating wealth as you sleep is assured. This passive income investment goes a long way and is one of the best passive income ideas to start in Nigeria.

Making your own app is another outstanding way to make a passive income. Robert Nay made $2m in just 2weeks from his app ‘bubble ball’. Just like mobile games, you can also monetize your app with Google Admob and start rolling big.

  1. Blogging

Blogging is everybody’s favorite and a great passive income idea. This online passive income idea has generated a residual income for a lot of people. A lot of bloggers have shared testimonies of how they made thousands of dollars in a month.

This is also one of the best ways to make money online and creates wealth while you sleep. Blogging is just like writing for money and can be combined with any passive income idea on this list, sell ebooks, monetize with Google Adsense, or register as an affiliate immediately after setting up your blog and advertise for brands.

If you’re looking for a cheap and a positive scalable way to create a passive income for yourself, starting a blog or buying one is your best bet. You should know that maintaining a blog takes a lot of time and work.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Last on my list is affiliate marketing. Affiliate Marketing is one of the most lucrative passive income ideas. It is so profitable that you can even start for free. It is one of the best ways to make money online.

This can be a great way to make generate a residual passive income. In affiliate marketing, you don’t refer people to brands but sell the product indirectly. When people click on the affiliate links, you receive a commission, a flat fee or a percentage of the amount of the sale and you can earn from your affiliate link decades posting it on your blog or social media.

Affiliate marketing has been known to be one of the easiest and best ways to make money online as long as you have a good strategy.

These are the 10 Passive Income Idea to Generate Residual Income for Life. These passive income business ideas have proven to be effective and lucrative. Whether you choose to create, buy, or outsource. You are sure to prosper from any of these businesses and generate residual income for life.

Which of the listed item is your favorite or you tried and it worked out for you? Do tell in the comment section below and don’t forget to share with a friend.

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How To Start A Successful Waste Management Business In Nigeria




What if I told you that you can become rich, recycling waste? Yes, I’ve tried it and there’s a lot of money to be made from a waste management business especially in big cities like Lagos, Calabar, Abuja, Owerri, and Kano.

You often see garbage in the streets and rivers; ignore it. This ignorance shields you from the profitable business opportunity of waste management. These common problems indicate an inadequacy of businesses to bring solutions.

Every business must offer a solution else; it isn’t worth investments. Hence, the importance of learning how to start a successful waste management business in Nigeria.

In this sense, to prove the effectiveness of correct waste management, we can reference developed countries with clean streets and rivers. Thus, we can contemplate that it is easy to solve social and environmental problems when technologies are available to the market.

What’s exciting is that this opportunity is open to everyone. The state government knows that the public disposal agency can’t do the job alone, so they welcome the services of the private partners to ease the job.

This business, though seemingly dirty, has what it takes to make you immensely rich as not so many are looking in its direction. It is one of the best-untapped business ideas in Nigeria in this 21st century.

What most people don’t know is no waste is absolute waste. Animal dung is used as fertilizers; plastics and polyethylene can be recycled to make other plastic products. So, the next time you see those plastic drink bottles and the rest in your gutters, what you are seeing is huge money.

Before starting, you must understand the types of waste we have and can be managed. So that you can know the kind of management you will go for.

Here’s a complete guide on how to start a waste management business in Nigeria.

Types Of Waste

Before we reveal the entire process, you should note the type of wastes available that you can process to reusable goods.

Liquid waste

These are wastes that are not solid, but they are in the form of fluid. Most of our solid wastes are converted to liquid waste to aid easy disposal, and some liquids are converted to solid for fast and easy disposal. It all depends on the kind of resources been used. For example, waste resources from washing water are derived from residential houses and factories, etc.

Solid waste

As you already know, the opposite of liquid is always solid. This type of waste can be produced anywhere like our homes, offices, factories, markets, farms. Solid Wastes are the most common waste globally because most of it consists of worn-out tires, animal dung, animal bones, decayed iron, etc.

Hazardous waste

This is a very dangerous waste product that can cause harm to those in the environment.

Hazardous waste can take different forms. They could either be inflammable (can easily catch fire), corrosive (can quickly eat through metal, toxic (poisonous). Some of these hazardous waste affects the ozone layer by gradually depleting it.

Examples of hazardous waste are pesticides, insecticides, old fluorescent bulbs, aerosol cans, fire extinguishers, old batteries, and mercury-containing equipment.

Tons of waste is generated in the country every day, and the waste management business is rising very fast in Nigeria because it looks stressful, dirty but profitable. Not only that, people who get involved in this type of work receive accolades from people because it allows the environment to be free from harmful waste materials that can cause pollution and harm human health.


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Imagine if no waste management is committed to erasing waste from our environment, most of us won’t be convenient in our place of work simply because there will be a different kind of odour from our environment which are poisonous for our health and our roads won’t be conducive to pass through and at times it leads to erosion.

The Ultimate Guide To A Lucrative Waste Recycling Business In Nigeria

Waste management might seem like a complicated task, but it’s not difficult at all. It is surely one of the easiest businesses you can start in Nigeria.

Waste management has become a necessity, which gives you room for expansion. Here, the idea is to show you how simple it is to start a waste management business in Nigeria.

Suppose you are looking for a money-spinning business opportunity in Nigeria. Waste management is one of the most profitable businesses you can start. Most people frown at the idea of ​​starting a waste management business, but you shouldn’t be afraid to start it. If you search online, many people are doing it and earning big bucks from it.

This is how you can start the waste management business and earn from it.

1. Develop a Business Plan

Having a business plan is a very vital thing you must do when setting up a waste management business. You can define your objectives in the short, medium, and long term, in addition to the tools and equipment that you will initially need, toiletries, financing, and the initial investment capital, among other points.

Data shows that the volume of solid wastes generated in an urban area is directly proportional to its population.

This means that – the more people – the more volume of solid waste they generate and the more need for a Waste Management Company (WMC). 

The business plan will be the basis of your business from beginning to end, from the planning process to the startup of the activity.

2. Find A Niche

The waste management business is not a competitive business venture. Therefore, if you are starting small, it is advisable to find a niche that is in high demand for the types of waste mentioned above. 

You cannot know the waste management types that are in high demand without thorough research to investigate the kind of waste material that already exists in your area and to be able to know how it works and the system they use.

You can start the following waste management businesses in Nigeria, but you must partner with some recycling companies to earn more because not all waste is waste. Developed countries understand this more than we do. 

  • Collection of solid waste from our environments.

This is a typical but not so competitive waste management business. Many equipment and laborers are needed to ease the work.

This deals with collecting the garbage and waste by residential environments, seeking ways to ensure clean environments. You can render waste management services to estates and other serene environments. This type of business requires going from one area to another with a truck to get people’s waste products for a fee.

  • Collection of waste materials that can recycle. 

This type of niche is based on collecting waste products that can recycle. Most of our villages and some towns are filled with people that recycled companies send to get waste materials like bottles, irons, clothes to be recycled. 

  • Mobile Toilet Rental Business

Renting of mobile toilets in public areas by people who work in companies or by people on their way to churches has increased. Imagine if someone stranded in the market and looking for where to defecate fortunately finds a mobile toilet to rent for a little fee. This is a lucrative business if you ask me.

  • Collection of electronic wastes.

This deals with collecting electronic waste such as phones, gadgets, televisions, radios, computers, etc. These items are demanded by manufacturers of electronics and are willing to pay high costs for them.

  • Disposal of medical and hazardous wastes.

This type of niche and people are needed in medical centers to dispose of medical wastes such as syringes, cotton wools, bandages, gloves. Most government medical centers (most private hospitals are not capable of paying) are looking for reliable sources that will aid in the disposal of these wastes without polluting the environment.

3. Finance Your Waste Collection and Management Business

You may require significant capital for a startup to start a standard and well-equipped waste collection and management business in this present economy. Because you need to serve your business location well, you may talk with some recycling company to earn more money.

Securing land, a truck, and purchasing equipment will consume a lot of money, but you don’t have enough money. You can start by renting some equipment and pay later. Or better still, try out other possible means to raise startup capital in Nigeria.

Without a doubt, as you have read above, when it comes to financing a business, one of the first things and perhaps the main factors that you should consider is writing a good business plan. If you have a good, workable business plan, it will be easy for you.

4. Secure a Business Location

Starting a business as a waste collection and management company comes with its challenges; It is a business that you cannot start in any location of your choice. Undoubtedly, you can start operating in the cities’ interior because that is where the greatest amount of waste is generated. It is not like villages where one can quickly burn it.

Your business location must have a small office so that your customer can call and make inquiries about your services.

The location you chose to start your waste collection and management company is key to the business’s success. Have you heard a saying that goes thus, “your location determines your allocation?”. This is also applicable in the waste management business.

5. Budget Fees and Costs

In this sense, I refer to your business’s income and profits and where they will come from. If conditions allow it, you can start making yourself known by offering the service for a small fee.

You can also request a monthly charge for the home collection of your recyclable waste. You can, for example, go through each week and charge a fee at the end of the month. It is then possible to get some subsidies provided by the public administration.

This is the estimation of the income if you charge #1,000 per house for a month.

Assuming you can reach out to 500 houses in your business location and you charge #1,000 each. That will be #500,000 in a month. And you know you won’t be doing this alone.

  • Fuel per Month: #10,000
  • Workers (Assuming you have 5 laborers): #100,000
  • Vehicle servicing: #20,000
  • Miscellaneous: #10,000
  • Total #140,000

Indeed, making #360,000 a month from waste collection and management is not a waste.

6. Plan Business Promotion

This type of business idea is undoubtedly one of the least and non-professional jobs in people’s view.

It is also one of the most appreciated and attractive for many people because the news we see and hear daily about the effect of keeping waste around the house or dumping anywhere can cause. So, this makes this job to be highly demanding.

  • Use digital and print media.
  • Use flyers, social media, websites, and business cards to make you look more professional.
  • Don’t go anywhere without your business card. It is your C.V (Curriculum vitae).

7. Register Your Business

Lastly, however, still very important. Ensure you register your business with C.A.C to avoid public harassment by government officials. 

Registering your business with C.A.C (Corporate Affairs Commission) will allow you to operate anywhere in Nigeria. Use a unique name that the public will be able to pronounce and memorize. This allows your business to be trustworthy and very reliable.

That’s all you need to know to run a profitable and successful waste management business in Nigeria.

Entrepreneurship is about solving problems. Mostly in Nigeria, there is an epidemic of waste management problems. That is an opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity by creating solutions that tackle the waste collection and management problem.

Nevertheless, don’t do this alone without partnering with the government in your business location to avoid being banned. Know how it works. Some states will give you a fee you must be paying every month. Make sure you know how it works in your state before embarking on the journey.

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Best Grammar Checking Tool For Online Businesses




Imagine getting a gig on Fiverr or Upwork and made a mistake like “Product Marketing is the most best career field”, There is no such thing as “most best” and it is a grammatical blunder.

If the sentence is scanned through a grammar checker, the correct phrase would be “Product Marketing is the best career field”. I’m sure your client won’t be happy with you once you repeat this mistake consecutively in 3 articles.

This is why you need a powerful grammar checking tool even as a content writer or a small business owner. In this article, I’m going to show you the best grammar checking tool for content writers, freelance writers, and small business owners.

Why Grammer Checking Softwares Matters

The idea behind generating sales and targeting customers has changed on a 360degree scale. Two decades ago, digital marketing was not so popular, people promoted their goods and products using billboards, brochures, and pamphlets.

Paperless marketing did not exist and you had to take your wares outdoor to make sales.

Today, digital marketing is the strongest means of promotion, generate sales, and reducing business running costs. Quality content is the king.

People read the content, post, articles, editorials, and other publications posted on the company website and social media pages before trusting a firm with their credit card details or purchasing an item from it.

Poorly generated content is a sign of unprofessionalism and inexperience. This means that you lose potential customers or free traffic.

Content goes a long way in determining the quality of a website. In all, quality grammatical checking software is important when you plan on gaining trust and increasing the clarity of your content.


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Best Online Grammer Checking Tools

A grammatically correct text is a text that has grammar mistakes of less than 6%. Even a well-written content that has been proofread multiple times is bound to have errors.

As a content writer, you cannot compromise on efficiency when you plan on making quality content or generating sales.

Looking for a reliable grammar checking software? These are the best online grammar checking software, apps, and programs.

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is by far the most popular and most recommended online grammar checking tool for both content writers and small business owners. It is super easy to use and can be as an extension in your Chrome, Firefox, or Opera browser.

The interface is really easy to use and it has a premium plan that makes your writing looks like it was written by an English language professor. If you are looking for a free grammar checker for smart business content writers, Grammarly is your best choice.

2. PrePostSEO Grammer Checker

PrePostSeo is another recommended grammar checking tool for freelancers especially those who specialize in technical niches. Imagine a tool that does your SEO and grammar check, this is essentially what this tool does.

With this grammar checker, getting jobs on Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer or Iwriter becomes as easy as pie. You can start today and start getting positive results.

3. Ginger

If you’re looking for a grammar tool that doesn’t consume data and works on Facebook, Gmail, or WordPress then you should try Ginger Grammer Checker. This is by far the best alternative to Grammarly. If you upgrade to the premium version, you’ll get even advanced grammar corrections.

4. Grammar Check

If you want to improve your writing and boost productivity, then Grammer Check is the right tool for you. It is available on most browsers. You can easily navigate to their site and get a premium correction in an easy to use interface.

5. Hemingway Editor

Hemingway Editor is another top-rated grammar checker that doesn’t just correct mistakes but also helps you check your article structure and provides excellent feedback on your writing. This tool teaches you how to write and it is available in all countries.

Why You Need A Premium Grammer Checking Tool As A Business Content Writer

Simple mistakes in positioning your nouns, verbs, tenses, and sentence format can damage your business reputation.

These issues can easily create a negative effect on the mind of your audience or customer, and all your effort would be seen as a waste of time. If this is not good enough, these are some of the best reasons why you need to use a premium grammar checking software.

1. You Save Time

Bloggers have to proofread the content of each post before it is published. It is not possible to detect multiple errors especially if you are handling several contents per day.

At times, something that seems correct is a serious grammatical blunder. This is why you need to use a grammar checker. It indicates all the mistakes which may easily be skipped by the human eye.

2.You Enjoy Stress-Free Proofreading

Every program created was made to work quicker than most people. Grammar checking software is not an exception.

If you consume one hour to proofread a blog and make corrections, an online checking tool can complete the check-in less the 20 minutes without straining your eyes.

With a grammar checker extension installed on your browser, you can publish articles that know that your text is up to 90% error-free.

3. Easy To Use

Grammar checkers are not hard to use. You can easily use this tool on your smartphone, tablet, and PC and it won’t consume device memory or data through installations. Most of them have a user-friendly interface and can be accessed or installed with one click.

4. Saves Cost

Imagine paying a freelancer $30 per hour and a proofreader another $20 per article. His means that the running cost for generating one article is $50. This is too much, especially for small business owners. With a grammar checking tool, you can save $20 by proofreading the text yourself using a grammar checking tool.

Why Error Free Content Matters

Apart from clearing your doubt about erroneous content, grammar checking tools help you create content that leaves a good impression on the reader. If that’s not enough, error-free content also helps you in the following ways:

1. You gain trust

Grammatically errors in content affect the reputation of the concerned brand or writer. How can I trust the words of a person or brand that can’t speak proper English?

To understand this better, take this example: Imagine that you have to create content for your online store and you didn’t proofread your text because you had an increase in traffic and wanted to drop “the bomb”.

Once the bomb lands, it will blow up on your face. After publishing your post, you’ll realize that your customers will easily identify your mistakes and stop trusting your website. This would have a bigger impact on brands because a lot of money will be lost.

2. Increase In Revenue

Just like poorly generated content harms the reputation of the brand, a company can reach new heights with well-written articles, journals, posts, and reviews. These days, content is the strongest constituent for any brand.

People visit websites and social media accounts to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of a specific brand. The trend of visiting store outlets and physically checking products has been discarded.

In a nutshell, a well written and researched content helps a lot in increasing revenues.

3. You get the Spotlight

The interest of your audience is captured once your text is readable. Content that does not offer immense value to the readers is nothing more than garbage because readers do not pay attention to it.

Readable content should be your priority and can be gotten for free using an online grammar checker to correct your mistakes.

In today’s time, the use of well-written content is not restricted to getting information only. It has a direct relation to how well a company or brand would progress.

Therefore, no loopholes should be left when the content is checked for grammatical problems. Complete efficiency can be attained only by using an online tool for proofreading.

Some Common Grammer Mistakes

Simple proofreading is not sufficient for grammatically correct content. There are several categories of grammatical mistakes that may not be identified by content writers. Here are some commonly made grammar errors:

  • Incorrect use of tenses
  • Missed punctuation marks
  • Lengthy sentences without proper structure
  • Inappropriate use of commas and periods

Using a grammar checker refines the quality of your content. Substandard articles, blogs, or brands do not get any attention since a customer wants the best.

If your content is not readable, they’ll skip your content for something better. But if an article is written, interesting, and error-free, your users would be in love with your site.

Source: InformationNGR

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